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Your favorite character in the book and which did you like better the movie or the book
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My favorite character in the book is Tris, Four, and Peter. I like Tris because she is courageous, kind, and a hero. I like the movie better because it gave me a better picture and a visual in my mind. What is your favorite character and which do you like better the movie or the book?

I liked the book more then the movie. Four is my favorite character in the whole series.

My favorite characters are Tris, Four, and Christina. I like the book better than the movie.

Four and books

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I think Peter character is well thought out and therefore really interesting to see him evolve through the series, as well as how he affects the other characters and their feelings towards each other.

deleted user I wasn't a big fan of Peter at first because he was mean to Tris but now I like him now because when I watched the movie, it gave me a better picture ...more
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My favorite characters are Uriah, Four, and of course Tris. I think books are always better than movies, because you can imagine what happens like you want, but the second movie was actually really good, even if it wasn't like the book.

I loved the first two books, but thought Allegiant was boring. Divergent (movie) was very good. It was very close to how I pictured it. Insurgent was a good film, but didn't follow the book that well. My favorite characters were Four, Uriah and Will. And I liked Divergent Tris.

Tris for the win. She basically takes on everyone by herself and she doesnt take crap from anyone. She is basically the postappoctalyptic Katniss twin

My favorite characters are Tris,Four and Christina. I think the book and the movie good. But the end of the last book is terrible. Why must Tris die?

i know right? :x

Leo I've read somewhere that the fact that she 'sacrificed' herself enforced that she was actually selfless when she never thought she could fully embrace ...more
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