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Clara 1-Catelyn is eating with Brienne, and people outside are celebrating Edmure’s return and Robb’s conquest of the Crag. They didn’t know about Bran and Rickon, and she thought they wouldn’t care if they did. I don’t know about that, I don’t think they would be partying like that. She thinks Winter has come for her, and she became a sour woman. Man, por Catelyn, first Ned, her girls away and now this. So much suffering!

2-Brienne didn’t know, only her and the maester. I guess she needed to talk about it, she knew just because she didn’t say it out loud it wouldn’t be true, so she tells her. I liked how Brienne thought of touching her hand, but didn’t. They were caught on the mill, and their heads were in the wall of Winterfell now. Catelyn told Robb at some point he shouldn’t trust Theon. I was really sad while I read this.

3-Catelyn thought he must have killed the wolves as well, and once she thought her children would be safe as long as the wolves were with them. But only Robb has his now, her girls doesn’t have their anymore. Her thinking of Sansa and Arya was so sweet and sad. She thinks Arya is dead. She wanted all the people who hurt her dead, and thought she would enjoy killing them, like Ned never enjoyed killing. I don’t know if she said it because of the pain only.

4-She sent Jaime wine, and told Brienne to be with her at midnight. She went to see her father, and heard how the people outside called her brother the young lord, even though her father wasn’t dead yet. Her father is still really bad, and it was so sad when she told her all the things she wanted.

5-Catelyn made the goaler let them pass, and told Brienne to wait outside. She noticed Jaime didn’t drink the wine, he thought it was poisoned. Jaime looked like shit, but still she could tell how beautiful he was. I really enjoyed reading this chapter with so much of Jaime in it, although I don’t like him a lot in this book.

6-Jaime offered to fuck her, and Catelyn knew she would get nothing. He said he wasn’t afraid of dying, and for how he talked she could tell he was full of pride. He said there was no one like him. Wow. When she was about to leave, he said he would answer her questions if she answer his. He would tell the truth, although she wouldn’t like it. He answered so many important things, like being Joffrey’s father and throwing Bran out of the window were nothing. He couldn’t care less.

7-I forgot he considered for a momento killing Bran, but a lot of people were with him all the time, and it was to much work to kill half of WInterfell when the boy was likely to die. Catelyn asked if Cersei did it, but he said she didn’t keep secrets from him. He really trusts her it seems. So, they didn’t send the killer. While talking of the dagger, Jaime said Tyrion always bets on him, and remembered Robert showing him the night of the tourney. Really interesting. Catelyn doesn’t believe him at first, but hell, he admitted he flung Bran out of the window, he had no reason to lie about the dagger.

8-Jaime knows Robb won’t ramson him, she knows it too. Karstark especially wants him dead. I really liked what he said about all the vows he made, how one way or another he always broke one. She called him Kingslayer, and he replied Aerys wasn’t a good one. He told the story of how Brandon and Rickon Stark died, and it was awful. I didn’t remember all the details. Brandon was going to Riverrun when he heard about Lyanna, and went to the Red Keep looking for Rhaegar, who wasn’t there, to kill him. He went with some lord’s sons, and Aerys killed them all, fathers and sons, when he made the fathers go. I don’t remember how Glover survived.

9-The way the Starks die was so awful. Now that I think about it, it must have been awful for Jaime as well, being the youngest ever of the Kingsguard, to see those kind of things. Brandon had a wet leathern cord around his neck, and he strangled himself to death trying to save his father. Rickon died slowly, being roasted by pyromancers. What a horrible way of dying!

10-I forgot Gerold Hightower, the White Bull, told Jaime he swore to guard a King, not to judge him. How can you serve a man like that though? This was interesting: ”I think it passing odd that I am loved by one for a kindness I never did, and reviled by so many for my finest act”. I wonder who is the one who loves him.

11-Jaime told Catelyn he has been only with Cersei. We know she’s been at least with Lancel. Intersting Jaime told her Ned loved Robert probably more than he loved her. I didn’t believe he was much of an observer.

12-Catelyn called Brienne and asked for her sword, and after all the shit Jaime said, I thought she killed him the first time.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Catelyn’s last chapter for A Clash of Kings!

Your point 8, I don't remember how Glover survived either. You'd think Aerys would never allow anyone to survive that incident. Or maybe he wanted one survivor to go home and tell the north what happened?

Your point 10, the only person I can think of who loves him is Cersei, but I still don't understand what kindness she thinks he did that he didn't do. A mystery!

1. Everyone in Riverrun celebrates Robb and Edmure’s victories except for Catelyn and Brienne. Gods, she now has to mourn the loss of her two youngest sons. That’s got to be rough! I like how Brienne is described as eating so methodically like it’s another one of her chores. Seems she’s still mourning Renly. Misery loves company, they say. At least Cat realizes she’s becoming a sour puss.

2. Oh, Cat hasn’t told anyone yet. No wonder no one else seems upset. Cat tells Brienne what the letter from Ser Rodrik said. Theon Greyjoy, her ward, killed her two boys. Brienne is horrified. She tells Cat at least they’re with the gods now but Cat seems to doubt the wisdom of the gods, for why would they take those innocent boys away from her? Cat pauses when she talks about the direwolves, though. It’s weird they fought so fiercely for them before...so why not now? She figures Greyjoy must’ve killed them too, the only logical explanation. She was so sure they’d be safe with those wolves of theirs.

3. Brienne doesn’t seem to know Cat has two daughters as well. She goes into detail describing them which made me smile. Then Cat says she thinks Arya must be dead too, there’s no word from the capital about her. Brienne says the queen might take pity on Cat for the news of her boys’ death, but that’s a fat chance. I like that Cat tells her she has a sweet innocence about her. :) Robb will avenge his brothers, and so now he will have to fight both Lannisters AND Greyjoys...

4. Cat tells Brienne she sent Jaime wine, meaning they’re going to have a little talk with him tonight. This should be fun.

5. Cat hears men outside cheering for the young lord Tully and is angry because Hoster Tully is still their lord, not Edmure, and he’s not dead yet! She goes to visit her dad who is sleeping again. She already lost her husband and two sons, now she will soon be losing her father. I think that’s different, not to sound unsympathetic, but Hoster is old; he lived a long life. For her to mourn her father over her husband and now sons seems a bit odd to me. You’d think she had enough time to accept his pending death. His time is coming soon. Or maybe she just really needs one last conversation with her father. She tells him she wants her girls back and for Robb to stop fighting and start a family. She wants Bran and Rickon back...so sad.

6. Brienne and Catelyn go down to the dungeons but the gaoler stops them, saying Lord Edmure will not permit anyon to see Jaime without his written permission. Cat asks is Hoster Tully dead and no one told her? The gaoler lets her in after that, ha.

7. Jaime didn’t even touch the wine. Yeah, he’s not that stupid. He hasn’t seen light in a long time and her lantern hurts his eyes. He’s grown a beard because he isn’t allowed a razor. Makes sense. Even though he looks like shit he’s still beautiful. Ha! He seems to think the wine was poisoned, being so sudden and all. That’s Jaime Lanniser, as sarcastic as ever. I still hate him a lot at this point in the series, but I can’t deny he has his funny moments.

8. Jaime actually tells her to slip out of her clothes and he’ll take her if she wants, omg, lol. I’m sure he’s only joking. He’d sooner kill her before he does that. He also doesn’t sound like a god-fearing man. Jaime just doesn’t really care about anything.

9. When she goes to leave, defeated, he tells her he’ll answer her questions truthfully if she’ll answer his questions the same. Seems fair. The first question she asks is if he’s Joffrey’s true father. He admits it, and the other two as well. She tells him his family still lives. She asks how Bran fell and he yet again is honest. He really has nothing to lose. But when she accuses him of sending an assassin to finish Bran off he denies it on his honor as a Lannister. She kicks his poop bucket at him, saying that’s what a Lannister’s honor is worth. The poor guy doesn’t want to soak in his own shit so he scoots as far away from it as his chains will allow. He admits his honor is shit but he swears he would not have hired someone else to do his killing for him, and neither are Cersei or Tyrion guilty. Well that clears that part of the mystery up. He asks about the dagger. She explains Tyrion won it from Petyr. Jaime says the same as Tyrion at the Vale, and they had no way of contacting each other so it must be true. He asks if Robert’s brothers are fighting and she says yes. Stannis killed Renly through some black magic she doesn’t understand and marches on King’s Landing. Jaime had liked Renly and wants to know which side the Tyrells took. Cat doesn’t know.

10. So Robb is 16 now. Jon should be turning 16 soon. That is the age boys become men in this medieval fantasy world. Children grow up fast!

11. Other things they discuss is that Robb has won every battle he’s fought but still has yet to fight Tywin. Robb will never hand Jaime over for anything. Lord Rickard Karstark in particular wants to see him dead for killing two of his sons. Jaime says he was aiming for Robb but the two Karstarks bravely defended her son, so it was an honorable death.

12. I really like the part where Jaime says there’s so many vows to keep track of that it starts to become impossible to honor them all without breaking one. A very valid point. He talks about King Aerys, who made him part of his Kingsguard. Seems proud of killing him. Cat is disgusted. Killing your king is a serious offense.

13. Jaime then explains how Aerys killed Ned’s father and older brother. It is very sick and twisted. They had gone to plead for getting Lyanna back and challenge Rhaegar to a duel. It was actually Brandon’s hot-headed, arrogant idea. I forgot there were others who rode with them and also died without a trial. I also forgot it was pyromancers who roasted Lord Rickard Stark; I just thought it was a really big bonfire. Somehow that makes it worse. Brandon strangled himself to death trying to free himself from some Tyrioshi contraption to help his father out. All this while young Jaime watched and tried to go to his happy place. Afterward the White Bull himself told Jaime he is expected to guard the king, not judge him, and he goes down in history as the brave, loyal knight. Jaime never claims he killed Aerys to avenge the Starks, but to end Aerys’s tyranny, yet everyone hates him for it, true! To me, he seems a sort of anti-hero. All his good deeds are seen as evil but he still does what is morally right. Even pushing Bran out the window was his way of trying to protect the one he loves, however misplaced it may be.

14. This is where Jaime pushes the envelop, bringing up Ned’s honor. He says he thinks Ned loved Robert more than his own father and brother, and even more than Cat, because he never betrayed Robert. Jaime calls Cat a slut, more or less, and says he’s always been faithful to his Cersei. But even the honorable Ned Stark can’t say the same thing. Ouch! I both respect and hate Jaime for the cold hard honest truth. He did warn her she won’t like the truth.

15. I find it ironic how Jaime talks about Jon Snow and the Kingsguard in the same sentence. I wonder if it’s an omen? “Snow, that was the one. Such a white name...like the pretty cloaks they give us in the Kingsguard when we swear our pretty oaths.” I don’t know why but I like it.

16. Cat calls for Brienne and her tone is deadly as she calls for her sword. It really makes you think she’s going to kill the Kingslayer after all, seeing as getting him drunk seems to have backfired on her. It made him out to sound even more repulsive. What a cliffhanger!

Clara Maybe Aerys let Glover live to tell, he was crazy after all, so maybe he wanted people to know what he did.

I thought of Cersei at first, but I thought of Tyrion too. The thing is, I really can't think of a kindness. Maybe in Jaime's chapters it's mentioned.

About your point 5, it is different too, I think. But I also believe she has a really special relationship with her father, and wished she coult talk to him about all her pain. But maybe she just doesn't want to lose more people.

I do think like you say in your point 13, most people hate him, even if a lot of the things he did were not bad. Nearly killing Bran was not a good thing to do, but he knew Robert would kill Cersei and their children if he found out. It depends from which point of view you see it.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I think you're right about Jaime's chapters. I'm racking my brain trying to recall what he supposedly did that was kind but is a lie.

That's true, Cat's losing family members left and right. Losing her father too would be bad timing... but it's inevitable. He won't make it much longer.

I think so many of us hate Jaime for pushing Bran out the window because we have a close connection to the Starks and as of now still have little insight into what he's thinking. I'm so glad George Martin shows us Jaime's POV in later books! He is such a dynamic character!

Clara I hope I remember this, and pay attention if Jaime ever brings it up in one of his chapters. I am really glad he has chapters! I don't think anyone likes him at this point because of the Starks, like you said. It's amazing how Martin made me change my mind about so many characters, I love that!

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