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Essentially an abandoned warehouse off on the edge of the Outskirts and the Slums, The Shed is basically a half-crumbled skyscraper. The bottom levels are more-or-less structurally sound. They house a less used venue for street fights. Empty at all times it is not holding a fight, the venue is not well know. One has to get a hold of a special "ticket" or "password" in order to get in, and those are hard to come by, which limits the number of attendees. But that is not really necessary as the fighters are generally not stupid enough to make it crowded or noticed.


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Being the badass that she was, it was common to find Adrian here. Kicking people's ass was her playground, and it made her happiest. What better way to relieve some stress than to pound on someone's face for a while? She hadn't found any better one. And to be quite honest, she didn't want to find a better one. It was easy for her, and tons of fun. She got paid to beat people up. That was the dream. But it was her only one. Sure she had some friends, but no close ones to call up and hang out with, no one to be all buddy buddy with since Hadley had died. Frankly she didn't care, but it did leave her with a lot of free time. Which was the reason that she continuously stayed behind at The Shed, to the point where she had her own little set up on one of the more unsteady floors. Oh it wasn't where she slept or anything, but she had a punching bag in the corner of one of the rooms, and a couple hand wraps stored. She didn't use that wimpy crap like boxing gloves, but she didn't want to break her hand on the bag. She was wiping blood off her hands as she went up the stairs to her spot, scrubbing at the blood on her knuckles. But she didn't look unhappy about it. She'd won, after all.

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The street fighting business was tricky, not something Enzo wanted to get mixed up in- and yet he did. It wasn't necessarily a choice as much as it was an obligation. Just a few days ago he'd found out that his friends younger brother was participating in such affairs. Of course whether or not they were illegal was a large part of the question. After all there were thousands of worse things both the Council and Resistance had done in hopes of gaining a stable society. It was fair to say that hadn't worked out to well. Nonetheless street fighting seemed to be low on the list of concerns among the entire city.
With a face like his though it didn't take him all that long to find out the "password" to this place. Truly, Enzo could be quite the charmer when he wanted to be. Approaching the entrance he was inside the crumpled skyscraper within moments. He'd work his way from the top and then back down again. It didn't take him long to find the stairs before he reached the top floor. Nothing too exciting up there. Maybe he really should've started at the bottom. Just as he made his way back into the stairwell he crashed into some, before bracing himself on the wall behind him. "Whoa," He said, only seconds before she took in her appearance. He was about to open his mouth again to ask her if she was bleeding, but took a moment to assess that she was perfectly fine. No... it was someone else's blood.

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When she heard footsteps Adrian's head lifted, but she was too late to avoid getting slammed into. Instinctively her fists rose, though when she saw him she lowered them. She could tell he wasn't going to attack her - he would have already. Or even if he did she could totally take him. She could take anyone, obviously. She was what you'd call 'overconfident.' Just a little bit. But she had reason to be, with her record.
"Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?" She challenged him belligerently, raising an eyebrow at him. She shifted her weight to rest on one leg, crossing her ankles and leaning back against the wall behind her. She reached into her back pocket, pulling out both a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Removing one cigarette, she shoved the rest of the pack in her pocket. Her gaze never dropped from him as she flicked open the Zippo, easily lighting her cigarette. The lighter was returned to her pocket and she moved the cigarette down, holding it between her fingers alongside her leg. She blew the smoke at his face, smirking slightly.

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Enzo raised an eyebrow as he saw her fist resting in the air between them. So ready to attack. Seemed this wasn't so uncommon for her to be ambushed by people. But he ignored this, letting it roll right off his shoulders. None of business. Don't get involved here Enzo. He said, trying to return his mind to all business aspects. He was here to get to his friends brother. "Enzo, just exploring." He said, pursing his lips slightly and calmly placing his hands into his pockets. It was uncommon to see the man in anything but his usual suit, but today he was dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans as well as a casual black button up. To fit in here without sticking out all that much. Still he felt a little overdressed walking up here. After another moment of silence he rocked backwards on his heels before speaking once more. "The better question is who are you exactly and what are you doing here?" He asked, keeping his tone to minimal interest as he looked her up and down once more. With her attitude he was sure to think of her as a fighter. Maybe she knew where Pedro was.

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"Darling, no one just explores around here." Adrian smirked, looking him up and down. Oh she wasn't checking him out in the conventional sense, but stance and build can mean a lot to someone that knows how to interpret them. And the way he stood Adrian knew he wasn't a fighter, but he could fight if he had to. Or at least he was ready to if he had to, whether he was good or not was something she'd have to see.
"Name's Adrian. Adrian Kingsley." She told him, raising an eyebrow. She'd be kind of surprised if he didn't recognize her name as a street fighter, or at least her last name since her brother, Hadley, had been on the police force. Before he'd been killed, that is. "What am I doing here? Well, I answered one of your questions, cutie. You'll have to give me a good reason to answer your other one." She winked at him, grinning. She wasn't blind, she could see he was attractive. She just wasn't attracted to that type -- that type being male. But she was attractive, she knew. It was an advantage (and fun) to manipulate people.

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((Can Elf bring her guy in here too? He's a cop that Adrian knows well. :3))

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"What can I say, I was curious to see what was up here." He said with sideways smile, trying to make himself look harmless and defenseless all at once. Enzo didn't know the girl, but judging by her looks there was no doubt she'd be able to pack a punch, and he didn't want to be on the other side of those fists. When she gave him her entire name he couldn't help but be taken by surprise. She was that trusting with strangers, was she? The last name rung its own bell but he was unable to connect it, so he brushed it off with a simple shrug of his shoulders. Her sudden flirtation was another thing that threw him off, but he decided to unconventionally roll with it. "Aww, beautiful, wouldn't it just be nice to be a good little girl and answer my questions so you can have some alone time to clean up?" He asked her, leaning against the wall ever so slightly in a relaxed stance, though he'd be ready to leave at any moment if need be.

((Yeah :D))

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"Alone?" Adrian laughed, leaning against the wall on her side of the hallway. "Come on, babe. What makes you think I want to be alone when I have you?" She teased him with a wink, taking a drag from her cigarette. Now she was curious about him. Unfortunately the only name he'd given her was what sounded like a nickname, not even a real first name. And she'd given out her full name to him. Well, she couldn't blame him for being untrusting. She was too, but she was fearless and confident. She had no problem giving out her name because anyone who knew it would know how much add kicking she could do if they did anything to her. And anyone who didn't know it either wouldn't care or would find out eventually. "Besides, I think we both know I'm not a good girl." She pointed out with a smirk, blowing out more smoke at him. Then she started moving, backing from the hallway and into the room. She didn't bother with new wraps or anything, heading right for her punching bag.

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Lorin was coming down to the Shed really not because he had any personal interest in fighting. Sure, he was pretty fucking brilliant with a gun (and torturing people, but that was another story that involved the entirety of his fucked up childhood). Today was officially a bad day. He'd spent all of the night after leaving the man who'd called himself Demort's penthouse flat cursing himself for sleeping with someone other than Hadley, who had been dead for a while now. It still tasted of awful betrayal. Lorin squeezed his eyes shut. He had known Adrian was fighting and whatnot. He was a bit of a masochist, truth be told (though he would not be the one to tell it). Lorin's eyes scanned the various people (even though there were few) as a second nature. Instincts from his younger years combined with his cop instincts, and he knew exactly how to handle most situations. Just a lot of times, he didn't care to use his skills and get beaten up a little. He drew himself straighter as he caught sight of Adrian. She was talking to a man he recognized as a fellow police officer. Really, it was entirely logical for Lorin to jump to conclusions as he stalked over to her. "Adrian, what did you do this time?"

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The instant Adrian heard Lorin she stiffened, eyes narrowing into a glare. Her spine straightened and her fists clenched as she turned to him. With lightning speed she changed from her flirty tone and attitude to become instantly vicious. "Bite me, Lorin. You don't get to tell me what to do. It's not like you're my brother or anything. Oh wait, that's right. Because of you I don't have a brother anymore." She snapped accusingly. She would never miss an opportunity to remind him of what he had done. He was the reason she didn't have any family anymore, and she would never forgive him. "I didn't do anything for once. So if you could just fuck off for a while that'd be nice." She hissed scathingly, blowing her smoke in his face, though without the almost playful quality she had done with Enzo. Even to a stranger it would be obvious she hated Lorin with every fiber of her being. His very presence here pissed her off royally, but also made her incredibly sad. She didn't need him to get her out of trouble, so she didn't want him around.

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Enzo bit his lower lip to hide his amusement. Was she really flirting with a suspicious looking stranger right now? Instead of dwelling on such an internal question he just decided to roll with it instead. "Aww, I didn't have you pegged as a good girl anyways, I wouldn't dare." Enzo told her, watching carefully as he casually strolled over towards the punching bag before landing her fists against it a few times. Did she have some anger to get out, even after she'd clearly been in a fight just recently? He didn't get the chance to ask as he saw a figure approaching them from his side. The person came into sight and he pegged him as a cop too, but he couldn't be sure until Adrian confirmed it by the name and her tone. He let out a soft breath before glancing over towards Lorin. "Hey man, maybe you should leave?" He asked with a raise eyebrow before continuing. "Or I should leave..." He trailed off awkwardly. "Yeah, yeah, I can leave." Enzo confirmed. "She hasn't done anything though.. or at least not anything I know of." He didn't want to be in the middle of whatever this was. Not at all. Enzo did particularly well in avoiding drama most days.

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"I wasn't here to see you," Lorin pointed out dryly, looking down at the ground. He was not about to deflect the comment about having killed her brother. He blamed himself for his death, too. He despised himself for it even though it had not been he who pulled the trigger. But it had been he who held her brother, his own fiance, as he died just one single day before they would have been married. Lorin was not about to cry even though it was a bad day in terms of emotion. He swallowed thickly. "I was concerned for your safety. I don't want you hurt anymore . . ." There was a sentence he was not finishing either. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He turned to Enzo. "You don't have to. Look, I can go. I just wanted to . . . check up on Adrian because I worry about her."

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Adrian looked mockingly thoughtful for a moment, glaring at him. "You know Lorin, I think there's something you don't realize about me. I doubt you ever have. You can't do anything about me being hurt. I never had anyone besides my brother. Either I protected myself from getting hurt or he was there to do it for me. And now he's gone. Because of you." She snapped, stepping forward and shoving him back a step. "So you can keep me out of jail, you can pretend to care about my wellbeing, but you will never keep me from being hurt. You don't get to stand there and say you worry about me when all you care about is trying to get rid of your own guilt. Well I'm not going to help you do that. I am not going to try and make you feel better when I never feel better because you took away my only friend, my only family, the only person who really cared that I was alive. Sure people get along with me now, but that's because they just don't want me to bash their face in. So just accept that nothing you ever do now will make up for what you did, or I'll bash you face in anyway." The girl snarled at him, whipping around to face Enzo again. "Enzo, you can stay if you want. I have no problem with you." She smiled at him with a teasing wink, though she still seemed a bit shaken. "Besides, we haven't even gotten to our fun part."

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Enzo knitted his eyebrows slightly as he watched the two talk. From what little he was able to piece together it looked like they had a lot of dividing issues between them- certainly nothing he wanted or needed to get involved in. After all he had a reason for being here and while the girl would be someone to question he didn't know whether he'd even get too much out of her. The attention shifted back to him as he declared his unsure departure and he took a step backwards, cursing himself when he felt the wall against his left heel. Clearly he wasn't thinking too clearly himself right now. "No it's alright." He replied to both of them. "Besides if fate has plans we might just run into each other again." He replied with a short lived grin before he headed back in the direction of the stairs.

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Adrian studied him, raising an eyebrow as he started to move off. Great, now she'd scared someone else off and she hadn't even hated him. But she was a determined little brat, so she headed right after him, sparing Lorin a glare over her shoulder. "Does this count as running into each other again?" She smirked, though it was obvious she was still a bit off balance. So she sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Alright, well, it seems we lost a chance for our nice little bantering thanks to smart ass over there. But still, anyways, I mean he made it kind of obvious you're a cop, and since you're a cop you wouldn't be around here unless you had a good reason. And maybe I can help with that. So, Enzo, why are you here?"

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