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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 56 comments Retucius was, quite frankly, feeling exposed- out here in the open of a deserted city square, clutching a gun with shaking fingers, the bangs of his white-blond hair falling into his eyes. It seemed to him as though people were watching him - again, and he didn't like it at all. The city was plagued with these zombies, and all he had were three more bullets and an unsteady way of thought. Pathetic. So he stood there, practically frozen to the spot in terror, with nowhere to go or hide.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) ((gonna play off red's persona just a lil' ))

Bek found it honestly pathetic how some people could become frozen with fear when caught in a life or death situation. Honestly, it was their life on the line. So what if the zombies used to be people; so what if they were scary? The only thing "scarier" than facing the undead was becoming one. Were people truly stupid enough to think the zombies would show compassion and not rip their scalps off? Take, for example, the blond boy standing essentially stark naked in the middle of the city square. The gun in his hand would do him no good if his fingers didn't stop shaking. Seeing the stumbling zombie enclosing from behind the blonde boy, Bek swiftly stepped in and stabbed it right through its cranium. The act was not so much out of kindness as out of amusement.

"You got a lil' something there." he smirked, wiping a bit of zombie fluid off the blond boy's shirt. Up close, he was more white-blonde, which Bek wasn't sure made him more intriguing, or more of a target.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 56 comments Red's blue eyes flickered down quickly to the gun he was holding, but for some reason, he couldn't curl his finger around the trigger, although he heard the zombie come up behind him. He could be about to shoot his father. Or his mother. But they're zombies, he thought, desperately. They don't know you, they don't know you- they'll kill you- he thought, feeling his breath catch up in his chest. He couldn't focus - the rubble, the city, everything was swimming in his feet, and out of the rubbed came a shape. It was humanoid, and certainly walked like it was uninfected, but Red now felt like he had two foes to face.

He flinched as a blade came towards him, and didn't move - but it stabbed past his shoulder and the ugly cracking sound of a skull was heard, along with the grinding sound of bone against steel. Red tried to open his mouth to say something, but no sound came out. At the other man touched his shirt, he jumped away, looking at him like a frightened rabbit, although he made no move to take control of his pistol.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) "What, no thank you?" Bek asked, smirking wryly. His knife now had the remnants of whatever was left in that zombie's skull and now he'd be stuck carrying it around until he could next clean it. Frustrated by the boy's lack of response and his own rash thinking, Bek turned to leave, his mouth now turned down in a perpetual scowl. It was at times like these that he honestly considered giving up on humanity.

((Sorry this is short and sort of rushed, I'm combating homework and GR at the same time xD also if he seems like an utter arse... good (: ))

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Right now, Red was far more shocked than scared of this man, so he composed himself, and stuck his pistol back into the holster that hung from his belt. He flinched a little at the scowl he received, and then whispered something - a word of thanks, but it was so faint he had to clear his throat and then say it just a little bit louder. "T-thank you," he managed.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) ((Sorry I'm so late /: ))

Bek stopped at the boy's words and smiled softly to himself. So he speaks. He turned back around, his smile gone but his amusement still present. "It's fine; do you know how to use that?" He asked, gesturing at the gun. His tone was casual but his interest was definetly peaked as he had yet to stumble upon a better weapon for himself.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 56 comments Retucius kept his distance from this other person, but his hands weren't close to his weapon. It was his gesture of peace between them. Actually, it was more of a 'please don't kill me, I'm not a threat' gesture. Red's eyes flickered back down to the pistol, and he frowned at it. "Of course I do," he replied, looking up at the man again. "It's simple. S- squeeze the trigger."

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Bek couldn't help but let the chuckle bubbling inside of him spill out, if only for a brief second. His laugh was throaty and deep, with a note of rawness, as if he didn't use it enough. "If life was that simple, humans would still rule the world, eh?" He smirked before noticing the zombie shuffling towards them from the corner of his eye.

"But sure, pulling a trigger is easy; shoot that one, over there." he pointed toward the approaching walker with a lazy ease; they didn't affect him so much anymore-- in a scary way he had become almost used to the undead.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 56 comments Red took a small, shuffling step away from the man, and felt an unsettling shiver run down his spine. He didn't return the smirk - just watched the person before him, his eyes a little too wide, entire slouching stance indicating that all he wanted to do was disappear. At the mention of a zombie, Retucius spun around, feeling his windpipe knot itself up. It was a hideous thing, and he was tempted to take the gun out and shoot it, even moreso at the challenge.

Pulling the pistol from its holster, he wrapped both hands around the handle, and curled the index of his left hand around the trigger, the metal cold and dead against his warm skin. He took aim, and then the shaking fit started again. As quickly as he'd taken it out, it was at his belt again, and he was slowly stepping away from the zombie, muttering some desperate words underneath his breath, because those eyes looked ever-so-familiar. It's not her. It's not her, it's not her. "It's not her," he whispered to himself underneath his breath, as he stopped, and pulled the pistol out again. After a moment of shaking, he lowered the weapon again, watching the zombie crawl grotesquely over some rubble. "I can't."

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Bek had expected just as much from the blonde boy, but he found himself disappointed nevertheless. "Is it because you're afraid of what they used to be?" he asked, breezily brushing his sandy golden locks out of his eyes. That was most peoples' reason for being unable to kill zombies. It wasn't the dead itself that instilled fear in the livings' hearts-- although they were plenty scary themselves-- but the fact that every zombie had once been alive. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children-- no one had been spared. The infected took no prejudice; a slow, small child would be more likely to be eaten than a faster, grown man. Most couldn't find the courage to shoot a six year in the face, and they were the ones who died.

"If you can't kill them, you'll become one of them sooner or later." Bek warned. He couldn't remember the last time he had given anyone any advice, but for reason, he felt a twinge of empathy for the boy. The weak couldn't survive in a world like this, and somehow he had; he must've been doing something right.

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Aquilus spun around again at the sound of the man's voice, a reminder that he wasn't physically alone here. Realising how close they now stood, he only shuffled slightly to the side, keeping a small distance between them, but he didn't skirt off away from him anymore, because something told him he could trust this person, so he simply nodded. "My parents were infected," he muttered, his hands still gripping the handle of the gun. But what was the point of a weapon if he couldn't even use it? Well, that wasn't entirely untrue. He could use it. At the warning, he gave a vigorous shake of his head.

"Never," he replied, and rose the weapon, bending his wrists back to fit the barrel of the pistol between his teeth, the frigid metal throwing spikes of pain through his teeth, looking at the man, before he put the weapon away. "That's not difficult," he explained, and took a step away from the approaching zombie.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) ((Oh god, I'm so sorry-- my life is pretty much a mess rn))

Bek was surprised, if only for a split second. Tossing his head back, he laughed throatily, genuine laughter bubbling from him for the first time since the apocalypse started. He hadn't known the kid had so much... gusto. "Well, this world never fails to surprise me." He muttered twirling his knife around with ease.

Bel liked the kid-- and that was a rarity in itself-- if not only as a source of laughter. "Are you hungry?" He asked, taking a polite approach e had never once attempted. He didn't know what was making him so kind or generous, but it was a startling feeling and he wasn't sure if he liked it.

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Retucius appeared to be a bit confused as to why the man was laughing at him. Maybe he was mocking him. Maybe was Red had just done with the pistol had shocked him. Red couldn't tell- and so he reverted to chewing the inside of his cheek, bowing his head, and twisting a strand of platinum hair around his index and tugging on it, a habit of his when he was feeling lost.

Finally, he looked up as he was addressed again, and bit his lip, his hand releasing his hair, the strand now sticking up wildly. "I- uh- yes. I am," he said, and then began to realise just how hungry he really was. He hadn't eaten for at least two days- and it was like feeding himself was something he didn't know how to do anymore.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Bek felt a rare smile play his lips but it was quickly wiped off, replaced by his usual look of indifference. "Alright, I hope you know I don't usually do this." He sighed, taking a hand through his disheveled hair. "But I know a run down deli that still stocks some canned goods. I don't know what, or who, we'll find in there but it's worth the go."

Bek fingered the blunt edge of his knife while talking. It wasn't going to do him good for much longer-- he needed something more powerful. While the kid had the gun, he didn't feel comfortable taking it (yet) so he supposed he'd just have to make do. "How many shells do you have left?" He asked the blonde boy. Guns were deadly weapons, but also so finicky. Run out of bullets and they wouldn't do you jack-sh*t.

((Wasn't sure on how you feel about cussing so I just starred it out xD))

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Red fought his own smile from his face as the man smiled, although it was so brief it was as though it had never existed. At the mention of food, however, his stomach clenched and his bit his lower lip. He hadn't eaten something proper in forever- his own canned goods had been gone quite some time ago.

Instead of going on about how hungry he was, he nodded, and gave the guy a grateful look. "Thank you," he mumbled. At the question, he shrugged. "I've got about twenty left. Maybe thirty, I'm not too sure. I'm not about to use them unless absolutely necessary, though," he added. Obviously. He'd have to get the hell over his parents first, though, because they were either dead or zombified, and they weren't ever coming back. Red had always found it difficult to get over people he was sentimentally attached to. Back before the apocalypse, he'd spent five days locked up in his room when his Grandfather had died and it was so painful that he was almost grateful that his mother's parents and his father's mother had died before he could know them properly. He hadn't done the same for his parents, just fled, but now he couldn't even point a gun at a zombie without shaking.

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Avalon gagged as she climbed into the passenger seat of the rusted car. It smelt like something had died in there. She yanked her torn scarf over her nose and mouth to block out the stench, and began rummaging inside the glove box and armrest for possible supplies. Over and over, she threw away the useless things. A car manual. Registration papers. Used tissues. A bag of rubbish. Then Avalon chucked out a notepad, and spotted a half-full plastic bottle of water underneath. Nice, she thought, and threw it into her backpack.

A metallic noise came from behind her. Like a tin can hitting concrete, bouncing. Avalon whirled around, her eyes darting into stores and alleyways in search of the source. What sounded like a glass bottle clinking against another surface echoed from a ransacked and abandoned 7-Eleven store. Avalon snatched her rifle from where it leant against the old car, and aimed it towards the windows.

She knew better than to approach the sound. Keeping the barrell trained on 7-Eleven, Avalon backed away, rounding the car and crouching down behind it. It could be a zombie, but they were loud and raucous as they moved. This person was quiet, their movements almost undetectable. Which meant they could have supplies.

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Nay was searching for some supplies around the 7-Eleven store. Her new mates didn't seem to have problems with finding food, but she just wanted to help with the more she could.
This place was empty... No cans of food, no pasta, no rice... It all was devasted... Only a few empty bottles of alchool.
Nay was angy with the situation and with herself. She piked up a bottle of glass and threw it against de floor. It shatteres into pices with a soundly sound.
Then she realized what she did.
'Gezz... Sound could attract zombies... I'm a jerck'

((Sorry if my English is a little bit bad sometimes... I try to do my best

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The curly red top of a head appeared through the dusty glass. For a second Avalon mistook it for blood, but realised it was only hair. Someone was moving around inside. Avalon strained to make out who it was; a shadowy figure passed through the aisles, visible for only a moment. They weren't stumbling. They didn't look injured. Avalon concluded that it definitely wasn't a zombie.

She hated to cause trouble; it was probably one of the worst mistakes one could make in this world. But she was running dreadfully low on supplies, and whoever this was, they were bound to have some. Avalon crept towards the 7-Eleven, her rifle still trained on where she thought the person was. She flattened herself against the edge of the building, and poked the barrell through a hole in the glass window. She could see who it was now. A girl, around her age or maybe older, with curly red hair, was rummaging through whatever products the store still had--which was mostly just dusty bottles of alcohol.

Avalon shifted so she was facing the window, but tripped on a pile of bricks and fell into the glass. She swore as a few shards cracked and shattered on the floor inside.

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Nay stood up suddenly fom the floor due to a hard sound she listened.
Could it be a zombie? She picked up the knife she had, from the inside of her jaked am put herself on alert.

She stepped towards the sound charefully, and saw a girt on the floor, not a zombie. There was a little of blood, was she injuried? Nay runned next to the girl.
'Are you okay?!'

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Avalon winced as she brushed the glass shards off her skin, leaving small cuts on her arms and legs. She tried to wipe away the blood while crawling forward to find somewhere to hide. But she knew it was hopeless. The girl had obviously heard her, and just as Avalon was reaching for her rifle, she rounded an aisle and asked if she was okay.

Avalon had half-raised the rifle, but paused, taken aback by the girl's concern. Not once, in her months of survival, has she met another person that cared about her wellbeing. Everyone was hostile and violent, and not only slaughtered zombies but humans just like themselves. But this girl looked older than her, and she'd asked if she was okay.

Lowering her rifle, Avalon nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I am. Um...thanks." She got to her feet, using the window sill to keep herself steady, and eyed the girl warily in case she was going to attack her. But the chick seemed generally concerned for her. Avalon cleared her throat, and glanced behind her. "That probably made a lot of noise," she said, and moved around the redhead into the store. "Uh, what's your name?"

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The girl was full of little cuts because of the shattered glasses. Nay looked around to see if she could find water or something for incstint, but ovbiously, it was nothing around her.
The girl asked her name.
'Er... I'm Nayara, you can call me Nay. Uh... And you are...?' She tryed to smile.

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Avalon hesistated before giving Nay her name. She had a brief thought about keeping her identity secret, but for some strange (and, to be honest, foolish) reason, Avalon trusted her. "I'm Avalon." She decided against an offer to shake hands, but at least smiled a little.

Movement outside caught her eye, and Avalon instinctively started raising her rifle towards it. When she saw it was only a German Shepherd trotting away with its nose against the ground, she sighed and let the weapon hang by her side. "Well...have you found anything here?" she asked, glancing around the store. "Food? Other stuff?" For the moment Avalon decided to leave whatever supplies Nay might have alone, even though she knew finding useful stuff in this store was almost impossible.

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Nayara looked to Avalon and sighted.
"Nothing ... It's full of empty bottles of alcohol... "
Nay was desesperates, she serched all the day, but nothing found. Avalon gave her a distrustfull glare.
"Seems like the humanity is running out of supplies... I wouldn't be surprises if canivalosm starts... Worst than zombies..."
It were just a few words to the air. Thoughts for herself, bit Avalon heard her.

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Avalon scoffed, nodding in agreement. Humanity had already turned on each other, but if people resorted to would be worse than hell. Avalon walked slowly down one the aisles, scanning for any leftover supplies. The racks were completely bare, save for the empty bottles and heaps of trash.

A sudden thought occurred to her, and Avalon froze in her footsteps, her hands tightening on her rifle. "Nay...are you part of a group? Or do work alone?" she asked warily, glancing out into the street as though a bunch of people were about to enter to find Nay. If the girl was part of a group, chances were they would kill Avalon if they happened to see her with their group member.

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Nay saw that Avalon was a little bit neevious, but she couldn't se what her face expressed... Was it fear? Why?
She decided to answer carefully, although she didn't know exactly what she was supposed to say.
"I... I found two brothers who happened to invite me to join them but... I'm thinking about staying with them or not... I don't want to be a bother... In the other hand... If I'm on my on... I feel really alone"
Nay thought againg about her lost boyfriend and felt sad again.

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Avalon bit her lip. Two brothers...they could be any age, and probably not young if Nay was thinking of leaving them. Could anyone really abandon children in a zombie apocalypse? Probably. But Nay didn't seem like she'd do that. " old are they? Are they here, or nearby?" she asked, moving down the aisle towards the front of the store.

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Nay hesitated, she didnt knew muchabout them. She hadn't spent a lot of time with them, for now.
"Mmmmmm... Around 20, maybe? I haven't asked..." A pause. Avalon seemed ner ious, but why? "The house is a little bit far... I left alone but... Why are you asking that? "

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Avalon sighed quietly to herself, out of relief. The brothers weren't even near here. She perked up when Nay asked the question. "Well...I'm just...being cautious, you know?" she answered. "I have no idea what your group's like, whether they would kill me or not, if they'd use me to their advantage. I mean, no offense, but I can't trust you. I can't trust anyone, really."

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Nayara was surprised... She always trusted everybody... She trusted the two brothers really fast... (Although she was going to leave them), but this girl was so distrusfull that she felt confused.
"Well... I thing we all can still help each other with favours...."

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Avalon nodded, and then realised Nayara couldn't see her. She rounded the aisle after taking a quick glance to the left, and returned to Nay. "Sure. But I try not to ask for any. I don't need--I don't want--to owe anybody anything." Avalon met Nay's eyes. "So...I think it's best that I--"

A loud crash of metal and shattering of glass came from the store's back room, followed by an unearthly, strangled growl. Avalon whirled around, aiming her rifle towards the room's door. Shit shit shit, she thought.

"We need to move," she said, just as two zombies shoved the door open, collapsing on top of each other and scrambling to reach the girls. "Now!" Avalon turned away from the bloody, mangled bodies and headed for the exit, hoping Nay was right behind her.

((is swearing okay?))

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((Idk... But I don't mind if you do))

Nay started to run, following Avalon buy then stopped, collapsed.
Another of her depression crisis... All of it started with the apocalypse.
Avalon was saying something; surely she was shouting for her to move, but Nay couldn't hear her, she couldn't even interprete what she was seeing, trapped in herself...

"Should I let the zombie eat me?" she asked tl herself "whats the point of being alive if you dont have nothing? Should I..."She was too confused to make any step to follow the way. A tear scaped from her eyes and she wispered loud "What should I do?"

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 56 comments After several minutes, of waiting around, Red simply left the square, feeling all-too exposed. The gun was a heavy weight at his hip as he ran.

[ignore me]

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Oda wrote: "((Idk... But I don't mind if you do))

Nay started to run, following Avalon buy then stopped, collapsed.
Another of her depression crisis... All of it started with the apocalypse.
Avalon was saying..."

Avalon was half-way out the door when she turned around and saw Nay crumpled on the floor, looking dazed. For a split-second she considered running off and leaving her, but the nice person inside of her took over. She darted forward, grabbed Nayara's arm and began hauling her to her feet. "Come on, we need to go!" she cried, not even sure if Nay could hear her.

One of the zombies had made speedy progress, and lunged towards the girls. Unable to aim her rifle in time, Avalon dropped it, tore her dagger from her belt and sliced the creature's stomach, knocking it to the side in the process. "Nay, run!" she shouted, tucking her dagger away. Avalon grabbed her rifle from the floor, and headed towards the exit again.

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Something was making pressure in Nayara's arm and something liquid splashed on her face; was it blood?
Nay reacted And saw a zombie in the floor, Avalon grabbing her arm and trying her to keep on moving for scape.
Nay got up from the floor and started to run, following the lther girl.

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Avalon shoved the door open, dragging Nay out with her by the arm. She slammed it shut on the remaining zombie, who pounded against the cracking glass. Avalon froze for a second, letting go of Nay, glancing around the square. Zombies were appearing from alleyways and buildings, drawn by the sound of panic.

Avalon could feel her heartbeat without touching her chest. She raised her rifle and shot the closest zombies, then looked for a clear exit. There was a narrow road leading off from the square, and it was empty of life. She pointed at it. "Nay, we need to get out of here! Through there!" And then she ran, swerving around a ravaged creature that hurled itself at her. She shot it in the head and continued, once more hoping Nay would follow.

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Nay was better. Now she thought about survive or at least, help Avalon survive instead of being a nuisence.
She tryed to follo Avalon, bur a zombie touched her shoulder.
One breath inside; conentrate.
Nay turned arround while picking her knofe from the interior pocket of her jacket.
One head off of a walkingdead.

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Avalon glanced over her shoulder to see Nay take the head off a zombie, and let out an amazed laugh. That was awesome, she thought, skidding into the laneway and flattening herself against the wall. The zombies were coming, but they were slow and stood no chance against her and Nay.

Suddenly Avalon noticed a zombie stumbling up behind the girl, arms outstretched and gurgling from the back of its throat. "Look out!" she shouted, aiming her rifle at the zombie's head. As she pulled the trigger, she thought for a second she'd hit Nay. But then the zombie recoiled, and crumpled to the dusty ground.

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Nayara looked to Avalon impressed.
"You have a good shoot girl!"
They had extermined the zombis that were more closer to them. Running for the streets they hided behind a corner. The last zombies keeped mlving straight withoit noticeing that they took another way.

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Avalon smiled at Nay. "Thanks," she said, as Nay reached the lane. "Now, let's go." She held her rifle close to her chest and together they sped silently down the empty street. As her boots thumped against the dusty concrete, Avalon wondered whether they'd end up with Nay's group. But she'd said she was leaving them.

Avalon ingored the thoughts, concentrating only on getting out of there, on keeping an eye out for any more zombies. As soon as they'd left the square, the zombies seemed to loose interest. Avalon glanced back once, and saw the monsters were now wandering around aimlessly. She turned back, and kept running.

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((Sorry! I thought I've already answered))
"Where're we going?" Askes Nay, witgout stop their running.
She decoded to keep on moving, she even killed a few of those horrible zombies, but she was a little out of place still. Also, the monsters seemed to lose their interest for them, so why keeping running?

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((its fine!))

Avalon glanced left and right, down small alleyways that branched off the street. She lifted her eyes to the buildings and apartments, and couldn't see anything in side. The street was just about abandoned.

She kept running after Nay asked the question, and said between breaths, "I honestly...don't know...Just...away from here." Their feet continued to pound down the street for a moment before Avalon finally slowed and tried to catch her breath. "Okay...I think we're fine for now."

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Nay tried to catch her breath again... Maybe sha hasn't ever runned like that before. She keept the knife again inside her jaket.
Nay looked around. They had gone really far...
She observed quikly the space around her. Where were they?
"Avalon... Where are we?"
She haven't been in this space before at least, she couldn't recognize it...

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Avalon glanced around. "I have no idea..." she said. The street was eerily silent. There should be more people, more zombies around... she thought. She looked at Nay. "I assume we're not going back to those two brothers you were with, you wanna find somewhere to stay for the night?"

A little alarm was blaring in the back of Avalon's mind. It told her to leave, ditch Nay, that she was better off on her own. But Avalon just couldn't. To her it seemed like betrayal or something.

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Nayara was nervous and the plus of the inquietude she could feel on Avalon made her more inquiete than she already was.
"What should we do now?"
She was really desorientate and her eyes filled up with tears when she noticied that they were lost.
"Avalon... I want to go home..." Nay started shuddering. The catastrophe made her stronger but her insecure self still appears time to time.

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Avalon could see the tears in Nay's eyes, and suddenly began begging her not to break down. In their current situation, that was one of the worst things she could do. She didn't know whether Nay was referring to the place with the two brothers, or her home before the world fell apart. Probably the latter.

She bit her lip and then hugged Nayara. She wasn't very good at comforting people, but it was the best thing she could think of and besides, in a zombie apocalypse, you need a hug every now and then. "Nay...I think that all the time, but--and I mean this in the nicest way possible--but we can't go back. We just gotta keep moving forward." Avalon pulled away. "Now, I think we should find somewhere to sleep before it gets too dark."

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Nayara accepted Avalon's hug and sqieezed her desesperatelly, listening to the words the girl with her was saying. Yes, maybe Avalon was rigth but the tought of facing this new "life" that the aoclipse brought her, was really cruel and she couldn't stop crying for a while.

When Nay calmed down and could get up from the floor again, looked to Avalon "Okay, let's search somewhere we can sleep" she even tryed to draw a smile on her face.

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Avalon picked up her rifle and smiled back at Nay. Then she glanced around at the buildings. They looked pretty deserted, and were probably safe enough to sleep in, but she'd still be on her guard. The windows were smashed on the apartments, some doors swinging open on their hinges, others closed and possibly locked.

Avalon walked toward one of the buildings and peered through the cracked glass. She couldn't tell what type of room it was; clothes and furniture lay strewn across the floor and she saw a lift to one side. "Well...this place looks pretty empty," she said, turning around to face Nay. "Do you wanna check it out?"

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Nay looked around. The zone seemed quite deserted and silence regned the space. There where a lot of clothes in the floor.
"Yeah" she answered to Avalon "plus, do you wanna change looks?" she jocked, and laughted.

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