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Clara 1-Theon dreamt about being chase by wolves with children faces. He said he saw them die and was bleeding, and the word mercy was mentioned a lot. Really creepy, but he deserves it. He woke up and found out Asha was there. He dreamt before of dreesing corpses, telling them how it was never what he wanted, how they gave him no choice. He dreamt of the miller’s wife, and how she gnawing off his dick, lol. He saw her die, and Gelmarr, one of the men who went to the mil, was dead too. I guess her husband wasn’t there.

2-He had an ugly prince crown, and one day would have a pretty one, when he is King. Lol, he still wants to be one. All the men who went to the mil were killed, except for Reek. He killed Farlen, even though he didn’t kill those men, but someone had to pay. It took him a lot to take the man’s head off. After Farlen was killed, men stopped dying. He was scared too, he knew after killing the kids people hated him.

3-Asha was in the high seat of the Starks, and she only went with 20 men, which is not a lot, he knows he won’t be able to keep the castle. It seems she doesn’t really care if they have Winterfell.

4-Luwin asked fot the boys to rest in the crypts, but Theon said no. *SPOILERS FOR UPCOMING CHAPTERS IN A CLASH OF KINGS* (view spoiler). He burned the bodies, and one had the wolf’s head brooch that was Bran’s. I forgot the brooch was his.

5-Asha basically says fuck you to Theon, and told him she would leave him ten men, and go back with the other ten to Deepwood Motte, which she took. The Cleftjaw lost at Torrehns’ Square. She told Theon he would have won the war if he had taken the boys as prisoners to Pyke. She doesn’t seem too happy about him killing them. He said he killed them to avenge his brothers. I think Asha could tell he was lying.

6-Asha tells Theon to go back with her to Deepwood Motte, and burn Winterfell. He told her he wouldn’t leave, but later wished he had. A lot would have been really different for him if he had left.

7-He thinks he shouuld have killed Reek, and we find out Reek was the one who killed all the men that went to the mil. He told Theon he could get him 200 men, he was born up north and was known. He wanted Palla when he gets back. Theon says yes. I missed so many details the first time!

8-Theon dreams of the feast they had in Winterfell when Robert was there, and saw all of the dead there: Robert, Ned, Ned’s men, even Lyanna. And he saw, at last, Robb and Grey Wind, both dead. *SPOILERS FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

9-He called Luwin, who told him it meant nothing. Luwin gave him a drink to sleep, but he didn’t trust him and didn’t drink. I wonder if it was poisoned or not. I wouldn’t have think it was before, but now, I don’t know. The Maester really loves the Starks.

10-Theon fucked Kyra, like it was the solution to everything. He really hurt her, and she was sobbing when he finished with her. He thinks again he should have gone with Asha. He really should have.

11-Finally, we learned the heads of the boys out there, weren’t the ones of Bran and Rickon. Although I felt bad for the miller’s kids, I felt glad the Starks weren’t dead. They were of age, and after Reek fucking flayed the skin of their faces, people didn’t recognize them. It’s not a good thing Theon let Reek do it, but I guess it was so people wouldn’t learn he never had the Starks.

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 4, *SPOILER FOR UPCOMING CHAPTERS IN A CLASH OF KINGS* (view spoiler)

Your point 7, I didn't see where Reek killed Theon's men who went with them to the mill. Perhaps I missed it somewhere.

Your point 8, *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

1. Theon is having a Rodion Raskolnikov moment from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, suffering for killing innocent lives. He wakes from a nightmare and sees Reek in his bedchambers, lol, and rudely demands to know why he is here. Reek politely informs Theon his sister has finally arrived in Winterfell, like he told him to do should she arrive.

2. The word mercy is waved around a lot in the first few pages to this chapter. Interesting all his dreams are cold. Makes sense, you’re in Winterfell, the heart of the North, land of the cold! One of his dreams he is back at the mill again, dressing the boys’ corpses. I remember the first time I read this I wondered what they are doing but now it comes to me clearly. The scene is very grim. The poor boys! Interesting how in another dream he dreams the miller’s wife chews out his throat and manhood *SPOILER FOR A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler) In real life they killed her too, who cried out to Theon for mercy. :(

3. I laughed when Theon dresses all prettily only to remember his sister takes more stock in blades than beauty and he takes it all off, cursing. Theon is overly concerned about looking regal. :)

4. The crown sounds very familiar, a ring of iron with black diamonds and gold nuggets...but I can’t quite place it. It can’t be the original Stark crown, because that had bronze in it. It is described as misshapen and ugly. He wears this crown because Mikken, their blacksmith, is dead so he obviously can’t fashion him a new crown. I wonder where this one came from?

5. So the inhabitants at Winterfell killed Gelmarr for killing their princes, and Aggar and Rednose, too. Theon has every right to feel paranoid. They all want him dead.

6. In the book it is Farlen the kennelmaster who is beheaded by Theon, reminding him that Lord Eddard Stark did his own killings, so Theon had to do it or else look weak. He makes a botch of it, needing to hack at him four times, so gruesome! He and Farlen had been somewhat friends, too, always talking about hounds and hunting. So sad. :(

7. Even Theon’s guards quietly urge him to leave this place. They cannot hope to hold Winterfell with so many hateful subjects walking the castle halls with them.

8. It’s pretty pathetic how Theon blames Asha for his problems. He thinks she delayed coming on purpose, hoping he’ll die first so she can take Winterfell for herself. Psh... It also doesn’t help that he finds her sitting in the Direwolf seat of House Stark at the Great Hall.

9. Asha only brought 20 men with her, not her whole army. This isn’t what Theon commanded of her. She mocks him, calling him a great ruler and leader, asking which one gave him the better fight, the cripple or the babe, heh. Theon is humiliated.

10. Poor Maester Luwin was the only one who dared come close to the two dead bodies hanging over the castle. He wanted to take the bodies down to the crypts so they can be with the rest of their family but Theon refused. He burned the bodies but kept the heads on the wall. Theon took Bran’s half-melted silver brooch afterwards. He still has it to this day. I wonder why? Is it to punish himself for what he’s done?

11. Asha says she’s only giving Theon ten men of the 20 she brought if he stays. Apparently Dagmar Cleftjaw lost the battle at Torrhen’s Square. I’m pretty sure Theon wasn’t originally expecting him to win, but here he seems disappointed. Ser Rodrik defeated him when he came to help the Tallharts. Dagmar and a few others escaped and are heading to the Stony Shore. Theon hates not knowing as much as she knows. He is angry and says the north gathers an army to overthrow him and she only brings him ten men. He’d commanded her to give him more than that and I like how Asha says he should have thought of that before he took Winterfell. Right! She says if he had razed the castle and took the little lords back to Pyke as hostages they might have won the war, but he made a botch of it. Deepwood Motte is close to the sea but Winterfell is very far away from any major body of water; Krakens are at their strongest with their longbows, not horses. And now he’s gone and made enemies all around him when he killed the boys. Seems Asha is the voice of reason and Theon is being stubborn because he’s so arrogant to take advise from anybody.

12. I hadn’t thought of Bran and Rickon’s deaths as payment for Ned Stark killing their brothers. Theon knows his father would approve of that blood payment, at least.

13. Asha begs Theon to come back to Deepwood Motte with her, for the sake of their mother. I suspect a small part of her cares for her little brother, too. Of course he refuses. At least she tried.

14. As he watches her leave with her ten men as promised, Theon only now wonders why he didn’t take her on her offer, psh. Because he knows he doomed himself! Is your pride really bigger than your common sense? I guess so.

15. Ha! Reek has an annoying way of showing up out of nowhere. Theon wishes he had killed Reek as well for knowing what he’d done. And he can read and write, which is bad if he ever wanted to write someone a letter about it. At first reading I wondered why it mattered, because everyone knows Bran and Rickon are dead, but now I know why. Reek offers to gather an army of at least 200 to help guard Winterfell for him. Reek wants Palla, Farlen’s daughter who’d been raped by two of Theon’s men, as a reward and Theon agrees to it, ugh... That poor girl... Reek requires some silver for this endeavor and exits that same day. Theon must be getting desperate to trust a man he barely trusted a moment ago!

16. That night Theon has another nightmare. This one’s about the feast Ned Stark held for King Robert in Winterfell. Everyone was dead. Some were still moving, though, shit that sounds like a premonition to the Others at Winterfell! He also dreams of the Starks who died before, like Lyanna, Brandon, and Lord Rickard Stark. It’s really creepy with the shadows along the walls and how Robb Stark and Grey Wind enter with half a hundred savage wounds on both of their bodies. Really seems like a premonition!

17. Theon wakes screaming and Maester Luwin gives him a drink to help him sleep. I like how Theon tells him it was just a dream, it meant nothing, and Luwin solemnly replies, “Nothing.” The poor old man must be thinking of Bran and Jojen’s dreams now. Theon gets rid of the wine, thinking the maester wants him dead. Possibly, but I doubt it somehow. Luwin must be feeling like shit but I just don’t think he would ever poison anyone to death.

18. That night he ravages Kyra so badly he gives her bruises and she’s sobbing, damn! And then he kicks her out. What an asshole! That still doesn’t calm him.

19. I like the imagery of the morning, how Theon can see the top of the godswood, the red weirwood leaves in contrast to all the greenery around it. Sounds beautiful! Theon reminds himself it’s Stark’s tree and Stark’s castle. Everything here belongs to the Starks, and nothing can ever change that. He is a Greyjoy and realizes he should have gone with Asha. It’s not too late! He could run now and maybe catch up. I don’t understand why he doesn’t go if he thinks he should have. Maybe he thinks it’s too late. More likely his pride holds him back still.

20. The last paragraph to this chapter finally reveals the truth; they killed the miller’s boys, who were of the same ages of Bran and Rickon. They dressed, flayed, and tarred them so they would look like the Stark boys. This means they never found Bran and Rickon, yay! I remember feeling so happy when I read this the first time, a bitter happiness because it’s still sad how two innocent boys were killed in their stead. I wonder where Theon thinks the real lords are now? Wouldn’t it fuck up his scheme if they suddenly showed up with the enemy? Clearly he didn’t think this one through, he never does.

Clara About my point 7, it is mentioned, just in a sentence, when Theon thinks he should have killed Reek, like Reek killed the others. I remember it because it was mentioned briefly.

About my point 8 *SPOILERS FOR A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler)

About your point 4, I didn't think about it, but I don't know who made that crown now that you mention it.

About your point 8, I really think Theon needs to face some of his problems and stop blaming everything on Asha.

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