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Okeedokee :)

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So in human form the girl wants to find out why they have this connection, but she needs to find him first? And then they both will reveal their werewolf abilities later on? (just trying to grasp the story better) :)

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No no no, this is a great plot! I'm just one of those "get every detail" type of people haha. I'd love to do this story with you! Though can I make one request? Can we do doubles? Maybe there can be a normal male whose friends with the male/werewolf character, and maybe there could be another female/werewolf character.

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If doubles is too off for you we can drop the idea. It's your story, so you can pick. :)

Also, do you do character bios? I usually do simple ones: appearance/age/traits

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I like that idea! :)

And being that it's your story, I'll let you pick which duo you want; I'm open to being which ever. Also, can you make your backgrounds first after you've chosen your two? That way I can see how much to add on mine.

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Alrighty! :)

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Name: Dawn Hartly
Age: 17
Appearance: description


Name: Mason Robs
Age: 18
Appearance: description

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Yes, I agree! I'm excited to start it. :)

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(I'm just going to make the wolf leading him just another one of the pack)

The moon light shown through the thick pine trees that filled the area. Far off from the main road was vast forest, at least high enough there was forests. The city scape was farther down hill, too far to hear the screams of the young man. Not too far from where the incident happened was a pack of werewolves, feeding away on another unfortunate victim. Their eyes glowing from the specks of moonlight that glowed. Amongst the pack was a thickly furred wolf, her eyes shown like beacons of blue as she watched the others guzzle away at the flesh of their victim. She turned away, bored so it seemed, when suddenly her ears perked up. The crunching of leaves and brush was sounding somewhere very near, and they were quickly approaching. Walking closely towards where they were coming from she waited. Turning back towards her pack, she let out a low growl, alarming them of the visitors approaching.

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A pair of eyes appeared far off, but the eyes belonged to someone familiar. Their scent caught Dawn's notice, making her a bit more relieved knowing it was them she was hearing all this time; but then suddenly, a new sense caught her. Something much different than she'd experienced before. This made her nervous; as the hairs on her back stood and her head grew lower. Had they brought someone new? And if so why was this one so different. Some of the other werewolves took notice to their friend's arrival and paused from their now unrecognizable meal. One werewolf stood out from the pack; his chest stood out large and muscular; his eyes piercing and his claws shown sharp; as well as the blood that dripped from his mouth. He was the leader; or runner of this pack, and knowing someone different was approaching caught his interest.

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(Not sure what exactly to write here... what are they really bringing him here for? And who plays the Alpha?)

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((Okee dokee :) ))

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Dawn watched the two wolves approach; the smell of fear wafting off the one who wandered behind. She was curious toward him; he obviously must've just got bit or recently become one of them, some were more fortunate to suffer just a bite. She understood his fearful manor, for she was in his place along time ago. Something odd was upon her though, something very strong was pulling her towards him; a sort of internal force.

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