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message 1: by Amanda (last edited Dec 19, 2016 10:24AM) (new)

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Woo hoo! You're up and running. Great list ;) I'm hoping to get to American Pastoral this year too. I'm also curious to see what you think about the Unbearable Lightness.

message 3: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6556 comments Ohh, I loved Giovanni's room. Maybe the best book I've read this year. Good luck with your challenge, it looks great!

message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (tnbooklover) Oh that's good to know Pink! Thanks

message 5: by Sara, Old School Classics (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 4572 comments Mod
Super list, Amanda. A few of them I had to go to the link to see what they were. So, now your making me add to my TBR list, which doesn't need to grow at all. :)

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I just read this Stephen King short story where the character had access to 10.4 million parallel worlds worth of writing. First my brain exploded and then my TBR felt very modest :)

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (tnbooklover) :)

message 8: by Miikka (new)

Miikka (nurmis) | 50 comments Looks like a really solid list, most of the books listed could be in mine. From your list I have only read To the Lighthouse and The Unbearable Lightness of Being, both of them were really good reads. They weren't necessarily my all time favourites, but having clear recollections of their characters and what they were about few years (and 100+ books) after reading them makes me think reading them was time well spent.

Only book I have read by Pynchon was The Crying of Lot 49, which was kind of all over the place and difficult to grasp without seriously focusing on what was written. If you haven't read anything by Pynchon, it could be quite a ride :P. Unique experience in my opinion, which means polarized opinions.

message 9: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I think that pretty much describes his writing. I've only read Inherent Vice but I know someone who's a fan because they're so non linear and diffuse.

message 10: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I love the "outright fabrication" part of the M&D description.

message 11: by Bob, Short Story Classics (new)

Bob | 4779 comments Mod
Where Angels Fear to Tread is one of those books that for me got much better after a period of time passed. When I finished it, I liked it and that was that. But my mind kept bringing it back, I found myself thinking about the story weeks after finishing. I regret, only giving it 3 stars, hope you enjoy it as well.

message 12: by Teanka (new)

Teanka | 124 comments A great list! And I think I'll be adding To the Lighthouse and The Unbearable Lightness of Being to my list too! (When I create it, that is :) . Happy reading, Amanda!

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (tnbooklover) In Jan and Feb I finished 3 books all of which I really enjoyed. To the Lighthouse 5 stars I adore Virginia Woolf
American Pastoral 5 stars terrific domestic drama
Mason and Dixon 4 stars difficult and time consuming but well worth the effort.

message 14: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Yay!

message 15: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6556 comments Glad you've been enjoying your recent reads....mine have mostly been meh this year, so I'm hoping for something special soon.

I don't particularly enjoy Virginia Woolf while I'm reading, but I think I like them more in retrospect.

message 16: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (tnbooklover) I have done a terrible job on updating my list but I've made better progress than I thought I had. I'm still hoping for 12 by the end of the year.

The good news is everything I have read I have loved.

message 17: by Sara, Old School Classics (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 4572 comments Mod
Pink--I found your comment about Wolfe interesting, because I have that reaction to authors now and then and have to go back and revise my ratings upward.

Amanda--I have also had a great year for good books. More important to love the reads than to have the numbers.

Andrea AKA Catsos Person (catsosperson) | 1791 comments Amanda,

That is what I call terrific that you've loved everything you've read this year.

I've read some things that were really outstanding, but I can't say I've loved everything that I've read.

message 19: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (tnbooklover) I finished #11 Tender Is the Night - 3 stars. I loved parts of this but overall was a bit disappointed.

One more to go :)

message 20: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6556 comments Sorry to hear that Tender is the Night was a bit hit and miss. I still have that one to read.

Good luck with your last choice :)

message 21: by Sara, Old School Classics (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 4572 comments Mod
I agree Tender is the Night was a bit of a mixed bag. Congrats on being so close!

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Go Amanda! Did you read Sentimental Education? I liked that one.

message 23: by Terris (new)

Terris | 2336 comments Tender Is the Night is on my 2017 list & I'm planning to start it in January. Hope I like it! But I won't get my hopes too high after hearing some of your reviews ;)

message 24: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6556 comments Terris, it's on my 2017 challenge list too!

message 25: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (tnbooklover) It's not terrible by any means. I was just hoping for more. I'll be interested to see what you guys think.

Sarah - no Sentimental Education is most likely going to end up being one of the +2 that I don't get to.

message 26: by Sarah (new)

Sarah It was good, Amanda. It wasn't the kind of book that you must read it before you die, though. It's probably a good one to hold off on.

message 27: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (tnbooklover) Finished # 12 The Ground Beneath Her Feet. It was fantastic. I didn't get to my "plus 2" this year but thrilled with the 12 I did read. On to 2017!

message 28: by Sara, Old School Classics (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 4572 comments Mod
Hey, the other two are alternates. lol. Congrats on the finish...and as you say, on to 2017.

message 29: by Bob, Short Story Classics (new)

Bob | 4779 comments Mod
The goal is twelve, using alternates or not using alternates. Congratulations!!

message 30: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (tnbooklover) Thanks :)!

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