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Yu-Chen Lung How do you think dialogue affects the book? I was thinking that Call's sarcastic way of thinking sort of antagonizes people, and makes him a target. That kind of brings all the conflict and bad stuff together. Also, I'm curious about how it said that Jasper mostly was mean when he was nervous. I never thought about it that way, so I thought it was interesting. I guess the authors made it purposely. What do you think?

Yu-Chen Lung Also, what conflict do you think there is? I think the internal conflict that Call has (should he tell everyone he is secretly evil, or not) is one of the main conflicts and is pretty important. Most of his problems kind of come out of this. And create more conflicts, external ones too. What other conflicts are there?

Sage Flinn Himself. He sees himself as bad. Or, well mostly bad. He is constantly trying to decide if he is good or bad, but I think that he feels like, "I'm bad. I've always been bad. If I take that last chip in the bag I'll be even more evil." And its gotten to the point where every little thing he does must either be good or bad. So he sees himself as 'The Enemy' (no pun intended). And if he can't stop the evil in him, than I think he will soon be willing to give himself up to the masters. Anything else anyone'd like to share?

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