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Red Rising > 11/23 MON || 1-50 (Ch. 1-6)

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message 2: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Hamilton (mham19) | 22 comments not even 50 pages in and I have tears in my eyes.. seriously Pierce Brown?! seriously!??

message 3: by Mom2triplets04 (new)

Mom2triplets04 | 316 comments I'm attempting to read this again. I got to page 130 and put it down the last time. I have this book on my kindle. I am going to add the audio this time and see if I can continue to read it but am going to start from page 1 again.

I am on chapter 5 now. Okay, now I remember why I couldn't finish this book. It's the writing style. I always stumble when words I don't know pop up and there are many here. It's a lot of slang. Luckily the audio is getting me through it.

I didn't get to the crying part yet but I do remember somewhat of what happened. Will listen and read more to catch up.

message 4: by Mom2triplets04 (new)

Mom2triplets04 | 316 comments So sad about his wife. I do remember that happening the first time I read this.

message 5: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (bookworm1987) | 344 comments Mod
The first two chapters where slow for me to get through. But I enjoyed it more after the first two. How sad could a first section be? I kind of wish there was more world building though. I feel like without explaining anything you where pushed into the story.

Shannon (kitchandpages) (leaninglights) | 713 comments Mod
SOBS. Honestly, I am hooked now. I agree that the first couple of chapters were just okay. I wasn't sure of the world (agree about world building too), but then all that craziness happened and I'm dying to find out what happens next. I'm a couple days behind b/c I was finishing Winter, but now I'm ready to go! :)

message 7: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Hamilton (mham19) | 22 comments I agree about the world building, I feel like Im playing catch up trying to figure out the different titles and how the society works, but I am loving it so far!

message 8: by Felicia (new)

Felicia (littleprairielibrary) | 78 comments Mod
I am actually really liking the world building in this book. I like it when they kind of leave you to put the pieces together as you get more information as the story goes on. But that might be just me ;) I'm really intrigued where everything is going to go. And I was basically crying over Eo and Darrow. So sad!

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