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message 1: by Philip (new)

Philip (phenweb) | 24 comments Betas wanted for The Second part of The Observer Series.

82k words space opera. No bad language, some Star Wars type violence. Cross between Star Wars/Star Trek and some harder Sci-Fi. YA Level but some adult themes would rate as PG13

The continuation of The Observer series of Science Fiction books for more details please visit The Interplanetary Geographic Service Home Page

The continuing story of Cathy Rodriguez - a Senior Observer in the Interplanetary Geographic Service.

Cathy is recalled from her Observer duties as she is asked to establish first contact with a new life form.

Meanwhile the Conspiracy to prevent humans changing their non-Intervention policy continues to try and kill her. Together with Marta De Jaste, a Senior Investigator, and Tony Briggs her former jailer and security officer, they travel to the chosen planet.

On the planet Tullymeade, Karloon Niesta, a disgraced scientific observer, detects a strange anomaly. A discovery that will change his planet forever.

In deep space, two groups of survivors try and recover from their battle in orbit above the planet Freevur

message 2: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Gregory | 2 comments I would consider trading services, I will beta you if you will beta me. Your tale is considerably further along than mine, as I only have two or three chapters in any reasonable state. The current manuscript is on the 'Chromosome Warrior' preview on my page. Take a look and let me know if you're interested.

Chromosome Warrior is the third tale in my series.

The first, weighing in at about 70,000 words is titled 'Chromosome Quest'. It is an over-the-top Hero's Quest style Science Fiction tale of a hero's journey to confront a runaway Artificial Intelligence. It has all the sci-fi staples, the hero, the mentor, the buxom red-headed heroine, sexy cat-people, castles and even dinosaurs. And sex. Lots of sex. Designed to make you squirm a bit, and then laugh! Yes, it is rather adult oriented, but very carefully not vulgar. Sexual taboos are a clear undertone and there are a couple of romantic conflicts, plus a subtle lesbian undertone as the alien planet is mostly populated by females. The writing is intentionally lacking a bit in polish, the reason for which will quickly be seen in the second book.

The protagonist of both tales is named Fitz, a big muscular guy (think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Walker or James Arness) who is very good with computers, less so with women. Nonetheless, his athleticism and movie-star good looks draws lots of women into his orbit. His sexual prowess is put to the test when he lands on the dinosaur planet and he learns to be competent at the art.

The second, weighing in at about 115,000 words is titled 'Chromosome Conspiracy'. It is a more conventional tale, less over the top hero's journey tale, more akin to Jason Bourne than Star Wars, intentionally as a counterweight to the somewhat more fantastical 'Quest'. It is a tale of conspiracy, intrigue and interstellar politics, with somewhat less emphasis on the sex, although it is very much still there. The 'WHY' of that change in tone becomes obvious as one gets into the book, as it turns out that the first book was 'written by the protagonist' of the second, and is his 'true story', perhaps slightly exaggerated, of his own fantastical off-world adventures. We also learn in the second book why his somewhat amateurish and fantastical tale sells so well. There is a captive audience he was completely unaware of.

'Warrior' continues the tale from the viewpoint, not of Fitz, but of Jill. Fitz sets out on a new quest, and Jill must go to his rescue.

Anyway, if you're interested.....

message 3: by Philip (new)

Philip (phenweb) | 24 comments Yes happy to exchange either have PM'd

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