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gelatin_monster | 83 comments Storm padded out of her house and into the camp. She preferred to be surrounded by her 'subjects' than locked up in her room. She smiled as she saw a group of young fairies fly overhead.

gelatin_monster | 83 comments ((ummmmm, idk?))

Storm smiled at Ray. "I'll take that as a good sign. I'd rather not have wars erupting everywhere."

gelatin_monster | 83 comments ((Probably))

"How is the food supply doing?" Storm asked. Lately the food was going down so she assigned a few more citizens to hunt.

gelatin_monster | 83 comments "Glady. All anyone wants me to do around here is sit and look pretty." Storm extended her claws, something she hasn't done since one of her maids forced her to paint them.

((They would hunt really big stuff wouldn't they?))

gelatin_monster | 83 comments ((Let's go to the forest, you post first))

Storm bounded towards the forest, feeling the wind ruffle her fur was great. She glanced back at Ray and laughed, the wind carrying her laugh.

gelatin_monster | 83 comments As Storm padded in with her prey she was surrounded by guards. They said that they didn't know where she was and that she needed to go back in her room. "Sorry Ray, I'll see you soon."

gelatin_monster | 83 comments Storm drooped her head. She loves being a queen but she hates this part. She could never do anything. She sighed and trotted into her den.

gelatin_monster | 83 comments Zara padded out of the den and stretched in the sunlight. She felt the golden rays warm her fur and purred. The camp was relatively empty, so she flopped down to sunbathe.

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gelatin_monster | 83 comments Zara opened her eyes and saw Ray. "Hmm? Sorry, I was sunbathing." She was a little embarrassed, but her and Ray were good friends so she didn't mind.

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gelatin_monster | 83 comments Now Zara was really embarrassed. "Of course, I totally knew that," She joked. It was easy to remember most of her peers had powers when she was talking to an dragon or an elf, but Ray was a big cat, just like her.

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gelatin_monster | 83 comments "Sure." Zara got up and stretched. "Thanks for getting me off my butt, I appreciate it." She began to exit the camp and headed for the Forest.

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Lunara flew into camp and alighted on a large branch. "Storm, are you here? Ray?"

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