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You Guys And Gals In Teh Illumanati Are Learning

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message 1: by Colin M, xXxXx_I11uM1NaT1_xXx_L3aD3R_xXx_C3rT1f13D_Qu1CkSc0P3r_xXxXx (new)

Colin M (xxxxxxxxx_colin_m_xxxxxxxxx) | 100 comments Mod
I checked the Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson discussion recently... I looked back at the posts made and realized that you guys and gals are getting good at changing the topic... i didn't expect that you guys and gals would learn how to meme teh gudredez but you did it... i am very proud of you... you deserve a medal for being random as (DON'T CLICK THE SPOILER)(view spoiler) so i am making this post so you realize that you have finally become true kappa. LOL.

message 2: by Janessa S (new)

Janessa S | 117 comments wow thanks colin

message 3: by Nathan (new)

Nathan M. | 120 comments I feel so special.

message 4: by Janessa S (new)

Janessa S | 117 comments um, so thanks colin very random of you

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