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message 1: by Olea (new)

Olea | 188 comments

Please combine the above books; they are Romanian editions of the same book.

(They even have the same translator Petru Forna, so you could also add him to

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6560 comments got this one - thanks for reporting

message 3: by Olea (new)

Olea | 188 comments Welcome!
Checking that the combination preserved the ratings etc. I just noticed that the edition published at Dacia, in 1988, has 2 occurences into your database, that is:

Definitely one of those needs to be removed; I suggest to remove 18270174, as it has no reader activity (rating, review) on it.

message 4: by Olea (new)

Olea | 188 comments Is there a problem with my request above?
I'm checking so soon, only to prevent activity (rating, review) on the record proposed for removal.
If that is not a real problem than we can leave it low priority.

message 5: by Catalina (new)

Catalina | 2065 comments #3 done.

message 6: by Olea (new)

Olea | 188 comments All's Well That Ends Well :)

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