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so friends that turn out to be more than friends? How to they decide theres more to it?

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Summer | 38 comments No idea, maybe my char is popular and has a lot of boyfriends but ur char always liked mine and then my char finally realises it?

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Summer | 38 comments Mmkay, you can start

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mkayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *Breaks y key*

He starts running through the halls. "shit. " he says to himself, realizing hes gonna be late for class. dam lunch ladies dont know how to serve it fast enough to eat it in time.

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Summer | 38 comments Laila was running through the halls too also very late. She bumped into him. "Oh, wow, I'm so sorry" she said apologetically

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he nods, and picks up her book for her, and sighs. the bell rings loudly, and they were standing there like idiots.

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Summer | 38 comments "Well, I'm screwed." She said now walking. She decided that since she was already late, she'd be REALLY late. She half laughed "I'm laila, nice to meet you"

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He smiles "Markus. " he says, and then looks around "its 1st hour. Wanna just ditch?" He asks, heading for the downstairs exit.

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Summer | 38 comments She shrugged "no point of rocking up to class late" she joked

(Sry was away for the weekend)

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Summer | 38 comments "Where to?"

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Summer | 38 comments (Hello?)

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"Whereever you want. I got money, so we can stop at whatever " he says, walking downstairs.

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Summer | 38 comments She walked with him "movies?" She suggested "a dark place where annnnnything can happen" she joked in an eerie voice, waving her fingers around like a stereotypical ghost.

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He rolls his eyes, and walks outside "movie sounds good" he says "but im not like... 'That'". He smiles "Maybe i am"he winks, walking to his car.

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Summer | 38 comments She half laughed "nice car"

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It was a oldsmobile "smartass"he mummers, and smiles. He goes inside, and unlocks the car. He smiles, and waits fir her to enter.

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Summer | 38 comments "Why thank you" she did a little courtesy and laughed as she closed the door

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He nods, driving to the theater (time,skip to when movie starts?)

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Summer | 38 comments (Sure)

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Summer | 38 comments Laila looked around. "Is that..? No." She looked at him "I'll be a second" she walked up to a guy and put her arms around him and kissed him. He picked her up and hugged her, still kissing her. "What are you doing here?" He asked "well, my new friend/acquaintance and I were late... So we ditched" she said innocently "argh, well. Let me meet him" he joked. Laila gestured for Markus to come.

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He gets out of the car nervously, and approaches them "heyy" he says, voice trailing off.

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Summer | 38 comments "Julian this is Markus, Markus, Julian" Julian held out a hand

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He nods, and shakes it confidently. He knows that he had no chance with her.

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Summer | 38 comments Julian eyed him suspiciously. "So, what movie are you guys watching?"

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"I have no idea. Its u-" he cuts off whem his phone goes off. It was a update for a app. ''Dammit. Mom called. Found out i ditched. Gotta go" he says, back up to his car.

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Summer | 38 comments "I'll come with" laila said. "Sorry" she said to Julian before she kissed him and left

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"Nah. Its fine. Stay " he says, and walks to his car. "Here. Have fun" he says, handing her 20 dollars.

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Summer | 38 comments "No, really. It's fine" she gives back the twenty and waves. "Stay in school" she joked as Julian slipped his arm around her waist

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He nods, and starts to drive home.

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Summer | 38 comments (Next day at school?)

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he walks into school tired. He just wanted it to be done with over with.

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Summer | 38 comments Laila walked up to her locker, go her things and walked towards class. Not looking, she bumped into Markus.
"Are we always going to meet like this?" She joked

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He smiles a bit, and rolls his eyes ''no, but you might need glasses" he teases, walking to math.

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Summer | 38 comments She walked with him "hold the sass" she joked "or you might get.. Sassinated" she joked as she winked at him

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he smiles "is that even a word?" he says, and walks into the math room

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Summer | 38 comments She walked with him "well it is now" she joked and sat down

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He looks at one of his firends, and tries to decide where to sit

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Summer | 38 comments Laila wasn't used to people not sitting next to her but, then again, she didn't really know Markus. Yet,there was this nagging voice in her mind that kept saying ' but, what if he does sit next to you? What will you do?'

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He looks back at her , and takes the moment of truth. He sits down, and opens his book waiting for class to start

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Summer | 38 comments (Is he sitting next to her?)

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Summer | 38 comments She glanced at him and smiled, then looked down at her book. Why was she nervous? Was she nervous? What was happening to her?

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He focused on his book. He was sort of a nerd in math.

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Summer | 38 comments Laila fiddled around her book, not something shed usually do. Usually, she'd be answering every question there was.. She was also a nerd in math. (Timeskip to when it's lunch?)

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He pacjs his bags, and headd downstairs for lunch.

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Summer | 38 comments Laila went and sat down next to Julian. A heated arguement broke out. Long story short, they broke up. Laila had boys lined up to date her.

She went to English class and sat down, boys crowding around her

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He sits away from her during english, writing an exam on his computer

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Summer | 38 comments She kept glancing over at Markus, but she wasn't sure why..

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