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Jaylee Miller Luke and Sophia are from complete opposite worlds and meet by fate at a rodeo. On their first date, they save Ira in a car wreck. Their love story is written as Ira tells his love story between him and his late wife.

A symbol used in the story is a box with letters to Ruth (Ira late wife). When Luke and Sophia pulled Ira out of the burning car the last thing he said was “box”. Later that night at the hospital the box sat in the chair next to Sophia in the waiting room, and she couldn’t help but read some of the letters to Ruth.

One conflict in the story is, Luke and Sophia are totally different and have nothing in common besides the fact that they love one another. They have to learn to accept and support each other in the things that they do. Sophia loves artwork and Luke is a bull rider/farmer. Neither one of them knows much about the others hobbies. The main way that they learned how to love each other with nothing in common was the story (letters) between Ira and Ruth.

My opinion about the book was, it was very realistic and made you really feel grateful for everything that you have and the people that you love. Never take a day for granted, for you never know what tomorrow might bring. Even though they had nothing in common they still found a way to accept each other and make it work.

Melanie Henry Although I enjoyed reading this book it took me a while to get gripped by it. I did enjoy the Parallel story lines and it was written beautifully.
I want to see the film now and how it differs from the book.
Good book but wouldn't put it down as a favourite.

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Kelly Ruffalo The film is really good also :) I just read The Choice...and can't wait for the movie to come out in 2016! :)

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