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Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
Buddy read with Shay on the second book in the Lux series, Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout. Anyone is welcome!

Simone (simonethevixen) Have you gotten a chance to fit it in between school ?

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
yes! ive read a few chapters between classes and it picked up right where it left off, i love it!!

Simone (simonethevixen) I'm way ahead of you . Trying not to finish the book so fast lol

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
what chapter??

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
i got to chapter 6, but my next class isnt till 5:30 so i am going to read more now

Simone (simonethevixen) Don't be mad but chapter 20. I did what you did the first time . Once I started reading I couldn't stop. Then I was sick last night so all I could do was read

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
lol im not mad!! are you liking it??

I like really like this Blake guy. but im starting to get annoyed with Katy because she keeps denying her feelings for Daemon when she obviously likes him a lot!

Simone (simonethevixen) I like Blake . I feel Blake is a better fit for her then Damaoen. He treats her like a dog toy. He keeps giving the toy to her and then he pulls it back. He keeps messing with her emotions. It's either you're going to be with someone or your not .
I don't know if you got it but him making the bet she'll be in love by new year was stupid also. Like what the hell.
I don't know if you got to the other part either but Katy's turning into one of them and I don't like it . She helped in her own way without being one of them.

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
i have gotten to those things, i just finished chapter ten where it was katys bday and daemon came over

Simone (simonethevixen) OMGGGGG , boy have the tables turned

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
oh gosh!! dont tell me, im going to get the next two books in the series tonorrow because i will probaly finish this one tmrw

Simone (simonethevixen) I want to stop reading but I can't I'm on chapter34 . I need a new book before I end up finishing this one . This one omg is breathtaking .

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
you can finish it! and then maybe finish another book after so i can catch up lol. im so hapoy that you are liking it!!

Simone (simonethevixen) I'll finish it and do some reading in soul breaker . Some other book I'm supposed to be buddy reading so I won't jump to the next one. I gotta start reading the true blood series but I think my buddy flaked on me

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
sounds good.

i havent heard of soul breaker, but ive read the first 2 books in the true blood series and i think they are pretty entertaining. i am currently on the 3rd one. if you catch up and read the first 3 i will buddy read the rest of the series with you if you likr them. i think there are 13 books in the series!

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
did you finish Onyx??

Simone (simonethevixen) I'll catch up . Imma download them later and try to catch up and no I haven't finished it I think I'm on 34 tho did you ?

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
no I'm still on like chapter 10

Simone (simonethevixen) Lol it's worth it

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
i know, i can't wait. and im happy that there are 3 more books in the series cause im mot ready for it do be over!!

do you think youre going to finish it tonight?

Simone (simonethevixen) Yea I will if you give me the ok .

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
lol yea go ahead and finish it!

Simone (simonethevixen) OMGGGG SO THEY just gone leave the book on a cliffhanger . That's all I can say !

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
hahaha i will read more tonight!

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
you read that in a day!

Simone (simonethevixen) If it's a good book . That's usually what happens lol

Simone (simonethevixen) Give me like 2 days for sookie stack house to catch up . What book are you on 3?

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
Yeah I am on chapter 4 in book three; its called Club dead.

But you can just post in the Sookie Stackhouse discussion and I can still discuss the first and second one with you, I just read them a couple weeks ago.

the first one is; Dead until Dark
and the second one is; Living Dead in Dallas
the third one (which I am reading right now) is; Club dead

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
oh my gosh, i just got to the party where daemon comes over one thanksgiving and he brings her dinner and they set up the tree SO FRICKEN CUTE, i couldnt stop smiling!!

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
just finished chapter 18 and they got into a big fight because Katys annoying. im gonna go to sleeo for tonight ans continue tomorrow!

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
just finished it, SO good

Simone (simonethevixen) I feel bad because I was looking at the books to see how many there really were and I read the description for the 5th of so book now I know what happens like ugh

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
noo! lol that sucks when that happens

Simone (simonethevixen) iBooks ruined it . I did when I was sick started book three . Book three is loco and its lowkey pissing me off already . When did u want to start book 3
I can't download anymore books ( for free at least ) because the computer I think is broke . I don't have a laptop . It's an old dinosaur ass computer my dad has .
So I would have to read free books that I can download on my phone . I'm in this other group and they have a whole section dedicated to free books .

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
I think we should take a little break from the Lux series, what do you want to read?

Simone (simonethevixen) There's the series called the shopaholic series . Otherwise I'm trying to look for more books . I'm open to whatever you want to read . You have good taste .

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
ive read one book out of that series and i didnt love it but you might like it!

but i am going to be rereading the cinder series if you want to read it with me. its really good!

Simone (simonethevixen) Yes ! The cinder series !!!
Start a new thread !

Simone (simonethevixen) What was wrong with the shopaholics series about ? Was it bad

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
I made a new thread, and no it wasn't bad I just don't really like reading a lot of contemporaries

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
I know a lot of people like that series

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
Are you going to want to continue reading the Lux series after a couple day break?

Simone (simonethevixen) Yea I will wait ! I'll read some free books .

Olivia (liv2821) | 242 comments Mod
OK, want to start the third book on Saturday?

Simone (simonethevixen) Saturday's great ! I'm going to try some more of
The authors other series see if they are any good

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