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Kylie :)

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Kylie Hmmm I'm not sure. We could always do a romance. I personally really like historical fiction. I like different time periods and shows like Reign and stuff. I also like fantasy and fairies and mermaids and sci-fi sorta stuff like star wars and such so I like everything lol

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Kylie I stopped watching too lol but the time set is cool sounds good!

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Kylie That sounds like an awesome premise! Do you have a preference for which character to be? I play girls and boys pretty

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Kylie Well which character do you have a better vision for? :)

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Kylie I know what you mean- I think I have a better vision for the guy so this will work well :)

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Kylie Well idk about your time zone but in mine it's 12:43 am so I'm going to bed goodnight!

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Kylie Name: David Collins
Age: 23



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Kylie .

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Kylie Hm we could do married or dating. Let's do dating and have them get engaged and stuff right before he leaves?

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Kylie Oh! I forgot about that! I'm sure- I'll start :)

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Kylie David was so ready for tonight. He had gotten a nice suit and set up a reservation for a nice dinner. He checks his hair in the mirror and hurries off he couldn't be late to pick her up.

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Kylie ((Okay!))

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Kylie He made sure everything was right. He goes up to her door and checks to make sure he still looked all spiffy. He had a bouquet of flowers behind his back. He clears his throat and knocks.

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Kylie He puts his arms around her careful not to crush the flowers,"Wow you look amazing, honey." He smiles brightly.

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Kylie "These are for you." he says and hands her the flowers. He observes her dress on her. It accentuated her beauty all the more.

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Kylie He watches her move. Every little step. She was so graceful. He loved every little thing about her. He smiles to himself and waits patiently

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Kylie "Alright." he takes her hand and smiles at her,"Hurry up then." he leads her outside

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Kylie He smiles at her,"You look so sweet. I'm excited for tonight." he opens the car door for her to get in.

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