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Kylie .

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So i have a few ideas!
1.When their successful, merchant father amasses enough wealth to afford a valuable piece of property, a rather unrefined Muse A finds themselves thrust suddenly into the upper class. Though they have no title by birth, Muse A is now considered eligible for courtship by noble sort. Now more than ever, it’s of great importance that Muse A learns proper deportment- how to conduct themselves in society-from a professional; Muse B is hired for this purpose, to prepare Muse A for their debut to society at a grand ball. Every day Muse A attends etiquette lessons, in which Muse B attempts to teach essentials such as how to dress, how to ride a horse, and how to behave at a formal banquet and so on. Muse A proves to be an exhausting student, never quite behaving as they should, questioning every rule.

2.Muse A and Muse B are soulmates. They’ve grown up in the same city all of their lives and despite crossing paths several times, they have not met one another; they’ve continuously missed the other by a matter of seconds every time. One fateful morning, Muse A and Muse B happen to arrive in one another’s vicinity. Muse A spots Muse B from across the street just as Muse B is entering into the path of a speeding vehicle. Without thinking, Muse A rushes across the street and takes the brunt of the oncoming car to save Muse B’s life. Muse B is badly shaken from witnessing the accident and gets ushered away from Muse A before they can see the other’s face. Tragically, Muse A passes away while Muse B is being questioned by police. One week later, Muse B attends Muse A’s funeral to pay respects after learning their savior’s identity through the police report. When Muse B is about to leave the cemetery, they encounter someone who feels eerily familiar, though Muse B’s never seen them before. Muse A isn’t sure how it’s possible still, but they’re certain that they’ve been sent back to look after Muse B until Muse B draws their last breath. Muse A does their best to explain this to Muse B, who seems to be the only one who can hear or see them and their angelic set of wings.

3.Muse A is one of the first of a small group of humans to transfer in to a formerly all-vampire boarding school. Muse A and their human counterparts are selected to attend this school not only for their impressive GPAs but also because of their rare blood types. Tuition for the human students will be paid by means of bi-weekly blood draws administered by the school nurse; this blood will be rationed and used as nutrition for the predominantly-vampire student body. For the safety of the humans, vampire students are by no means allowed to drink directly from their classmates.. or at least they’re not supposed to.

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Um just Fyi, I normally rp females (I am way more detailed with that gender, because I am one:P), I would like to try and be very detailed and I am on almost every day!

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Kylie Oh I'm so sorry I didn't et this notification!!

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Kylie I can try to be more detailed than I typically am also in pretty good at guys all your prompts sound awesome! Choose one your most passionate about doing all sound amazing to me!

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Either the first one or the last one!You choose:)

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Kylie I think the first one sounds neat :)

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okay:) sounds good!!

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Kylie So should it be a boy and a girl or two girls?

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lets do a boy and girl:)

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Kylie Okay- who should be who?

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Do you mind if I play the female?

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Kylie Not at all :)

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Sweet:) Alright do you wanna create characters or just jump in?

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Kylie We can make character but basic just name age and appearance?

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Kylie Awesome :)

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Ill have mine up shortly!

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Kylie Me too it's 1:30 am by me though so maybe in the morning lol

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Okay sounds good!

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Name: Charlotte Rose Williams

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Kylie Oh sorry! I didn't see this
is she A orB?

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A!:) it's okay!

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Kylie Name: Damian Richards
Age: 19

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Sweet:) would you like to begin?

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Kylie Yes lets!

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Okay:) you post first?

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Kylie Damian was sitting at the table eating with his family. His father was a successful businessman and he was learning the trade. It was quite trying...

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Charlotte walked up the grand stair case towards the tall doors along side her father. They were here to have a meeting with her new "Upper Class Tutor." Now that her father had money and land, they were considered Nobles. It was a big change considering they had been poor villagers most of her life. But she was enjoying it, except for all the rules of being a lady. She rolled her eyes softly as someone opened the door to let them in.

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Kylie Damians father told him part of his training would be training sone girl. he wasnt looking forward to it

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