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The GFHB {HoNk} So any ideas. I got a few ideas that I wouldn't mind sharing.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Go for it cause I'm up for anything.

The GFHB {HoNk} Alright :o) Give me a moment to post them

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Okay

The GFHB {HoNk} 1. is of course werewolves and vampires in this
A female vampire is a teenage girl about 19 being a recently turned vampire, she attends a highschool were she is seen as the scene kid of the school. Though the soul mate theory is very knon upon werewolves were a wolf feels attached and madly in love with just one mate for eternity. Though to vampires this is non existence its just like human love for them you heart breaks it breAks and you move on. So vampire girl is at a party and a loner werewolf fells the girl as his soul mate and does anything for her to notice him but fails, then it came to final measures he kidnaps her and takes her to his higgly remote manner, like beauty and the beast but barely. She refouses to love him and the werewolf often forces her into things, though most of the time the vampire does it out of her own guilty pleasure. Though she refuses to love him. So on and so on.

2. In a remote corner of America is a small werewolf pack where a young male leaves his family's pack at will. The urge to breed has gotten rather strong for him being his father is the only one to breed in the pack. Even as he walks his day as a well grown man. He is still pretty much feral fallowing the ancient laws of the pureblooded wolves that once reined through out America. He travals days on end until upon a full moon he walks upon a territory belonging to a large pack about 40 strong. The young male is overjoyed by the many females in the pack, that is until he meets the pack's leader. A huge Female black trueblood/pureblooded werewolf. He is surprised by the her wolf Form's sheer size. Not knowing her bloodline and history and her aggressive nature. This alpha female has spent her hole life in isolation after the death of her parents and her constant fighting and ruthless killing of other wolf packs and vampires that find their way into her pack's large territory of rich hunting grounds and den sights. She doesnt take kindly to strangers she kills them on sight especially if they are just males wanting to bred the female's and her pack is so large she is the only one to breed, unless she tells her other pack members it is alright. She attacks the young male when he tries to get to close to her pack members. She beats him defenceless and leaving his ego badly broken and he returns the fallowing summer bigger and Stronger meeting the female's size but isnt as strong as her as a matter of fact she is one of the strongest werewolves through out America ranking in at number 2 her brother in the north towards canada ranking in at 1,The alpha Female has long scence lost her mate and upon seeing him she attacks him once more until he one nights finds her one night on a full moon all alone near her back but in the distance watching calmly and missing her family, not so much her deceased mate being she had only been with him to keep her title as Alpha female. The young male carefully sneaks in and lays next to her to comfort her and she seeing trust worthiness and calling to be together and motivation to be in her pack. She allows him in to the back and starts to fall for this rebel male

3. A young man is only 21 and has lived on his family's American ranch all his life. He has never minded the heat and the hard work. Driving the cattle and dealing with the horses once they have had their foals and being stuck with the duty of caring for rejected horses from other stables has never once gotten on his nerves. He is proud of his family and loves them with all his life. He wears his boots with everything and a cowboy hat is never off his head. His farther was a soldier fighting for his country and died when he was just a boy so he is pretty proud to call himself a free man because of his dad and his older brother died of brain cancer. His mom is still alive but she isnt doing to well. Yet he still carries on and finds reasons to smile. Even playing his gitaur at the local horse and riding shows that take place and riding the bucking Broncos as well as entering the barrel racing and cow rangling. Their at the Summer Stawberry Rodeo he meets her. A young Women from the equestrian school, pretty fancy for his taste. She is riding her horse a pretty calicoe paint horse, for barrel racing and show riding leading the festival parades. Running into her guy starts stuttering and they both start falling fast. During the parade leading the Flags of the parade on horse back they go to the festival laughing and talking the whole way and enjoying the night. Day after day they are getting closer and closer and the love bugs bite is getting stronger. Until one unfortunate day The girl has to leave for a equestrian world two for 5 years and when she returns she see's they her love from so long ago is older and pretty famous and had become a famous country singer and a multimillionaire ranch owner. And past repeats itself and love starts all over only stronger.

The GFHB {HoNk} Here we go :)

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Man there all pretty good. I think the first and the third are the best, but there your ideas so you pick.

The GFHB {HoNk} I like number 3 the best. :o)

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Alright! So how is this gonna go? Like who is going to be who and what should they look like?

message 10: by The GFHB {HoNk} (last edited Nov 23, 2015 08:34PM) (new)

The GFHB {HoNk} I dont mind who I'm to play, Who would you prefer to play. Guy would look like a guy nice guy easy on the eyes but still has that farm raised feel. Girl is like a riding school girl, comes from rich family and has everything from dressage riding to show jumping.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Okay I don't mind who I play either so you can pick which one you think you'll want to control more. I don't really know much about horse riding and show jumping and stuff.

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The GFHB {HoNk} I used to own horses :o) Its pretty easy. I would like to be the guy.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Alright. Do you want to make a bio for the guy and then I'll follow it and make one for the girl?

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The GFHB {HoNk} Sure :o)

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Okay I gtg, I'll make mine tomorrow.

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The GFHB {HoNk} {Name}: Lealan L. Brushmen
{Alias}: Lea

{Preference:} doesnt have one
{Species}: Human

{Rank}: Farm owner , Horse owner and rider
{Age:} 23
{Date of birth}: June 24th

> hard workinh
> stubborn
> Intune
> Intelligent
> country
> loving
> seductive
> cares for all his animals equally.
> horse lover
> to be rp'ed

{Small bio:} His farther was a soldier fighting for his country and died when he was just a boy so he is pretty proud to call himself a free man because of his dad and his older brother died of brain cancer. His mom is still alive but she isnt doing to well. So he after college opened up a ranch for unwanted and abused animals and fixes them up like new. Also tried singing as a career has yet to take off yet.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Name: Terra Martin
Age: 21
DOB: December 19th
Personality: Smart, animal lover, charismatic, outgoing, country girl
Bio: Terra has always loved horses and she has been riding them since she could walk. She got into showing and barrel racing when she was young and it has become her life.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Nice Charrie. Want me to start or do you wanna start?

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) You can start. Were starting at the rodeo thing right?

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The GFHB {HoNk} Yes

message 21: by Chelsey (new)

Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) ((Okay I'm ready when you are.))

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The GFHB {HoNk} Lealan looked up at the road ahead of him. Seeing the signs of the Spring Strawberry Rodeo a sign of a good harvest of strawberries this year. He drummed his thumbs on the steering wheel of his old chevy truck. Didnt look the best but sure did it's job. A white older fashioned trailer being pulled behind his truck , the trailer often clattered as the horses in the trailer shifted there weight and pulled at the lead ropes the tethered them in place to keep from hurting themselves in the trailer. Four horses in all in his trailor. He knew he was staying a few days so he brought his tent and necessities for a few days. He had hired up his stable hands and volunteers to care for the other animals when he was gone. He hopes to win the barrel racing and horse pull the prize money getting him a free year of horse feed and hay pluss 1,000 dallars cash. Lealan parked his car after pulling up to a booth. He used the brake on both truck and tralier. As he passed his trailer he patted his one horse on the muzzle as he passed. He walks up to the booth to be greeted by an older Woman. "Lealan nice to see you agian. Here your paper work Sunny." The older women smiled handing him his paper work and a map to find his camping spot in the huge feild area for participants. "Thanks Mrs. Smithin." He said filling in his paper work before handing it back. "Have fun and Tell your mother I said Hello." Mrs.Smithin said with a smile. "Will do Mam." He tipped his hat to her with a smile and hopped in his truck and started it. He saw the gate open for him and he pulled up to the spot he rented, he chose the spot every year. Nice shady spot with some sun. Aftering backing up the Trailer with enough Clearance he put his brakes on and trailer brake. He hopped out of his truck and onto his truck bed pulling out the linking panel fences. Sliding them over the side, 50 panel's in all to form a meduim sized pen for the horses to move about. He was quick to get them set up so his horses didnt have to wait much longer and get to stiff in the trailer.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) ((Okay I have never been to a rodeo before or had horses so bare with me.))

Terra already had her spot and her three horses out. She saddled up Bo. She was his barrel racing horse and they had been together for five years. She has never had a better horse and they won almost every time they competed. She threw her leg over and pulled herself up. They trotted around the small pen for a little while before she jumped down. She was starting to get butterflies in her stomach. It happened before every show no matter how many she went to. She brushed Bo, trying to calm her nerves. She just had to relax and go with her gut. It has always worked for her.

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The GFHB {HoNk} {{Okay :o) no worries }}

Lealan Soon had his pen set up and had his gat in place. It was tall enough to keep his horses in. He found his water tubs and filled them dragging them over to the fence hanging it up on them. He popped up his pop up feeder hanging it on the fence as well. He made sure he had enough shade for all his horses. He nodded and opened his horse Trailer. The four horses stamping impatiently to be unloaded.The first horse unloaded was a roan black Quarter Arabian mix stallion, named Gunner. Gunner had been his Farther's horse before he was killed in action. Poor Gunner had never been the same for monthes after that but was treated with all Lealan's love and affection. The stallion was easy natured and went into the pen easy. The next two were two draft horses, Ned and Dull. The two were sibling twins. Purebreds but had been rescue horses because the mother died during child birth and the owner put them up for slaughter as foals. Both huge horses tossed there heads and with some struggle made it into the pen. The final horse was a black and whited pain Freshian mix mare. A curious and timid horse to whom Lealan called Tilly. She looked about and stayed close to Lealan another rescue horse saved from abusive rick horse snobs after she through the daughter off for spurs digging into her side. She easily was able to be put in the pen where se went to graze with the other three horses. Leanlan smiled watching a minute before getting the tack racks out and getting the horse tack all set up and ready to go.

(view spoiler)

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Terra put feed and water out for the horses. She still had a little bit of time before the show started and she wanted to scout the competition. She casually walked around, looking at the different horses and there riders. The competition didn't look to tough, nothing that her and Bo couldn't beat. She went around each makeshift pen. There were so many different horses and she could name them all. She had devoted her life to learning about each breed and their unique skill sets. Some were good for pulling while others were strictly racing. Each is different, just like their owners.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Leanlan set up his tent and leaned his gitaur case by the truck. Before setting gear on the racks, Gunner's light weight racing gear, Ned and Dull's yolks and harnesses and Tilly's showy pretty show gear for the buety show and parade. Ned and dul trotted over to a girl that walked by the fence, the two nipped at each other and both snorted in unison. Lealan set up his folf out chair and quicked back. He still had much to do but needed a break. Tilly and Gunny trotted about the other side calling to Lealan to take them out for a ride to see the other horses.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Terra noticed two horses trot over to her. She smiled and pet their noses. They looked a lot alike and assumed they were siblings. They were bigger that the horses she normally worked with, but they were just as spirited. She noticed other horses in the pen but the two in front of her took up all her attention. She wondered what their names were. What their story is. Every horse has some kind of story. If only she could talk to animals. It has been a dream of hers since she was a little girl.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Lealan saw the twins with a buetiful madan. Lealan gets up to greet her. "I see you've met the Twins already." Lealan said with a smile. "You here for the competition." Seeing Lealan get up Gunner and Tilly trotted over. The two's focus being Lealan. Gunner soon nipped at Dull and pushed his way to Terra seeing she was giving attention and rubbs away to the twins. Tilly nipping and pulling Lealan's shirt, snapping it softly wanting to go out for a ride. "Stop it Tilly, When it cools down and the lights are on We'll go out on a ride." Tilly pinned her ears forward but continued the asult on his shirt.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Terra giggled at the horse pulling on the guys shirt. "Yes, I'm here for the parade and barrel racing." She said as she rubbed Gunner's nose. "These are some beautiful horses you've got here. I've got three back over that way." She nodded in the direction she had come. "What competition are you doing?" She asked as she quickly looked the man over. He was very good looking.

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The GFHB {HoNk} He rubbed Tilly's nose and it distracts the mare enough to stop from ruining the shirt. "They werent always like this, Gunner is the only horse here that wasnt a rescue horse." He looked where she point, she had 3 nice horses as well. "Parade, Show horsing, Barrel racing and the Heavy weight horse pull." He said smiling tipping his hat up slightly. "Im Lealan by The way but my freinds tend to call me Lea." He holds his hand out for her to shake.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) She gabs his hand and lightly shakes it. "I'm Terra, I don't really have a nickname." She chuckled. "I'll have to see if I have any time to watch some of your competitions. And good luck in the barrel racing. I've taken the win every year at this rodeo." She said smiling. She has always been competitive but also a good sport.

((Wait do they have men's and women's divisions in barrel racing or is it all together? Cause if not I'll have to change that.))

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The GFHB {HoNk} ((Its together :o) }}

"Well Terrra it's nice to meet you." He smiled his hand shake firm and freindly. "That so you must've been the lassy I lost to last year. Arnt you the owner of the palimino paint in last year's competition?" He asked. His horse's pinning there ears forward and swishing there tails and soon resumed grazing in the shade. "You with family or alone?" He smiled he'd invite her to go riding after first day shows.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) She looked up at him. "I am the owner of that horse. And sadly I'm alone. My family was to busy with my younger siblings this year to come watch me. I know that there cheering me on though." She smiled softly. This was the first year that she had come lone and she was feeling it. She didn't feel as excited as she normally did. She knew the rodeo would be just as fun as it always was though, and he couldn't wait.

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The GFHB {HoNk} "Im here on my own to. So its not so quiet and lonely after the shows woulld you like to ride around the fair grounds and check out the booths?" He said almost nervously. He had come up for the winnings and the positivity marketing for his ranch so horses and other animals alike could find caring homes.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) She was a bit surprised by his offer. She hadn't expected it. "That sounds fun." She said. It really did sound like fun. She never really looked at the booths before but had always been curious about them. "Should we meet up here?" She asked.

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The GFHB {HoNk} "Sounds good to me." He said with a warm smile. He blushed slightly though it was barely noticeable. She was very pretty and seemed to be intrested in animals. Lealan says. "If you want to I know a good place for dinner and its just a riding trail into town." He suggest scratching the back of his neck. "I'll pay for everything."

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) She knew she was blushing. She has never had a guy take an interest in her before, or maybe she has never really taken an interest in a guy before. Her life has just been so focused on her horses that she never really thought about dating before. "That sounds amazing" She said as she looked up at him. He is so sweet and nice, she had never met a man nicer.

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The GFHB {HoNk} "Does Sixish sound good for me to meet you at the gates of the Fair grounds?" He asked politely smiling. He was really starting to crush on this girl, she was so Sweet and nice and his twin horses liked her so it was a bonus. He rubbs Gunner's neck as the horse approach him behind the fence.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) She knew all of her competitions would be done by then. "Sure!" She said excitedly. She couldn't wait for tonight. In fact she was so excited she completely forgot that she has competitions to do. She knew it had to be getting close to starting those. "I should probably go and make sure my horses are ready." She said quickly.

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The GFHB {HoNk} "Alright. I'll see you after then." He almost forgot he had competitions, tonight was just the first round being this was a later show timing. It was to kick things off and narrow down the skills of best riders. "I gotta get ready to. It's fair game out there let the best rider Win." He smiled wishing her luck.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) ((I gtg I'll be on tomorrow.))

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) "Thanks." She said, smiling back at him. She went back to her horses, making sure that they were all ready. She got Misty ready for show and led both her and Bo out of the small pen.

((I'm gonna let you take the lead because again, I have no idea how a rodeo goes.))

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The GFHB {HoNk} {{Alright.}}

Lealan goes through the tack and finds Gunner's Halter and leadrope. He walked in his small pen and fetched the stallion. Gunner walked in pace with Lealan. Lean dropped his leas lead rope and swung the saddle blanket on the horses back then the saddle. He leaned under the horses stomach and grabbed the girth strap pulling it inti place and laced the smaller trap through it loop and pulling it tight. Gunner nips Lealan and shuffles on his hooves. He then placed the front chest prices and hooked them to the girt strap and loops on the saddle. Lealan then put on the matching bridle and took some effort for Gunner to accept the bridle. He sets the halter and lead rope on the fence and put his left fot in the stirrup swinging himself onto the saddle. He took the reins and gave Gunner a tap to his side and the horse complied and walked foreward in the direction Lealand wanted.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) She left Misty with a girl that she had met through her years of competition. Terra hopped onto Bo, the jitters coming back into her stomach. She had to momentarily forget the amazing guy she just met and focus on the fast at hand, winning. She did not intend to lose her streak for this rodeo, even if she was going up against a cute guy. She took some deep breaths to calm herself. She wasn't the first in line to go and this made her feel better. She liked to get an idea of what she was going up against.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Lealan waited his turn, watching the competition from on top of Gunner's pack. Lealan saw some pretty good competitors. Some made him cringe as the over corrected and the horses slipped landing on there sides. Only one horse was hurt though so it was pretty average day. Lealan heard the announcer call for the competitors to do a lap around the large ring honoring the state as the national anthem played. A young girl on her pinto pony lead the way with the flag. He was second possision in lap

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Terra followed the line as they all did a lap. She was toward the back. She sang along as she road.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Lealan felt Gunner ease into his canter and saw him put his head up, His farther had trained this horse well. When the lap was over he was first to race when the barrels had been set up. He took his place and when the bell started he felt gunner bolt into a gallop. Lealan leaned with gunner and eased his weight to increase momentum. He lean with gunner cutting close to the barrel, the closer you got with out knocking it over the higher your Score. Both horse and rider seemed one as they rode crossing the line with a stunning time of 12.6 seconds.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Terra watched Lealan go and knew he would be tough to beat. But she had been training even more with Bo weeks before the show to make sure they were both ready. When it was her turn she took a deep breath and patted Bo on the side. "Ready buddy?" She asked. She took off and went as fast as she had ever gone. Her and Bo had practiced the run so many times that they could probably do it with their eyes closed. All she had to worry about was speed and she had never had a faster horse than Bo. She finished and looked at her time, 12.4 seconds. She had beat Lealan's time, but only by .2 seconds.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Time was a key element but it was also figure and the steadyness of a horse and rider. The judges watched carefully and debated but it was fair play. Gunner was breathing normally and hadnt broke a sweat at all. He turned his head nipping at Lealan's boot tips and shook himself of the dust thay had gathered from her running stop after crossing the line. Lealan sighed, he needed to win this competition and patted Gunner's neck. He was Second place but it was just one round and there was sevral more to go through out the week of the rodeo. There was one more round today. Lealan tipped his hat and pulled gunners head up from the gound trottong over to the water trough for gunner to drink and hydrate.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Terra waited for the next round to begin. She thought of what she did last round and what she could do different this time to improve her score. She patted Bo on the neck and told him good job.

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