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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. The Love Letter by Jack Finney. Short Story, maybe. Fantasy. Letters in a drawer. [s]

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message 1: by GracieKat (new)

GracieKat | 126 comments I read this sometime in the nineties but it could have come from an older book. I don't remember a cover. I think it was a short story because the details I remember don't really add up to a whole book.

Most likely spoilers

A man bought an antique writing table, desk, secretary or something of the sort. He finds a letter written by a woman in it, written in old-time language. He decides to answer it on a whim and when he looks in the dresser again his letter is fine and there is a new letter from her. They keep exchanging letters through the desk and through time. I can't remember how it ends. I think she writes him a final letter to say goodbye because she doesn't want him changed to a woman he will never have and says that she's going to block up the drawer.

I'd love to find it again. If it is a short story (which I'm pretty sure it was) it would probably be in a ghost story or horror anthology because i mainly read those, especially at the time i would have read it. It struck me more as fantasy so maybe it's that.

message 2: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (lavender0lilacs) | 19 comments Shoot! I remember this, and I really enjoyed it.

Actually, I just looked it up and I believe this is what you're looking for. At least it's what I read :)


message 3: by Kris (new)

Kris | 32261 comments Mod
GR link for short story mentioned in Sierra's post - The Love Letter by Jack Finney.

message 4: by GracieKat (new)

GracieKat | 126 comments Thank you so much! Man, this group is the greatest!

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