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Question about Ringworld series

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message 1: by Joel (last edited Nov 23, 2015 09:59AM) (new)

Joel | 235 comments I have been planning to read the Ringworld series for sometime, and I recently discovered a second series that was written more recently called Fleet of Worlds with both series concluding with Fate of Worlds. So my question is, is it recommended to read all of the first Ringworld series before reading the second series Fleet of Worlds?

message 2: by Adam (new)

Adam | 2 comments Found this, hope it is helpful!

message 3: by Joel (new)

Joel | 235 comments Thanks!

message 4: by Trike (new)

Trike | 8142 comments I wouldn't even bother with the Fleet of Worlds books. They are the equivalent of the Star Wars prequels: pointless and not very well done.

Honestly, if you just read Protector, Ringworld and The Ringworld Engineers, you should be good. The quality of the stories drops off after that.

message 5: by Trike (last edited Nov 23, 2015 02:04PM) (new)

Trike | 8142 comments Adam wrote: "Found this, hope it is helpful!"

The point made there is the same issue with the Star Wars prequels: we pretty much already know those stories, and fleshing them out doesn't add anything to them.

If someone really loves the Ringworld stuff and the whole Known Space saga and wants to keep going, they should be fine, but I just found them to be a tedious slog.

message 6: by Mark (new)

Mark (markmtz) | 2228 comments If you want to add some Manga to your Ringworld experience, check out Ringworld: The Graphic Novel, Part One and Ringworld: The Graphic Novel, Part Two. I read the novel years ago and found these graphic novels entertaining.

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