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Constance's internal conflict

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Miles I think her background is a huge internal conflict for Constance. She really wants to find out her background but cannot which really kills her on the inside. In addition, once Constance does find her background, she finds that it is very scary which creates more internal conflict. I feel like the conflict is not huge however because the conflict does not constantly bug Constance, but only bugs her in certain moments. What do you guys think?

Ruby I think Constance has to deal with her past as well as her uncertain future in all the books- with Ledroptha Curtain making everyone's lives miserable wherever he goes, she has a lot of responsibility to help the team and also has to stay safe. Plus, she's so young that it makes everything more intense for her, I think. Mr. Benedict helps her stay calm, but I do think finding out your past would be very scary for her.

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Miles I agree, once I read more I realized that the internal conflict has grown and gotten worst for Constance. When she finds out that the library, the place that she hid in when escaping Mr. Curtain, burned down, things got much worst for her. I think that this effected her so much because the library is a symbol of hope and safety for her. This is because it was a place that she found protection and the ability to get away from all things bad. So when the library burned down the symbol of hope was gone. This caused Constance to run away which created more conflict for her, and an external conflict for all who love her.

Miles I also think that any internal conflict could affect Constance more than other characters. I think this is because she is so young and not that mature so when something tough comes her way, she doesn't have the experience to handle it the proper way. Whereas when Reynie, an older and more mature character, faces internal conflict, he will be more able to handle it. I feel that the idea of Constance not being old enough to handle conflict contributed to her running away. When so many different motions are going on in a young child, they will get very mixed up, leading them to do something they will later regret. For a regular young kid, it could be hitting a sibling, but for a gifted child like Constance, it was running away.

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