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Safa Shaqsy (safashaqsy) | 9 comments here what you can do.
you can create a story, then someone else completes your story. it should flow nicely. anyone who is willing participate?


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Michael | 31 comments THE DRAGON, THE LION AND THE WOLF

The man didn't look as old as he felt when he dismounted, but he was older than he looked. He flipped a coin to one of the urchins hanging around the door of the inn and said, "Look after the horse. Do a good job and there will be more. Hay, rub down, stable him. There's more than enough there to do that. Be greedy and let the horse suffer and you will regret it."

There was something in his manner that left the urchin with no choice, the horse would be well taken care of.

Entering the tavern the man stood beside the door and let his eyes adjust to the candle lamp dimness before he moved toward a table. Sitting on the rough hewen bench he sighed the sigh of a tired man.

The serving wench approached and asked if he wanted a tankard. He replied that he did, that he would take his dinner as well and that he needed three rooms. The wench was about to ask for proof of payment but the man looked up at her. He spoke not a word but again, the eyes. . . the eyes told her not to bother and she left hurriedly to fetch the tankard.

When getting his ale the woman told the innkeeper what the man has said. He was loud in suggesting her stupidity for not getting payment and laughed at her when she trembled and told him that his eyes. . . his eyes. What was it about his eyes? She couldn't tell the innkeeper and he went to the table himself.

The man's head was down in tiredness as the proprietor approached and the innkeeper said in a gruff voice, "You'll have to pay for that room first, aye, and the ale and the meal before they're severed to ye." Then the man looked up and said, "It's three rooms. And my compatriots should be here soon. I will want all three rooms ready when they arrive." Stumbling, backing away, the innkeeper could only squeak out a "Yes Sire, whatever you wish."

Those eyes, the yellow eyes of the wolf were all that were needed to ensure peace for the respite.

[If you don't like the start of this story then don't worry about hurting my feelings, start something else.]

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