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Noah Pomeranz I think that Lisa has internal conflicts. One of them is that two of her friends are dead. She does not know how but she has a good idea. Secondly she has to deal with living with a disability. Sometimes she does not know what is real and what is not anymore. For example there are rumors about fear street and when she is there is when she sees the demon creature. She does not know if it is real or not. Finally is how she does not know if she can trust Brenda. When she had to stay over night she started looking through the photo albums for more evidence of her theory that Nate is the demon creature. She came across a picture of a girl and Harry on her lap. The picture was labeled "Joy". A slip of paper fell out of the album. It was a letter from Joy. IT said that she can not work for Brenda anymore because it was to scary. This shows that Lisa can not trust Brenda because during the interview for the job Brenda said that she has a new job and Harry has not had a babysitter before.

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Noah Pomeranz Another conflict that I noticed that she knows she saw monsters in Alice´s basement but Captain Revera does not believe her. The way Lisa lets the reader know that she actually saw them is because she has a scratch on her arm that one of the monsters. Alice must have saw her or something when Lisa went down their so she knew to hide them. When Lisa called Captain Revera she said that she would not call for something like this again. Now if she sees the monsters again she can not have the police come.

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Noah Pomeranz Lisa has an internal conflict. It is that Lisa just found out that Hairy is the demon creature. And again she can not call Captain Revera. She can´t because she told him that she will never call again if he came to see Alice´s basement. She needed to call captain Revera because she thinks that she finally found out who the murderer is and she has proof. All she has to do is get captain Revera to come to Hairy late at night and ask him to change. He did it before for someone so he will probably do it again.

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