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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Book about young man with allusions to King Arthur

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This has been bothering me for a few days:
The story starts with a young man waiting for a bus(or train) on a platform on a dreary day. He ends up waiting for a while and decides to walk down the road a bit. He gets to a place like a castle and meets two men there, one an old man crippled and in a wheelchair. The old man tells him a story about a large fish that swallowed his gold ring and he and the other man are trying to find it by fishing. The old man is supposed to be like King Arthur...
Other parts I remember are spotty: The main character, the young man, is dealing with family problems as his mother has been institutionalized for mental problems that have scarred him since childhood. As a result, he moved away and doesn't come to see his mother even though she calls him to ask him to visit. She ends up dying and he never sees her.
He befriends a young girl with a drawing of a spiderweb on her face. He later sees her face on a missing poster for a runaway and draws the spiderweb on her face while trying to make sure that it is her.
The two of them end up trying to join a medieval troupe, but the young man is unable at first. They ask him whether has has resolved all he needs to in his life while swearing him into the group and, thinking of his problems with his mother, but disregarding them, he says yes, and the sword he has breaks because he lied.
Other than that, I don't remember much. He has a weird dream where he was the old crippled man (he comments about the pain in his legs) on a boat with the other man bringing up netfuls of fish trying to look for the gold ring.

I remember it being a YA book at my old library. May be from 1990s-2000s
Any help at all will be appreciated!

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Holy hell, I think I finally found it:

By Catherine Fisher

Thanks anyway to those who took a look at my post.

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