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1.) Please be considerate and read all Face Claims before posting.
2.) Do NOT claim more than you can handle.
3.)Keep in mind any characters not made in a month will be taken out of your claims.
4.) Mods make final decisions!
5.) Please keep the Ratio even between Males and Females


❧|Life’s Face Claims|❧
Shay Mitchell
priyanka chopra
Nick Robinson
Alex Roe

❧|Big Bad Wolf’s Face Claims|❧
Robbie Kay

❧|Val's Face Claims|❧
Audrey Hollister
Celeste Newsome

Female Member Face Claims:4
Male Member Face Claims:3
Mod Face Claim Total:7
Completed Characters:3
Need To Be Completed:4

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shinra | 26 comments MALE FACE CLAIMS

Lucky Blue Smith
Colin Ford


Emily Rudd
Sophie Turner
Mackenzie Foy

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Alexander (alexandercornelius) | 3 comments Logan Lerman

Dramomid ~The Demon of the Dark~ (aka T) I want rumplstiltskin

message 5: by Angel of Life (new)

Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) Okay well first he's not in any of the stories we have going right now. Unless you are talking about from the show, this group isn't based on the show. Plus this is a face claim thread where you claim actually people like Emma Stone or Emma Watson or Shay Mitchell (from pretty little liars I think)

Dramomid ~The Demon of the Dark~ (aka T) Ok I see we are picking actors then??

Dramomid ~The Demon of the Dark~ (aka T) how about Robert Carlyle

Dramomid ~The Demon of the Dark~ (aka T) I'm stumped on what this is my choice ok

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