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Aidan.Muldoon In the book "The Mysterious Benedict society" there is a lot of conflict that reveals character. For sticky when there is a conflict he gets very worried and that reveals the cautious and nervous side of him. For Kate when she has to walk across the room without touching certain squares it reveals that she is very resourceful for using many tools to accomplish the conflict. These have all been internal conflict. Besides the fact of everyone trying to pass the tests there is not as much external conflicts. Does anyone disagree? If yes than what conflicts and what do they reveal in the character?

Aidan.Muldoon So far in the book the conflict has not really been revealed from dialogue and more of actions because the tests so far have been physical. But while the kids are taking the tests there is internal conflict because they have to solve it themselves the dialogue is more of thoughts or speaking to themselves. As the book goes on if the friends do a team challenge it will include external conflict for solving the obstacle. There will also be dialogue for the kids working together to do it.

Aidan.Muldoon The dialogue reveals many traits out of Kate. For example she is a very strong girl for going through the challenges she did and staying strong. She is also very resourceful for using many of her tool to solve tests. The dialogue reveals that Kate is a round character.

Aidan.Muldoon Earlier, I said that there was not a lot of external conflict. Now that I am further in the book I realized that are more external conflicts because the kids are a team. They have to accomplish the problem of the messages being sent out through electronics. The problem is withing a whole group of people and not just one person. The external conflict may reveal more of a character that the reader does not know yet.

Aidan.Muldoon The fact that Mr. Benedict has narcolepsy makes the conflict more bold and scary because of what might happen when he is asleep. For example when he fell asleep and Constance was taken he could not of done anything to help her. It adds a better plot to the story.

Aidan.Muldoon The enlightened facility creates an external conflict for the gang. This is because that the kids in the society now have to try and solve the problem together.
(To be continued)

Aidan.Muldoon The conflict that makes the characters change or they do something that helps the reader understand who the character is. For example When Constance almost fell into a giant ditch, you saw that she can be nice and thankful. It reveals conflict on a large scale. Does anyone disagree?

Aidan.Muldoon The conflict drives the story because without there would be no point and conflict also drives a lot of other writing techniques like climax. The character would stay the same and they would not be revealed. There would also not be something to drive the story like external conflict. Although conflict in the story is bad and an obstacle to the character in the story, without i the book would have no meaning or would be very boring and mellow.

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