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message 1: by Sadaf. (new)

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 8 comments Hi Faelan, This is Sadaf and this is my first novel- The grasp of Nighttide. If it is something that interests you please mail me. Here's the desc-

'You can forget the past. But can you get rid of it?

A little girl jumps off a window, two men die in a car crash. They seem like unfortunate incidents, but are they connected to the demonic group ‘Grasp’?

Fifteen long years later. Alice is alone and without her memory. In an unforeseen happenstance she meets her neighbour’s rich and charming boyfriend Derek. He seems a person she could confide in, a person she could trust and perhaps also a person she could fall for. Will Alice be able to keep distance so that she could return to her forgotten love- Lance?

Meanwhile the Grasp re-summon a demon responsible for many deaths. They clearly have some unfinished business with Alice, and there is only one way for her to find out- recover the past. But will the past be the solution to her problems or a life threatening problem with no escape?

Under the Grasp of nighttide both Alice’s love and life are at stake as she braces for the abrupt turn her quest will take.'

message 2: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Ramnanan | 4 comments Hi Faelan,

I write romance and erotica. If you're willing to do a review on Amazon and Goodreads I can send a mobi file of My Dark Warrior My Dark Warrior by Claudia Knight

Let me know and I can email you.

message 3: by Liz (new)

Liz Meldon (liz_meldon) | 22 comments Hi Faelan! Lovely of you to offer to review. :) If you're interested, I'm just about ready to start distributing my ARCs for my December release, The Fool.

Feel free to check it out, and if it's your kind of thing, I'd be happy to provide you with a review copy!

The Fool (Games We Play, #0.5) by Liz Meldon

message 4: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Stone (SamanthaStoneStrangeness) | 5 comments Here is a book blurb of my novel I sold to Big Ideas Publishing. We are offering a few review copies via amazon gift.

If interested pm me. Here is the blurb.

Julie Sparks thinks life as a teen is difficult, but she didn't realize just how bizarre life would be once three men in Armani suits storm into the museum where she works and try to steal Michael, a famous, winged statue. When one of the men starts to hurt Julie, the statue breaks apart, revealing a beautiful, pale teen. He rips them apart.

Despite how terrified Julie was with how easily Michael killed those men, she falls for his charm and beauty. More men come for Michael. The mystery turns into conspiracy. Julie is in too deep now. She must do everything in her power to not only save her friends and family, but the whole world.

“Set some time aside because you will not be able to put this one down”

message 5: by Eros (new)

Eros Shrugged | 2 comments Are you interested in reviewing a SF&F erotica series? The individual stories and a bundle with all three are available in Kindle Unlimited, but if you don't have KU, I can send you ARC copies.


The individual stories:




PM if you're interested!

message 6: by Tonya (new)

Tonya Coffey (tonyacoffey) | 21 comments Are you interested in reviewing a middle-grade fantasy novel, Snow Moon (A New World, #2)?
I have a ePub for you.

Snow Moon
Snow Moon (A New World, #2) by Tonya Coffey

Please let me know if you would be interested.

message 7: by Ann (new)

Ann Werner (writingfool) | 5 comments Hi Faelan,

I would appreciate a review of Cooper's Grove, a paranormal romance with a twist. I can supply a Smashwords coupon for a free digital copy for whatever eReader you use.

In the sleepy town of Cooper’s Grove, Agnes MacPherson is known as the Witch Woman because of her ability to see auras and spirits. For the most part, people come to her to ask the usual questions posed to a seer. But there is nothing usual about the haunting of Lucinda Mae Hawkins. Cooper’s Grove is the story of Lucinda as told by Miss Aggie.

A wrong side of the tracks girl, Lucinda meets spoiled, rich boy John Dawson in her sixteenth summer. An innocent, she is excited to be the object of his desire and of his jealousy. One thing leads to another and John is given no choice but to marry the girl he thought would be a mere dalliance. Despite his dismay, a side of John delights in the horror he knows his mother feels at the unsuitable match, and he revels in the knowledge that now he is the boss, the man of the family, and no one can tell him how to act or what to do, least of all his new bride.

Billy Joe Dean has always had a crush on Lucinda and when John meets an early death, he steps in and courts the new widow, unaware that the spirit of her departed husband has no intention of relinquishing his hold on her.

Spanning fifty years, Cooper’s Grove is a ghost story, a love story and ultimately, a tale of redemption.

Cooper's Grove by Ann Werner

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