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Alan The Cold Handshake
Alan Bain
published 2015
ISBN 1-5114976-7-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-51-149767-1

For a first publication, I think Mr Bain has found a genre has been sadly overlooked in recent years. It is a genre that suits his writing and it is hoped that he will follow up with more intriguing stories of the type

It is 1952. We are in Pacific City. This is the refuge for Largo, a sleazy and dangerous grifter. This is his story.

If you like your characters with hard to find redeeming features, Largo is for you.

His life encounters love, violence, betrayal, confusion, scams, and suspense.

I read this book from cover to cover in two days.
I read it in black and white with a few flashes of blinding colour.
By that I mean, think of a dark graphic novel but with all the pictures painted by words.
Think of Sin City, but with real people. Think of Sam Spade, Mickey Spillane but set in a Literary Noir setting.

Alan S Young
aka ScotsJamaican

Harry Bain I have to declare an interest here as Alan Bain is my son. However, I did not know he was writing this particular book until he published it. Once it was published I had to get it and read it! I was not disappointed. The story line had me hook, line and sinker. The main character, Largo, is not a loveable rogue, but you are drawn into his story and are not released until the very large page. This book is well worth a read and I recommend it to you, unreservedly.

Harry Bain

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