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Which of the movies was your favorite?

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Emma So now all 4 movies are out, which one did you like best?

Mine was Catching Fire. I just loved the clock arena and meeting the old victors and everything that happens in that part of the story. :)

Nikita All were great and as a fan I was impressive and thought the books were honored. As for my favorite, I think it's a tie between Catching Fire and Mockingjay part 1.

Verena144 I think the first movie was really good, but the second was better. The third movie was good, too, but the action wasn't as goog as Catching Fire. The last movie was brilliant and really hard

S.E. Smith I liked the second and fourth movie the best.

Kylie Catching Fire is by far my favorite. For the same reasons as you! The clock and the old victors. Finnick and Johanna especially. I also thought the plot was so interesting. My next favorite has to be Mockingjay P2. It was so emotional.

S.E. Smith I enjoyed it, but was surprised that some of my friends didn't care for it.

Idaira The last one was my favorite and after that one I really liked catching fire. The last one was so dense and emotional, I loved it.

Gabriel McWethy Mockingjay part 2!!

Curly Catching Fire - that one part in the movie when all the victors joined hands in unity even though the next they will be at eachother's throats!

But then Mocking Jay part 1 and 2 were emotianal and amazing!

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Amy Hawthorne EVERY ONE liked Catching Fire so far.The reason: Finnick's a handsome guy!

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Olivia Amy wrote: "EVERY ONE liked Catching Fire so far.The reason: Finnick's a handsome guy!"

oh ok. i like is couple of action movies, that has bit of comdy that there. what movies does everyone like to watch out there?

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Izzy I personally liked Catching Fire the best, but my favorite out the books is the first one!

Benita I loved each one individually. The first one is great since we get information about the games, then the second one because we get to see more of the victors, though they have to get in the arena again. the third one because the rebellion is full on and the "war" has begun and the fourth one continues on the third one. and each movie has its own effects that makes them wonderful and interesting, just like the books.

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