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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Currently abandoned; not as infected as other shopping centers in the area, but it'd be wise to keep to keep an eye out.

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((Is this the place for us? :3))

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) ((Yes! I'm working on a character so I'll be a little slow, sorry.))

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) ((Finished him!))

Emmeline slinked quickly through the shadows of the shopping center's large walkways. Her brisk footsteps barely made a patter on the marble floors but she still found her breath coming hard and heavy at the fear of encountering a zombie or a human. She wasn't quite sure which option would be worse. Lucia had informed her this morning that the pair were low on provisions and set it as Emmeline's job to go on a raid. Problem was, she was horribly inept with a weapon and could barely control the fidgeting of her hands at the thought of having to kill a zombie. She once again scanned the area, her doe eyes almost twitching with nerves. Caught in her own thoughts, she walked straight into an overturned garbage can. The steel can's impact with her foot barely made a sound but caused enough pain to let her briefly forget her situation and let out an explicit string of cuss words. Coming to her senses, Emmeline gasped and quickly looked around to see if she had caught anyone--or anything's-- attention.

((Just to establish the situation; I swear I don't usually write so much xD))

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Nayara felt a little depressed at time; she needed some air to breathe so she got out from what was her new house and begun to walk following the first road she found out in the street till she arribed to another shopping center.
"Why do I keep comming to hop again and again even though the situation?" she said to herself laughing "well... At least I can take something for dinner and maybe colect some clothes... If there's anything left"

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Emmeline spotted another girl maybe ten yards away. Perhaps she could help her find some provisions and vice versa. The idea was risky, as she had no clue who this girl was, or where her intentions laid, but Emmeline knew she'd never find enough rations on her own. Going against all better judgement, she stepped out of the shadows and cleared her throat.

"Um... hello?" Her voice had been unused and thus quite raspy so she cleared her throat once more and tried again.

"H--hey! Um, don't shoot." Her words came out unsure and awkward, but one would be surprised at how many times she had been greeted with a face full of guns when trying tot reach out to someone new.

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Nay stopped a bit confused
Was someone talking to her?
In front of her, there was a girl that seemed a little scared.
'Don't shoot', she said?
"Oh... Oh! Don't worry I won't. Are you lost?" Nayara tryed to react the most fast possible.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Emmeline hadn't realized she had been holding her breath until she let it go. The girl seemed friendly enough, assuring her she wouldn't shoot and asking if she was lost with what seemed to be genuine concern. However, Emmeline was still cautious-- one could never be too careful when in a post apocalyptic world.

"Uh, no, I'm not lost. I was just wondering if perhaps you knew where the food court is?" She hated how meek her voice sounded, but in truth she had searched for a good twenty minutes for the shopping center's food court and just couldn't find it. The area was just to be big, and in some areas, too heavily infested.

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"Mmmmmm..." Nay stopped one momment to think "Well... O lived in the other side of the city. I've mever been here. I don't know, but if you want we can try to find it" Nayara smiled the more she could in her state.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) This was definetly against all of Emmeline's instincts. If she had learned anything from the apocalypse, it was that people could not be trusted. Every man fought for himself in this desolate world and it was up to her to keep up. However, she desperately needed the food. She and Lucia had three cans left of good left-- it'd last them two days at best.

"Al--alright. We should start at the south end; I just scoured the north." She said, her hands twiddling nervously. She remembered the knife tucked in her boot and felt slightly better, but then immediately digressed as she also remembered she was utterly useless with any weapon.

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"Okay, as you want" Silence "do you know the grade of infection in this area?" Nay had a good shoot with knives but she didn't know what she could do if they suddenly came across a plague.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) [sorry I'm so late-- my life's a bit crazy rn]

Emmeline pondered for a moment before shaking her head. "I know the west wing is heavily infested, but there's a gate keeping them held for now. The north is a bit of a mess right now, but I'm not sure in numbers; other than that I'm in the dark." If there was anything Emmy was good at, it was observing. She was much more of a watcher than a do-er and she hoped for her and the girl's sake that one of them could fend off the zombies if it came to it.

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(Don't worry, I'm usually late too)

Nay was not sure of what to do "are you good with weapons?" a little pause between "I have a good shoot throwing knives but... I can't defend us alone if we came across to lot of them..." Nayara looked around "I'll surely need help".

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Emmeline almost cringed at how useless she was. "Well... to be quite honest, I can't wield a weapon to save my life. Luckily the situation has never come down to it, but... yeah." She trailed off, feeling her cheeks heat up with embarassment. This is why Lucia should have come; she would've made friends with this girl and been able to protect the both of them.

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"Okay... Well then. Don't panic" Nay putted her hands in the girl's shoulder "Okay. We search the food and get the hell out of here as fast as we can, okay" Nay tryed to encourage the girl, who blushed "asside, what's your name?"

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Emmeline felt herself relax a bit, despite the instincts that had kicked in with the beginnin of the apocalypse telling her she was an idiot to trust anyone. When the girl asked for her name, Emmeline paused. It was one thing to make acquaintances with someone-- it was a whole other case to tell them your name. It almost felt like letting them in, like letting have a piece of you. Emmeline felt her nerves kick into overdrive. She had to do this-- for herself, for Lucia.

"Em--Emmeline. But most call me Emmy." She said softly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

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"Okay",Nayara smiled "don't be so nervious Emmy... I'm not the one who can eat you" Nayara opened her jaket and take a knife and a razor from her interior pocket "Better to be prepared... I'm Nayara, you can call me Nay".
Don't know why but suddenly, all her depression was gone.

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Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) Emmeline's blush deepened. Nayara was nice, there was no doubt about it, but she still felt uneasy about the situation. Of course, this was coming from someone prone to social anxiety so it wasn't much of a surprise. "Let's... let's search the south areas first, they're the most promising." She advised, willing her voice not to shake. Thankfully, she was able to hold steady, but her fingers still fidgeted nervously as she re-tucked the same piece of hair behind her ear.

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"Okay" Nay smiled to her, thinking tht maybe she would feel better, then, she started walking the south direction.

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connie | 1301 comments Michael followed the streets until he got to the Shopping Center.He didn't see any walkers nor anyone for that matter.He pulled out his hidden pack of cigarettes and lit one up.At least here she couldn't stop him from smoking.He was pulling a drag when he heard something behind him.Someone was following him.

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"You think this is all about you," Raiden said, coming out of the shadows at Michael's blind spot. "I tried to help you, but you resisted. It cost me my body."

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connie | 1301 comments Michael slowly turned around . "You disobeyed orders in front of my men . You made me look like a fool.They listened to you instead of following my command and they are all dead now.All except Tim.He came with me . Yes I *killed * you for what happened to my unit . But somehow you survived and instead of seeking me out for revenge you sought out Tim. What did he do to you?And why did he deserve to die like that?"Michael threw away his cigarette and glared at Raiden."Cyber armor or no I know the real man under there ,and to me he is nothing but a coward."

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"If I'm such a coward, why am I still standing here against you? Cipher was playing you like a fiddle. They gave you everything so that you could be their little toy. When their work was done, that's when they framed me for killing the team. Even Tim. Tim was the only other person that knew what was happening and they assassinated him to brainwash you into thinking I was your enemy. Do you really think I am the reason that we fell apart?" Raiden argued.

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connie | 1301 comments Michael looked at Raiden ,but his thoughts raced through his head.Tim had told him that it wasn't Raiden's fault ,that Cipher was using Michael.He had refused to accept that. Why?For what reason did they wish to brainwash their best soldier?And for what purpose did they have destroying the most elite unit they had? "So why didn't they kill you too? Why suit you up like half robot -half man ?Are you some kind of weapon now for them?"Michael was confused.He remembered at one time all of them joking and getting along ,even him and Raiden .Had Cipher really poisoned that friendship?

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Raiden watched his movement. "They brainwashed me as well to do their assassination runs," he said. "Now im stuck in a titanium body for my life."

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connie | 1301 comments Michael reached inside his jacket pulling out his gun ."I could make it quick for both of us ,end our misery right now .You see what my little twerp of a brother doesn't know is, I have PTSD and I can go off any minute . I am a danger to him and his little family. I only wanted to make sure he was safe and away from these walkers.F**k I even begged him to shoot me when one bit me .He did but I guess his little woman loves him so much she thought saving me would make him happy so she cured me."Michael pushed his hair from his forehead to show the bullet scar."So I could end it all for the two of us here and now ,or we can call a truce for their sake and try to get along."Michael extended his hand with the gun to Raiden , turning the gun backwards before doing so.

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"Truce," he said with his hands in the air

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connie | 1301 comments Michael laid the gun at Raiden's feet,then extended his hand to him."Truce."As quickly as he said it though he scooped up the gun and shot over Raiden's shoulder.There was a low moan and a flop as a walker fell at their feet , a clean shot to its head.

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Raiden didnt flinch. He could hear the the walker fall behind him. "You were always an amazing shot," he complimented

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connie | 1301 comments "Thanks as you were always great at strategy.I just was too hard headed to listen to you back then. I guess I saw the signs of me being used but I didn't wish to accept them.Maybe Sia can think of a way to give you back some of your humanity ,D**n she cured me of this mess and brought me back from the dead."Michael smiled and offered a cigarette to Raiden.

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Raiden shook his head. "I don't smoke. My humanity isn't the problem, and it is already too late to change back to human," he said.

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connie | 1301 comments Michael pondered his response as he pocketed the smokes."What is the problem then?I know you are call the Ripper and for obvious reasons. Is that it ?Do you wish that went away? You were a top notch solder Raiden,you always had a *killer instinct*. That is what made our unit the best , the elite. We had no emotions when it came to killing the enemy .No matter how they tried to trap us,we always were able to wipe them out."Michael leaned against the wall ,lazily picking off two more walkers across the street.

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Raiden watched as he shot walkers. "My past still haunts me today. I used to be a child soldier. They gave me a gun and a number and that's exactly what I did. I did things back then that I am not proud of. I did everything I can to change myself, but nothing worked. Nothing ever will. Sometimes I ponder what would happen if I let my past control me," he said as his eye became redder in color.

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connie | 1301 comments Michael glanced his way then put his gun away."I told you I have PTSD. You want to know why? Not only because of Tim ,but after I left and found my family destroyed I set out to revenge Tim and them.I still had that instinct,so popping off walkers was easy .Until that one walker. She was barely ten years old.She was stumbling towards me and I aimed as usual.Got her in one shot . I went over to examine to make sure she was gone,and she turned to me and said one word .'Daddy' then she was gone . It was then I saw all the children we had killed ,all the mothers with babes in arms ,all the families we destroyed . I couldn't sleep .I kept seeing their faces. I still do . "He kicked the wall and picked up a can and threw it. "Our past will always be with us Raiden,in here."Michael tapped his head."Until we can get rid of those memories we will always be dangerous."

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"I will always be dangerous," he corrected. "You know that it is wrong. You may have the memories, but you have the knowledge of not doing it again, where as I don't. My past runs rampant and there is no way to chain it down. My instincts still flow through me, even now, I have the urge to kill and I am barely holding that back."

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connie | 1301 comments Michael looked at him and his face went like stone. "I also have that instinct ,and maybe yes it is easier for me to control it ,but I will tell you this,I have no qualms killing again .I mean anyone or anything .No exception.Even my own brother is not safe,much less his family.I have lost the capacity to feel anything but anger and apathy.The old me died in the field with my men ,this one should not have been revived."Michael removed all his weapons and laid them at Raiden's feet. "There defenseless. If you wish to kill me then do it. I have no fear of dying."

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Raiden chuckled softly. He handed his weapons back to Michael. "I have no grudges against you and I don't want to kill you," he said. "Our old selves have died only to have new ones reborn, thus, the circle of life."

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connie | 1301 comments Michael smiled .It was the first genuine smile he has had in ages and it felt good."What do you say we check out some more places then head back to check on the two of them."Michael picked up his weapons and while palming his gun ,he cut down one more walker."Darn things are worse than gnats.They are everywhere."

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"Alright, Captain," he said, sparking nostalgia in his mind.

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connie | 1301 comments Michael took a step and stopped turning around to glance at Raiden. He hadn't been called Captain in years and it brought back memories of better times."Cmon soldier and if it is all the same to you , Mike is fine."he smiled and handed Raiden some maps as he walked towards the mall .

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Raiden smiled and took the maps. He followed Michael into the mall and unsheathed his sword, ready for any walkers.

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connie | 1301 comments They had barely gotten inside when they were approached by a group of five walkers.Michael started firing as he moved to the left,clearing the way for Raiden to take out any he wished to approach."There are more coming from the right Raiden ."Mike shouted as he reloaded.

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In the blink of an eye, Raiden was in front of the first walked cutting him to peices along with his pals. He grabbed one walker and whipped him at another one in front of Michael.

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connie | 1301 comments Michael dispatched of both in a flash."Can you climb man?The escalator is out and I found a way to get to the top floor but we got to climb a wall."He looked up and saw several walkers meandering above them.

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"Get on my back and I can take you up there easily," he suggested.

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connie | 1301 comments Michael stared at Raiden in confusion. "I am a bit heavier than you are man. Are you sure?"Michael wasn't going to hurt Raiden now that they had made peace.

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Riaden nodded. "I am mostly robotic. I can easily pick up a truck, now get on my back."

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connie | 1301 comments Michael nodded and proceeded to mount Raiden's back.The cyber armor was slick so he had to find handholds somewhere .He decided to just hold his shoulders as they climbed.

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Raiden climbed up the concrete wall, his claws digging into it easily. He stepped on the second floor and gave Michael some time to dismount.

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connie | 1301 comments Michael surveyed the area. All the walkers he had seen earlier seemed to have vanished.He saw remnants of their being up here but now was confused as to where they had disappeared to. "Where do you think they all went ? They were here just a minute ago,and now poof vanished."He spun around looking in every store and hallway.Nothing.

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