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Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) | 311 comments Mod
Waterfall Tribe:
Home/Camp: Behind a roaring waterfall, so that enemies can't reach them.
Special Skills: Able to swim, also a little bit better at balancing than other tribes (due to slippery floor)

Hills/Fields Tribe:
Home/Camp: Live among the stalks of wheat and grain, hidden and camouflaged
Special Skills: Sleek and thin, know how to navigate the fields and hills, healthy but not plump

Rainforest Tribe:
Home/Camp: Live among the leafy rainforest trees, shelter in several lightning struck trees, waterproof netting over whole camp
Special Skills: Have great balance and can jump from tree branch to tree branch easily (if ground animal). (If flying animal) can swoop between vines and branches easily. The whole tribe knows the whole territory inside out and can easily loose a pursuer among the trees. Flexible, and know which fruits are poisonous, and which aren't.

Cliff Tribe:
Home/Camp: Live in nooks and crannies on the cliff, homes are inside of these, (very cozy and warm)
Special Skills: Slender, so that they can fit into almost any shelter in the rock, now how to use the rock to hide from their enemies

Moon Tribe:
Home/Camp: live in oak forests where it is shadowy and cool
Special Skills: can see in the dark, occasionally have a 'sixth sense' where they can sense things around them without opening their eyes

Crystal Caverns:
(Please note that the creatures that live here aren't really a tribe)
Home/Camp: the crystal caverns
Note: where outcasts are sent to live

All of the Tribes have forest areas

WARNING: There might be slight adjustments later on
If this is little confusing, just ask me for clarification

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Psycho Master | 3 comments Do you have to Have a tribe?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) No. You can be a rouge or a loner (sort of the same thing just rouges are meaner).

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