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message 1: by AJ (new)

AJ Creasey | 4 comments Hi all

I'm nearing completion on my revisions for my fantasy novel The Golden Thread, and am looking for someone who enjoys epic fantasy to beta read for me. I am happy to return the favor. It's around 130K words, and meant to be the first in a trilogy. Just an FYI, there are sex scenes, some semi-graphic violence, and it deals lightly with the subject of concubinage.

I've got a synopsis and excerpt on my website at if you want to check out my writing first.

Please PM or reply to this thread. Would love to hook up with some awesome betas!

message 2: by Lela (new)

Lela Markham (lelamarkham) | 12 comments Do the sex scenes rise to the level of erotica -- you know, 50 Shades of Grey -- or more like Song of Ice and Fire? If it's closer to Martin, I would be interested.

Mine's a 120,000-word epic fantasy (second in a series, first has already been published). There's some violence, some referenced sex, and harlots. There are also some Christian elements because that is who I am and the world I built, but not so heavy that a reasonable person would object. You can check out the project here https://thewillowbranchbookonedaermad...

Email works best for me --

message 3: by AJ (new)

AJ Creasey | 4 comments Hey Lela

thanks for responding. The sex is definitely not Fifty Shades of Grey. There is one scene that is pretty explicit, but it's key to the story and there's just not really any way to get around it. Other than that, there are a few fade-to-black love scenes.

The premise is based off some pretty pagan ideas, though. Not sure if you would find that objectionable or not. The Christian angle in your story doesn't bother me, BTW. If you want to discuss it further or swap, PM me :)

message 4: by Lela (new)

Lela Markham (lelamarkham) | 12 comments Not a problem with paganism. I use a lot of Celtic sources for my fantasy. It's the major religion in the nation. Sounds like we can work this out.

message 5: by OS (new)

OS | 4 comments Hi AJ,

I'd be happy to beta read for you, and I could promise you both a fast turnaround and a thorough read. Are you more interested in plot help, grammar/editing or both?

I'm also working on a fantasy/sci fi story of my own. I have bit and pieces of ~50k word, although I think I'm only ready to share the first 11k.

I don't have a true synopsis yet, but this is the catchy blurb I wrote on my facebook to get a couple friends to proof it first:

"Kim Jong Un is one of the last immortals on the planet, he’s also a lady. Her hobbies (aside from successful world domination) include surveillance, eugenics, and in time, convincing all her subjects that technology is forbidden magic. Some people have a problem with this, secretly of course. They struggle to find each other, protect each other, and find any hope at all at bringing the earthly goddess’ reign to an end."

Let me know if you are interested in a swap!

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