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message 1: by Catrina (new)

Catrina Courtenay (catrinacourtenay) | 1 comments Hey ya'll! I'm looking for a few good beta readers. I'm almost ready to put out my second novel, which is part of a Romantic Suspense trilogy. The first book came out in March - Ultimate Betrayal Revelations. I'd be happy to provide free copies of the first book, along with the manuscript for the second book, titled Ultimate Betrayal - Exposed.

I'd prefer beta readers to use Microsoft Word using Track Changes to add their notes or corrections, but it's not mandatory. I can send the file in just about any format.

I have about a month until release date so I need betas who can devour a book quickly! LOL

Here's the synopsis for the first book:
My name is Veronica Harper. I'm smart, tough and one of the most sought after Security agents in California, and I know it. But my cold, no-nonsense demeanor hides a terrible secret. A past that is the stuff of nightmares which haunt me, day after day, night after night. No one gets close to me, especially not a man. I'm not alone by choice, but my past makes anything else impossible.

I'm Erik Sinclair. One of the hottest actors in Hollywood, known for leaving a trail of shredded panties and broken hearts everywhere I go. Yeah, right. You can believe all the Hollywood hype, but I'm just me. And I'm sick of the shallow, graspy bimbos that are lurking everywhere in this town. I want something different. A woman who's strong and smart. Someone real. I'll break through that tough exterior to find out what she's hiding. I'll do anything to make her mine. No matter what the risk.

My client is impossible. Defiant, cocky, gorgeous, and determined to figure me out. If this smart-ass tinsel town bad boy thinks he can break me, he'd better think again. His safety is more important...than those abs. I can't be distracted by his blue eyes and devastating smile, not with a lunatic stalker threatening his every move.

He's dangerous to me. And since I met him, I'm breaking all MY rules. If we're lucky, we'll make it through this alive.

Thanks so much, please PM me for more info!

message 2: by Jeanie (new)

Jeanie (jeanielong) | 62 comments Catrina,
I'm interested. Please email me the first in the series as well as the second so I can grasp the context of the sequel.


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