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message 1: by Isaac (new)

Isaac | 8014 comments what else is there to dream?

Her name was champagne,
leaving a sweet residue
on her lips, bubbling
up in her chest, leaving
her staggering aimlessly.

she batted away fear to
tiptoe across the log
with Her while the sunlight
kissed Her skin (oh god,
how she would love to
do the same).

She was brave,
braver than any soldier
fighting for pointless causes
and murdering in his cowardice --

She was gentle,
gentler than any mother
who tucked her children in at night
and threw them out before sunlight --

She was lovely,
lovelier than the stars that
shared their light before disappearing
for the rest of time, like they had never existed.

She knew the names of the trees and the birds
and She clutched a book to Her chest as if
it were Her child, doing whatever it took
to keep it safe from harm's way
(if only she could be that book!)

there was a nature to Her she couldn't describe.
She was too angelic for angels, too worthy for
worship, too celestial to take Her place among
the heavens.

how was she supposed to ever have
someone like Her?

god didn't answer prayers.
She did.

the first time they kissed it
was rapturous --

at first,
she felt like she had been
dragged under the raging
rivers they jumped over
when they went on their
picnics, and this was
nothing more than a dying
fantasy --

and when Her lips met her lips
she cried,
she screamed,
she laughed,
she sighed,
she did everything at the same
time except run away.

She didn't either.

She was april,
with the birds singing
in choirs more spectacular
than any catherdal or tabernacle,
and with the flowers blooming
in colors so bright they were blinding,
and with the wind blowing across
the grass and whistling its joyous
melody across meadows.

She moved with the grace of a ballerina,
every step calculated, every step intricate,
never worried about losing Her balance,
and when She spun,
she couldn't do anything but watch Her
helplessly with an aching heart and an
aching soul and an aching mind because
she would do anything to have Her.

there was no way to tell if She was
as genuine as she appeared,
or if She was a mirage, here today
and gone when she carressed Her cheeks.

She was a saint, pure of heart and mind,
always looking out for her wellbeing,
and yet she was full of doubt.

she had been with men before.
the first one left without a word,
the second left with too many words.

She was different.
she had to trust Her.
she had to trust Her,
because She could make
the earth quake and the
trees sigh by batting Her eyelashes,
and She could make the sea roar
and the moutains bow by casting
her patient stare at them.

She was different.
she had to trust Her.

artistry had always been out of her reach,
and it was more than frustrating when
she wanted to scream about how
gorgeous She was, how intelligent She was,
how gracious She was, how caring She was,
and how whenever she thought about Her
her heart simmered, and how whenever
She kissed her
her heart exploded
like the fireworks they had
met underneath,
dazzling and breathtaking as fire
sprinkled across the horizon.

the comfort that seized her whenever She
was nearby was more secure than
anything she had ever experienced before.
the nights passed by so quickly she was
unsure if she had slept at all of if she
had never woken up -- not when Her
hand was in hers.

there had to be an unhappy ending,
because there were always unhappy endings
for her and for people like them.
she had put up a wall years before, one
that was constantly torn down and
reglued together with promises and tears.

She promised never to leave
(oh god, how she wished She never said that!)

but then again, she thought as the years passed
and her hair grew gray and lovely wrinkles formed
around Her eyes.
maybe there was such a thing as Happily Ever After.
there wasn't an unhappy ending in sight.

message 2: by Mindy (new)

Mindy Diamond | 190 comments This is beautiful Hayden!
I love the flow and how the metaphors are so visual.

message 3: by Dana (new)

Dana (danachewy) | 735 comments HAYDENN this is sO exquisite oh my God

message 4: by Isaac (new)

Isaac | 8014 comments Thank you x3

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