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message 1: by Mannah (new)

Mannah Pierce | 5 comments The first two books in the series are published. This one is due to go to the publisher in January. I do not need a proofreader. I need someone who can judge the immediacy and impact of the language.

For example, are the sentences smooth and flowing? Can you imagine the location? Is the language too flat and unemotional (I drift that way)?

I need someone who can help me now. I know it is short notice but my usual beta has too much stuff going on and cannot help me.

Willing to pay.

Contact me here or on

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Umbaugh | 379 comments Hi,

Perhaps, I can beta read for you. Although, my genre of choice is literary fiction, I occasionally diverge. Please check out my web site, TheWritersReader, to view details about the services I offer and publishing credentials. Possibly, I could fit you into my schedule to meet your deadline, depending on word count and state of the draft. Please contact me at and we can exchange details. Thanks!


message 3: by Mannah (new)

Mannah Pierce | 5 comments Thanks for your offer, Sharon, and I have bookmarked your website. Since posting, I have managed to line up three readers and I would like to see how they pan out before including a fourth.

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