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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Shirley (melissashirley2) | 10 comments Hi there. I was wondering if you would like to review "For the Love of geese". It is a contemporary romance and i would be happy to send you the PDF copy (that is the only format provided to me by the publisher).

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Ellyne (j_ellyne) | 3 comments Faelan wrote: "Hi,
I love reading, and I read a lot of books. About on average 4-5 a week.
For a few months now I've been reviewing books.
The genres I prefer are Chick Lit, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal Rom..."

Please have a look at this book on Amazon. The Elves of Arthannegh
The Elves of Arthannegh (The Fair and Fey Book 3) by J. Ellyne

You can take a quick peek at the free sample pages and, if you're interested in reviewing it, message me and I will give you a free copy to review.

Thanks for your consideration. - Jini

message 3: by Gisele (new)

Gisele Walko | 6 comments Hi! I am looking for reviewers for my first two books. The series runs parallel, so they can be read in any order. YA/ Supernatural/Paranormal Romance/ Multiracial, Biracial, African American characters. For those interested:
The Vampire and the Necromancer: An out of Sequence Love Story can be purchased for free at with coupon code: ED25Q
Wolf Girl finds necRomance can be purchased with coupon code: HP69S
Thanks for your consideration. Samples of both are linked through my page.

message 4: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Hodges | 7 comments Hey there, I'm a pretty fresh new author and was hoping you might be able to review my novel Stormwielder? The first few chapters are available on kindle for free, and if you're interested I can send you the pdf or .mobi copy for further browsing :)
Aaron D. Hodges

message 5: by K.L. (new)

K.L. Romo Ama Bemma wrote: "Hello! I have been doing reviews for about 3 years. I have reviewed books for the likes of Random House, self-pub authors and independent publishers. After taking a 1.5 year hiatus due to college, ..."

Hi Ama,

I'm a Goodreads author and reviewer, and would like reviews for an Advance Reader's Copy of my new novel, Life Before. I will post the description below. If you would like to review it, please let me know if you prefer a Kindle version or "other" eReader version (only available in eBook version at this time.). Also, I would need your email address. Thanks so much for considering!

Kirsche (K.L. Romo)

When recent empty-nester Elaine Dearborn resurrects her writing career, and types What if I were someone else? on her laptop, she suddenly finds herself experiencing life as Eliza Darling, a reformed prostitute in 1907 Dallas, who is determined to shut down the sex trade that has taken so many young lives.

Elaine’s life in the present becomes more and more intertwined with Eliza’s crusade one-hundred years earlier, and Elaine is tormented by the very real possibility that she’s losing her mind. That is, until she learns the truth about her past, and what it will mean for her future.

As is true today, the sexual slavery business in the early-twentieth-century was alive and well, deplorably exploiting the young and vulnerable, but hidden within plain sight. Although the characters in this novel are fictional, The Virginia K. Johnson Home & Training Center for Women was a real institution in Dallas, devoted to giving young prostitutes a way out.

Life Before is a book about personal strength and resiliency – with a twist!

message 6: by Amber (new)

Amber Daniels | 10 comments I am looking for reviews for mine and my brother's book . You can read the blurb on our website and if you are interested in writing a review private message me and I will send you a PDF or Mobi copy whichever you would prefer. thank you for your time and consideration.

message 7: by A.S. (new)

A.S. Minor | 1 comments The Borderline Between Life and Poetry

This is a collection of poems from spoken word competition-winning poet and novelist Allen Minor. It draws on his experiences as a United States Army veteran dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD in an effort to use empathy to bring together our community.

I would great appreciate it if you could review this book on both amazon and goodreads. Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from you!

message 8: by Carol (new)

Carol Rose | 1 comments I'd like reviews for my newly released Blue Collar Boys contemporary romance series. Smooched(Bk 1), Scrumptious(Bk2) and Swaggered(Bk 3) by Carol Rose. I'm also willing to review others contemporary romances. Tell me what format you need!

message 9: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Hodges | 7 comments Would love it if you could review my novel Stormwielder. Send me a message if you would like a free review copy. Thanks, Aaron!

message 10: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Rankin (jmrankin) | 41 comments Hi everyone,

I am looking to get some more reviews for my novel Darkness Forbidden before the sequel, Retribution Darkened is released at the end of next month.

It is a horror (some would say paranormal as it contains vampires - but it does contain more horror-like plotlines), and I would appreciate reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads. I am happy to supply a copy (ebook only at the moment) in PDF/mobi or whichever version you require.

Thanks so much for your interest! :)

message 11: by P. (new)

P. Dangelico | 2 comments Hi Everyone,
I've recently come up for air and joined this group. When I'm not in editing hell, I'm usually reading. If anyone has a contemporary or historical romance that needs an honest review please let me know.

Also, I'm looking for goodreads reviews for my romantic suspense/contemporary romance A Million Different Ways.

If anyone is interested I can send you a PDF or EPub file. Contact me at

message 12: by Christian (new)

Christian Green | 8 comments Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a great day and finding this awesome site useful for whatever your goals on here are.

I've recently released a fun, action packed, quick read titled The Ascendants: Genesis.

The Ascendants Genesis by Christian Green

Here's the synopsis... There is great unrest in the world ever since the emergence of Post Humans became public knowledge. With each passing day the public has grown more fearful and distrusting of the Post Humans’ presence. Dr. Connors, a man whose motives are unclear by many, has made it his personal mission to provide a safe haven for the Post Human race. To accomplish this, he has scoured the Earth in hopes of finding Post Humans that choose to use their abilities responsibly to aid him in his quest. Unfortunately, after a couple of botched missions, capturing the Ascendants has become a top priority for the defense department. To make matters worse, there are other interested parties that have been monitoring the Ascendants’ activities, and have plans to use the Ascendants’ abilities to serve their own agendas. In a world that is becoming increasingly more diverse and complex, the Ascendants have only themselves to turn to.

I would love for some feedback and reviews. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!

message 13: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Brookdale (goodreadscomlynnbrookdale) | 10 comments I am looking for a beta reader to take a look at our short novel ( roughly 200 pages once printed) before we submit to publisher and finalize. I could email it over to you.

it is fiction- its a satire about a millennial and her struggles trying to find her way in the corporate world.

Its short notice- but were looking to get everything done by next week- so we have time to edit where needed.

I just found out I could find beta readers through this site! This is def. a long learning journey!

message 14: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Peel (shannonpeel) | 17 comments 40 Something is about being a 40 something woman in the 21st Century. This novella series follows 5 40+ women as they come together to share challenges, successes, and tears. They are mothers, daughters, wives, and friends.

Rose has been happily married for 22 years to a wonderful man, Gus, and they have 4 children.

Charlie has been divorced from her cheating ex for 5 years and they share custody of 1 boy.

Lindsay has been divorced twice has lost custody of both children.

Sophie is recently separated from her abusive husband and is struggling with both her children.

Justine has the perfect marriage to the perfect man with two perfect children.

They will meet other women along the way and find out what it means to be a 40 year old woman in today's world.

Looking for reviewers. It's a quick read, only 14 000 words and is the first in the series. All novellas will be about the same size, think TV show type of a story.

PM with your email address and tell me if you'd like PDF epub or mobi

message 15: by timothée (new)

timothée ribeiro (timothee) | 8 comments Hello everybody, I'm french author of a novel (thriller, adventure) translated in english and available in ebook. I'm looking for reviewers.

Synopsis :
Chloe and her friends are going on holidays. Chloe is at the wheel. It was dusk and she realized she wouldn’t reach their destination on time and decided to have a break along a straight road surrounded by a forest which spread over several square miles, as far as one can see. However when she left the road and took a sideway track she soon had to slow down and brake. Nevertheless her vehicle was already out of control running down a steep track. Chloe and her friend couldn’t imagine what the weird and inhospitable world of the surroundings would reveal… Dai by Timothee Ribeiro

message 16: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Miller (lindsaymariemiller) | 19 comments Hello there,
I have just released my 4th Romance Novel: S.I.N.G.L.E. (Still In Need of a Good Loving Equivalent). **S.I.N.G.L.E. (Still In Need of a Good Loving Equivalent) is a Stand Alone New Adult Contemporary Romance approximately 120,000 words.**

Synopsis: Jessica Jacobs is a twenty-two-year-old finance major at the University of Washington, whose brief encounters with blind dating have left her a single, cynical woman. When her best friend, Sara, gets dumped by the love of her life on Valentine's Day, Jessie proposes a pact boycotting all men for the rest of the semester.

But then Jessie meets Graham, a gorgeous, yet respectable gentleman with the body of a Greek god and a heart of gold. Torn between her commitment to the pact and an undeniable attraction towards Graham, Jessie remains guarded and distant, which only makes Graham want her more. As fate intervenes time and time again, Jessie must embrace the inner fear surrounding her heart or risk losing the only man who would never break it.

If you are interested, I would be happy to provide you with a Review Copy (mobi) in exchange for an honest review to be posted here on Goodreads, as well as Amazon. Thank You : )


message 17: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Brookdale (goodreadscomlynnbrookdale) | 10 comments Hi Lindsay,
I am also looking for some honest reviews for my book that just came out called The Cubicle Chronicles, loosely based on real events, do you want to do an exchange? I have the pdf version to send you.
summary: Bethany Bowers is like most recent college grads: idealistic, underemployed, and broke. After leaving her dead-end telemarketing job, Bethany happily accepts a position at a prestigious Pittsburgh recruiting firm. She soon discovers, however, that it’s a corporate world and she’s just living in it. There’s her obnoxious, self-absorbed boss, his scantily-clad “executive assistant,” and a host of other co-workers who give the expression “the inmates are running the asylum” a whole new meaning. After realizing that life in a cubicle farm isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, Bethany begins to wonder what else the world holds in store for her. As if professional trials were not enough, the insanity spills over into her personal life. Stress wreaks havoc on wedding planning with her fiance, aggravates a sibling rivalry with her older brother, and explodes her relationship with her helicopter parents. With the help of Heidi, her friend and only normal co-worker, Bethany goes on a hilarious and introspective journey of self-discovery.

message 18: by Char (new)

Char Jar (Charjar) | 2 comments Hello! I am new to this group and looking for books to review. I'm trying to start a book review blog currently. I'll read fantasy, young adult or dystopian books. You can email me at

Angela(demonsangel) Fitzgerald (demonsangel) | 7 comments Hi, I'm new to the group and I'm not sure if I'm in the right place but I need reviewers. If I'm in the wrong place, please don't report me. If you let me know, I can delete this thread. I'm working for this author temporarily to help get her some reviewers for her new adult contemporary romance story. She's written another genre but she changed to a pin name on this one for family reason. If anyone is interested please message me or reply to this thread.
Thank you,

My pen name is:
Rachel S. Rose

Book Title:
Closed Off To You

Adult Contemporary Romance

Melissa isn’t interested in a fling with Nathan, especially since the younger man only wants two things. Her body, which he’s already had, and to beat her in the singing contest.

While her friends curse the day she signed them up for the televised competition, it becomes increasingly hard for Melissa to ignore Nathan’s flirtatious smile as they work alongside each other.

The singing contest could be Nathan’s last chance to make his dreams come true.

Nathan has one shot, and he’s not about to waste it on a girl he’s already bedded. But Melissa isn’t his usual type. She’s his best friend’s sister, and his fiercest competition, so she should be off limits. Except, he can’t resist the way she makes him laugh, or forget the way she felt in his arms.

message 20: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Moore (httpwwwgoodreadscomkellymoore) | 9 comments Hi my name is Kelly and I am a fairly new steamy romance author. I have two books that have been published in a series that I would love to have some honest reviews on. The first in the series is Broken Pieces, the sequel is Pieced Together. These are no standalone books and the total combined pages is only 300 pages.Broken Pieces Pieced Together Let me know if anyone has any interest. My goodreads link is

message 21: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Brookdale (goodreadscomlynnbrookdale) | 10 comments just following up to see if anyone else would be interested in reading my book and giving a review on Amazon? my summary is above in this thread. thanks please DM me :)

message 22: by Roxane (new)

Roxane Crawford (roxanecrawford) | 5 comments Dark and taboo psychoerotica is looking for honest reviews for Amazon and Goodreads. Author can provide free PDF, mobi or epub, and the book is also available for free through Kindle Unlimited

Lessons in Love by Roxane Crawford

Message me for more info or to request a copy.
Thank you for your consideration

message 23: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Williams (tamlynnwill) | 1 comments I am looking for people to review my early reader children's chapter book(s) available on Amazon Kindle. They are less than 20 pages each so I will swap reviews for books of the same length. Please contact me via email if you are interested ( Thanks.
Tammy Williams
Billy Barlow Makes Room For School
Billy Barlow and the Bacon Lovin' Bully

message 24: by Vasudha (new)

Vasudha Uttam (vasudhauttam) | 2 comments Free Children & YA adventure Novel

Hillside House & Secret tunnels E-book is available for free on Amazon from April 26 to April 28,2016.

Please Have a look in modified version of Hillside House & Secret tunnels.

The Links mentioned are as below: link: link:

Looking forward for your Positive Reviews & support.

message 25: by J. (last edited Apr 26, 2016 06:12PM) (new)

J. Storm | 4 comments Hello group...

I'm seeking reviews for my (extremely) dark, full length novel, The Taming of Jenesa, for Goodreads, Barnes&Noble and/or Smashwords...

Love to do a yours-for-mine review and would be happy to send a pdf or mobi copy to exchange...

Here's a summary... And thank you!

There are predators all around us. Some of them are quite easy to spot, they are monsters that look like monsters. However there are some, quite a few in fact, that have the skills, the cunning, intellect and manipulative ability to perpetrate their malevolence within a shroud of perpetual anonymity. Bobby and Keri Allen are such predators. Cloaked in a veil of the ordinary and the mundane, they are in reality, the most implacable and loathsome of things.

For years they’ve hunted their prey with naked lust, taking advantage of the helpless, the discarded, the lonely or sometimes, just the careless or the unlucky. Possessed of an unwavering perseverance, meticulous precision and skill and fueled with a voracious appetite whose malign sexual greed is boundless, they pluck hapless victims with heartless impunity.

But their lordship over their hunting grounds may soon be over. Something or someone has been watching them! Their stalking has come to the attention of another predator, this one, perhaps, even more dangerous and resourceful than themselves and this interloper has penetrated deep into their highly protected and secured sanctuaries, threatening their exposure and an end to their deviant sexual reign!

You can check out the book trailer too:

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey guys, I am interested in reading books in exchange for an honest review. I would prefer a physical copy. Any review posted will be on goodreads.
Genre I am interested :

message 27: by Debra (new)

Debra Edwards | 3 comments Hi Kara, I only have an ebook availabe so not sure if you would be interested. The novel is a Tween/YA paranormal, Marvin's Curse. If you would like a copy in return for a review, please message me. Thanks.

Marvin's Curse

message 28: by James (new)

James Hockley (hockleyjames) | 5 comments Hi all,

I am looking for reviewers of the first part of an epic fantasy trilogy, titled Fear's Union. I can provide electronic copies to anyone who is interested, but can't provide physical copies at the moment (hopefully later in the year)!

Please drop me a message if you're interested.


message 29: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Bartlett | 7 comments Hello People,

I am searching for reviewers of my book Americans Bombing Paris.
Americans Bombing Paris
I am more than happy to do a review exchange, I'll read most anything. Message me if you are interested.

message 30: by Joan (new)

Joan Carney | 14 comments Hi Thomas,

Your book looks exciting. Care for a swap? Check mine out and let me know if you're interested.


message 31: by Yuleidy (new)

Yuleidy (sunlilacs) | 1 comments Hello everyone!

Being a reviewer at Full of Books is very rewarding! We will give you free books to review! It doesn’t matter where you live, we can give you ebooks of your choice for free. If you live in United States or Canada, we can give you free signed paperbacks of your choice! We have so many books from different genres such as YA, paranormal, romance, biography, etc. If you would like to be a reviewer at Full of Books, go to

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me!

message 32: by Harim (new)

Harim (thereaderblog) | 10 comments Always a willing reader to review books in exchange for a copy :)

message 33: by Annie (last edited Jun 01, 2016 10:18AM) (new)

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) Harim (UnhealthilyObsessiveReader) wrote: "Always a willing reader to review books in exchange for a copy :)"

Hi Harim! *waves happily* I would be honoured if you'd consider reviewing my romance novel :)


My little gremlin: HART BROKEN (preview available)

Lemme know if you're interested and I'll send over a copy straightaway. You can PM or email me at Whichever's move convenient for you works for me. Thanks so much!


P.S. - I have ePub, mobi and PDF formats :D

message 34: by Harim (new)

Harim (thereaderblog) | 10 comments Oh yay. of course.
I mailed you :)

message 35: by Annie (new)

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) Harim (UnhealthilyObsessiveReader) wrote: "Oh yay. of course.
I mailed you :)"

ePub copy has been sent. That was the quickest exchange ever :P Thank you, ma'am!

message 36: by Harim (new)

Harim (thereaderblog) | 10 comments Pleasure is all mine :) xx

message 37: by Joan (new)

Joan Carney | 14 comments Harim (UnhealthilyObsessiveReader) wrote: "Always a willing reader to review books in exchange for a copy :)"

Hi Harim,

I'd love for you to review my debut novel, Fated Memories. You can check it out on Goodreads or:

It's a time travel, romance story that follows one woman’s journey to self-realization. Half the book is set against the backdrop of the American Civil War.

I can provide any format you prefer or gift the Kindle version to you from Amazon.

If you're interested, please email me at

Joan Carney

message 38: by Joan (new)

Joan Carney | 14 comments P. wrote: "Hi Everyone,
I've recently come up for air and joined this group. When I'm not in editing hell, I'm usually reading. If anyone has a contemporary or historical romance that needs an honest review p..."


I know this an old post, but if you're still looking for historical romances to read and review, my debut novel, Fated Memories, is a time travel, romance, self realization story half of which takes place during the American Civil War.

You can preview it on Goodreads or:

I can provide any format you prefer or gift the Kindle edition to you from Amazon.

If you're interested, please email me at jcarney1148@gmailcom

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Joan Carney

message 39: by Harim (new)

Harim (thereaderblog) | 10 comments Joan wrote: "P. wrote: "Hi Everyone,
I've recently come up for air and joined this group. When I'm not in editing hell, I'm usually reading. If anyone has a contemporary or historical romance that needs an hone..."

Sure I'd love to.
Mailed you already,though :)

message 40: by Joan (new)

Joan Carney | 14 comments Sorry, your emails are "empty" - no text.

message 41: by Harim (new)

Harim (thereaderblog) | 10 comments whaaat?
sorry,I 'll do it again.

message 42: by Harim (new)

Harim (thereaderblog) | 10 comments Should be there now.

message 43: by Stacy (new)

Stacy Rucker | 1 comments Hi Faelan. I see that you wrote this message a while back, but seeing as you are a reviewer looking to review, and I am an author looking for reviewers, I'd love to pair up.
I launched two books with nothing done in advance. I am new at this, but I am starting to see that it's a good idea to have reviewers ready with their reviews right when the book is launched, and I have a few books that I will soon release.
They are all listed on my website at if you are interested. I can also send you a copy of my other novels which have already been released.
The books that are already published at An Orbit Away; my Life on Mars.
and Murder and the Rose Garden under the name Jaycee Relic
This one will be free Thursday and Friday if you prefer to read on Kindle.

Other book that will soon be released (descriptions on my website) are Shades of Alyssa, Dream World and a middle grade fiction book (the only one of the three not described on my site) called Bigfoot Forever. Please let me know if you are interested in any or all of these. Thanks so much.

message 44: by Ben (new)

Ben Hooper | 1 comments I'm looking for reviews for my new book, Early Retirement Accelerated. It's about different techniques that help you retire years earlier without having to save more money. I'll trade reviews for your book if you have one.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi I have two books that I would like some reviews on I can email you a pdf or word copy of them. The first is "the secret of the Csassin's Family Curse.' (A Suspense) The Second is 'Oasis Island' (a Mystery) if you are interested you can contact me via my website or send me a message on my author page here on good reads thank you

message 46: by Harim (new)

Harim (thereaderblog) | 10 comments Julie wrote: "Hi I have two books that I would like some reviews on I can email you a pdf or word copy of them. The first is "the secret of the Csassin's Family Curse.' (A Suspense) The Second is 'Oasis Island' ..."

I'd love to have a copy of the first you mentioned,please :)

message 47: by Liberty (new)

Liberty Stone | 3 comments Hello, I am a new indie author and I am trying to get some reviews on my first short story. It is free on Amazon right now and I hope a few people decide to read it and review my work. It's short and should not take very long to read, and I would love some feedback.

Crossing a Line Womens Erotica (Erotica for Women Book 1) by Liberty Stone
Crossing a Line: Womens Erotica
Liberty S.

message 48: by Isabelle (new)

Isabelle Kane | 6 comments I'm looking for reviews of my short story Ransom for a Viking. It is a short story, an historical romance, and contains a bonus feature of the first three chapters of my upcoming release, Eagle River. Ransom will be free from June 21st-23rd. It has a 5 star review on Amazon currently, and it got torched here on Goodreads.

message 49: by Renee (last edited Jun 20, 2016 05:40PM) (new)

Renee Carroe | 4 comments hello,

i'd be able to provide a copy of my book Hazedonya by Ale Mendoza D T

it's fantasy oriented, but has romance too
best way if you'd like a free copy in exchange for a review (and this goes to all you guys) is by emailing me:

I love the novel, and I hope you guys choose to give it a chance too

message 50: by Renee (last edited Jun 21, 2016 05:50AM) (new)

Renee Carroe | 4 comments Harim (UnhealthilyObsessiveReader) wrote: "Always a willing reader to review books in exchange for a copy :)"
Are you willing to read Hazedonya by Ale Mendoza D T in exchange for a free copy? Best, Ale
you can contact me at too!

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