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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments

They say it’s impossible for a guardian to have a second mate but everyone knows that things changes. Every vampire has their guardian and every guardian has their element. The Guardians are known as half element and half humans. Each guardian belongs to a vampire whether the two get along or not they are destined to be together as lovers. The vampires enemies are half elements and half vampires a hybrid that is almost impossible to defeat. But the guardians have trained all their lives to protect their cold blooded mates. Girl A was a guardian one at the top of the list until the vampire she was protecting was killed. She came back to their private school with a reputation she can’t escape. Guy A the rudest and most arrogant bad boy doesn’t have a guardian he has the biggest rival against Girl A using his cronies they bug her in the most violent ways blaming her for what’s happened to her old mate. When Guy A’s plans to annoy Girl A goes way too far their headmaster decides to pair the two together for the rest of the year. She would have to protect him and he has to stick to her like a pair of vampire mates have too.
I’d Love to play Girl A. We can add more characters as doubles to be fair.

I’m Girl A, You Guy A.
We can add more characters for doubles.
1-2 paragraphs.
On Thread or Message.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Okay so any requirements for the guy? Name, looks, personality other than being mean? lol

message 3: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Lol, I just want it to last a bit more like now have him be mean for only a few points of the story than him becoming loving and romantic. I also want some of him and his friends to also become mean and gain on her just to add more drama to it if that's okay?:)

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Ok, I've done this kind of character before so it shouldn't be to hard. So mean at first and then loving as it goes on? Anything else? Do I need to make his friends to or will they just be names?

message 5: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Great and yes that's all correct. No you don't have too you can just add them inside:)

message 6: by Chelsey (new)

Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) haha okay. :) Do you wanna make out a bio for the girl and me for the guy or do you wanna just name them and start? I've never really done a 1x1 before. It's always been just normal groups for me.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments haha:) I'll do a small bio for the girl and you can do it if you want too. Then we can start:)

message 8: by Chelsey (new)

Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Okay.

message 9: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Name: Alison Holden
Age: 18
History: Alison was born as a guardian and grew up to train as one she was gifted with fire. She met her first mate Daniel at fifteen and grew up protecting him they fell in love. But one night in the human world they were ambushed and he sacrificed himself for her to live. Though everyone else thought she didn't do anything to save him. She's a hard working when it comes to training and refuses to break, but she's still suffering. She loves him still and hides away from everyone else because of her being the blame for everything. She still has the ring he gave to her when he proposed to her it made her so happy, but she had the ring be put into his tombstone.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Name: Damon Evernight
Age: 19
Appearance: Black hair and green eyes. He is 6'1 and is lean but muscular.

Personality: Damon likes to feel good about himself, and he does it by undermining others. He hates humans and hates the stupid laws that he always has to follow. Though on the inside he is a bit insecure and he tries to hide that by not letting others get to close.
Other: He likes cats.

I couldn't really think of a history for him so I put his personality instead.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments He's great:)

message 12: by Chelsey (new)

Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Thanks! She sounds pretty badass. I'll let you start and I'll just follow along.

message 13: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Thank you:)

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Alison walked from the graveyard after visiting Daniel, it was her normal routine every day she would do it pay her respects to her love. It's only been months after what happened to him and she's still suffering from it. Watching him die was one of the worse things she's seen all her life. She wiped her tears away and entered the school holding in the pain she had training sessions and had to focus on all her work so she won't have to be distracted by the fact that everyone hated her and wanted to get revenge. Of course, no one knew about what happened that night except for the school headmaster and Daniel's parents no one else other than them which was worse for her. She opened her schoolbag making sure she had her assignments and textbooks. She glanced up not seeing anyone but she could already tell someone was going to pop up and drive her insane.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon was talking to some of his friends when he came around the corner and saw her. The girl famous for letting her own mate die. He felt sorry for the next guy that got stuck with her. He would probably get die to. What was her name again? Damon couldn't remember, and honestly didn't care. All he cared about was making sure that she knew about his anger. Anger for letting one of his kind die. He nudged his buddies and nodded toward her. They all got the hint and followed him as he made his way over. "Well well well, if it isn't they girl who couldn't. I can't believe you have the guts to show your face here." He said in a menacing tone.
((Wait have we already been paired together? Or has that not happened yet? sorry.))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments ((They haven't been paired up just yet.))

Allison tried to not react hearing one voice that was throwing her over the edge. "I'm not in the mood," She said to him as she kept walking if she kept going she won't lose her control over her power and might not turn him into a barbeque. She knows he's mad everyone is mad at her, but there's not control for her anymore she lost Daniel and regrets it so much. He sacrificed himself for her but she can't tell anyone that it might just keep sounding like lies. "Don't you have anyone else to bother?" She clenched her fists slightly wanting to turn around and roast them all. She looked up at the hallways she was walking in trying to forget the memories of what did happen before that'll never happen again. She turned to her locker and opened it gathering the papers she needed but to also avoid them.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) ((okay, I gtg. I'll be back on tomorrow.))

message 18: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments ((Sounds good.))

message 19: by Chelsey (new)

Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) ((Okay I don't have to go just yet. But I might fall asleep so if I stop responding that's why :) ))

Damon chuckled to his buddies as he followed her to her locker. "No I don't actually." He moved and leaned on the locker next to her. "You shouldn't even be aloud back here after what you did, or failed to do really. You think you can just come back in here and act like nothing happened? I bet you did it on purpose didn't you? I bet you didn't like you mate at all, so killed him!" He said as he leaned closer to her.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison tried not to look at him hearing the words saying she allowed it to happen she slammed her locker door hard it started to grow hot from her fire. She turned to face him. "You know nothing of what happened. I'm not allowed to say anything. I had to come back if I could have left I would have. You don't understand and you never will." She unclenched her hands which fire was starting to appear from them she turned to leave again but his friends seemed to advance and block her from leaving.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon was getting under her skin, and he liked it. "Oh I understand." he said as he moved closer to her, making sure to avoid her hot locker. "You killed your mate and then threatened the headmaster with dead if you were not aloud back into the school. You can't tell everyone what happened because you don't have a good enough story to cover your own ass." He could see the fire growing in her hands but he knew she didn't have the guts.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments "You don't know shit! You won't know! I would never hurt Daniel he was the best thing that's happened to me!" She tried to hold it all in, but it was getting worse. "If I could go back that day and save him and die in his place I would!" She almost yelled it out a fireball sent from the palm of her hand hit him hard in the shoulder instantly burning. She left before she could see his reaction extinguishing it slightly she ran outside to the trainers yard sitting down trying not to sob her heart was breaking more.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon stumbled back when the fire ball hit him. He tried unsuccessfully to hold in a yell of pain. That girl had seriously hit him with a fire ball! He will admit she has guts but he won't forget about the pain in his shoulder, and how's she's going to pay for it. His friends gathered around him, trying to see the damage. He pushed them away, "Get off me." He looked at the burn, he would have to at least go to the nurses office. He looked one more time out the door she had went out of, before turning and heading to nurses office.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison sat on the grass at a tree she used to sit at with Daniel looking down tears fell down her cheeks. She knew losing control was wrong, but she couldn't help it. She had no more control it was slowly being wasted because of losing her mate. She closed her eyes in order to distract herself for a minute memories of that night flooding in. What had happened and what she suffered from. She still had the same bites from that night hidden on her wrist still wrapped in tight gauze and cleaned every day. She wouldn't allow anyone to see them it only made her more weak if she allowed that.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon finally made it to the office and got patched up. The nurse said the burn wasn't to bad and shouldn't scar. His shirt did not get so lucky. There was a big hole in the shoulder so he couldn't wear it around school. He started to make his way back to his locker, shirtless. No one was around when he got there, he figured the bell would ring any second and everyone was already in class. It would only take him a minute to get his shirt on.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison got up to get dressed in the locker rooms for training she had to wear sleek gloves to cover up the bite wounds from the hybrids that wanted her dead. She walked out into the training field with her hair up in a tight ponytail she and the other guardians started to practice fighting. She was simply working on self-defense sequences with her element. Next to the fire kids she waited for her turn though she was rusty it was better to always practice as much as she could.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon got his extra shirt on and made his way to his first class, history. He hated history and found it the most boring of the subjects. He walked in just as the bell rang, which is both good and bad. Good because he didn't need another tardy, bad because he had to sit in the front. The teacher didn't really like him, but it didn't matter because he made good grades. He has always made good grades and never really had to try, especially in history.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison was so focused on training it was harder for her. Trying to fight her own classmates at the same time was gathering control made it worse. Her mind was on so many things at once especially on Daniel. It makes it harder for her to try and win. She used to have so much focus and control but now she's loosing it because she's still suffering from traumatization and depression. By the time class was over she was sore she got dressed in the locker room and got ready for her next class.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) The class passed like it always did. Damon went to his locker and grabbed the book for his next class. He could already tell that this day was going to go by in a blur. The pain in his shoulder kept taking his attention away his class and ultimately on the girl. He still couldn't remember what her name was, but did he care? Why was he thinking about her anyway? He should be thinking about all the ways to get back at her.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison walked into her next class taking a seat but not in her normal seat it only made her feel like she's disrespecting Daniel. She opened her notebook and got out her copy of Shakespeare. Since that was the unit her English class was in. She just wasn't happy she knew Damon was in the class she had to ignore him. Her friend Chuck sat with her him being the only one hat believes her and doesn't hate her at all.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon walked into English and noticed the girl. He suddenly felt the pain in his shoulder a little more and he gave her a glare before taking the seat right behind her. "You're going to pay for what you did. Maybe I'll go to the headmaster and reveal the burn on my shoulder. I don't think you would be aloud back into this school after that. You're obviously a danger to everyone if you just start chucking fire balls at whoever makes you mad." Damon's objective wasn't to make her really mad like last time, but to make her fear and dread him.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison tried to calm down Chuck glanced at her telling her to cool it. She worked on the assignment but what Damon didn't know she was healing the wound she gave him. If he told Headmaster there would be nothing there to blame. She just had to manipulate everything and get the fire to heal him. He wouldn't even notice until he looks at his shoulder. When it was done she relaxed more in class listening to the discussions writing notes.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon leaned back in his seat tried to listen to the teacher. Would he go to the headmaster? If he did he would sound like a tattletale. If he didn't then he would have to come up with a way to get her back. He favored the second over the first. But what would he do to her? He wanted to leave a mark on her just like she had done to him. He though about ideas through out class.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison focused on what the assignments were writing on her notebook getting all the notes. When class had finished she and Chuck left. Hearing the announcement for the guardians to come to an emergency meeting. She put her stuff away and left with him to the lecture hall she sat down with him waiting for everyone else. It must have been bad if they're calling and interrupting classes.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon heard the announcement as he was leaving class and snickered. The headmaster probably already knew what happened and is going to punish her in front of everyone. He would love to see it but he had to go to his next class. He grabbed his Biology book and headed to class.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments "Hybrids were spotted on the edge of our schools portal. They killed two guardians and managed to get in. We don't know where they are but we will find them. But for now I need all of you to stick to your mates side and don't leave them. Be aware and be careful." He dismissed them but asked Allison to stay someone was sent to get Damon. She was confused wondering what was going on. When Damon came in she didn't look at him listening to her instructor. "Since the hybrids are on the grounds. Allison you are assigned to protect Damon." It only made her annoyed. "Sir why me?" She asked him. "Headmaster has made it official. Your dorms will be converged. I don't want any trouble from you two so you better not screw this up." She was so angry she wasn't happy about this.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) "This is crazy! I'm not going to be with her! She hit me with a fire ball! My shoulder is has a big burn on it, look!" He pulled the collar of his shirt down but nothing was there. "What the hell?" He said quietly to himself. Even though he can heal quickly there is no way he could have healed that in a matter of a few hours. He had no evidence that she had burned him, but he wasn't going down that easily. "No, I still won't be with her. She's a threat and a failure and I don't feel like dieing today."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments "She's one of the best and you have to have an assigned protector those are the rules! If you don't allow it and headmaster sees you not with your guardian the consequences will be much worse!" Allison wasn't happy at all. But she couldn't go against her trainer or the headmaster. "Allison?" The trainer asked her. "I will do my best to protect him." She would do that but she refused to believe that this could be a mating process. "Good. Now get to class."

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon could not but his anger into words. First the girls throws fire at him and burns him, and Now he has to stick by her for every moment of the day. He new this was going to suck. If they see a hybrid she'll probably just let him get killed. He would after all the things he said to her. Karma is a bitch.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments She turned to him when her trainer left. "I take my job seriously even if you try to get away from me the other guardians will let me know where you go. I don't care about you or your idiotic friends and what they do. If your life is on the line I'll kill the hybrids. Don't judge me too quickly you'd be surprised." She turned and left she got her school bag and went to biology talking to Chuck about it annoyed.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon rolled his eyes and followed her to Biology. The last thing he wanted was a babysitter. He sat back in his seat and stared blankly at the board. The realization that he was going to be stuck with her for who knows how long hit him hard. He never had a guardian so this experience was all new to him. He knew that adjusting was going to be hard, but did it really have to be her?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Alison's at down doing her work she was so annoyed at him she kept working until she was done. She spoke to Chuck about it glad he and his mate were kind to her. Before he always spoke to Daniel and they got along now it's disappeared slightly. She looked down sighing really annoyed when the bell rang she watched Damon and left with him but stayed mostly invisible.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon went to his next class and it went by in a blur. He had first lunch so he started to head to the cafeteria.

((Do they only drink blood or do they eat other food to?))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments ((I prefer that they only drink blood but they can also eat human food too.))

Allison followed him taking a seat with some other guardians they were all on high alert. She didn't want to have much violence the faster they catch the hybrids the better.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon just got a bottle of blood, not feeling very hungry today. He took a seat next to his friends and told them about his predicament. They went on about how much it sucked and how he is probably going to die now. He took a drink of the liquid. The school always makes sure that it is warmed to body temperature because it tastes better that way. It was smooth and slick in his throat. He imagined that it tasted the same as blood straight from the person but he didn't know because he had never drank blood from an actual person before.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison spoke to some of her friends at lunch eating a salad for her lunch. She saw some of the guardians and makes having blood from each other. She heard it sealed be bond and made them more attracted. It made them feel more love and pleasure. She and Daniel would have done it but it was a risk. Even though everyone enjoys it. She finished eating throwing her things away glancing outside before sitting down.

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Damon finished the bottle and chuncked it at a trashcan, making it in perfectly. He told his buddies about the hybrids being somewhere in the school. He had never seen a hybrid before so he had no idea what they looked like. His buddies didn't know either and the subject was dropped quickly. His next class was Trig one of his favorite classes.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison glanced around talking to Chuck. Guardians were trained to identify the hybrids she knew exactly how to catch them. They were tricky because they looked exactly like the other vampires. She sat back before getting up and looking around with down other guardians she follows him to Trig realizing their schedules were the exact same only made her more annoyed. She walked inside seeing the teacher he was acting strange very strange she could tell he was panting and struggling to hide it. She spoke to Chuck about it when he tried to start the class he only passed out. She went to his side and moved his neck seeing a bite and it was fresh. "It's fresh." She realized. "They're in the school." She said to Chuck shot ride to heal the teacher. "We can't advance in anything." Chuck warned her the guards came inside to help the teacher. "Outside now everyone." One of them said. She got up and followed Damon out seeing one of the hybrids it had human fresh human blood on him the marks on his face making it look like a regular vampire but the scent was revolting and it's tattoos showed its a hybrid. "Get back."

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Chelsey (f3arvampgirl) Things were not going well. The teacher passed out and now what Damon guessed was a hybrid stood in front of them. It had blood on it and it smelled amazing. Damon had never smelled fresh human blood before. Damon stood and watched it, wondering what it would do, what it could do. His insticts told him to run but he felt that would just set it off.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 148 comments Allison stood in front of Damon watching it. The thing growled it held Fire it only made things worse for them. "Ali got a plan?" Chuck asked her. "Your not going to like it." She answered the hybrid at them she attacked it pushing it back hard burning it's chest with her fiery hands. It wasn't just her attacking the hybrid but more hybrids came out. Some guardians kept the vampires back as the rest fought. But Alison's as going to kill the one in front of her she recognized it and it recognized her.

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