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message 1: by Safa (new)

Safa Shaqsy (safashaqsy) | 11 comments writing a book can be overwhelming, but sometimes you feel like getting crazy with all the things you should do before and after writing.
When you write, your mind switches from the real world to the world you have built in your mind. you spend alot of time in the characters' minds, and you end up becoming like the characters.

in normal busy days, at work or anywhere in public, you tend to day dream about what happens to your world and the characters. you never stop thinking about them.

Anyone who asks you "how is your day?" you start explaning about what you wrote, and what your characters did in the story.

message 2: by P.J. (new)

P.J. Roscoe | 49 comments I got so into my characters in my first book 'Echoes' my husband and I were out shopping and I passed a clothes shop and said without thinking, "That would suit Bronwen ...!" She is my main character and I considered her 'real'!!
Day-dreaming is good, it relax's you and helps you contact your subconscious - I am so relaxed I am lying down!!!

message 3: by Safa (new)

Safa Shaqsy (safashaqsy) | 11 comments yeah
poeple would be like "what?!"
but that what makes us writers

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

That's so me. Whenever I go shopping or going places, I daydream myself and all of my characters in that scene at that place.

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