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ƝAƬASHA Hey, I'm Natasha. If you know me, I'm probably the sassiest person you'll ever know(even my teachers call me sassy lol). I like to talk, but I'm also quiet and will listen to anyone about anything, ever. My favorite thing to listen to is drama, so hit me up if you've got any. I'm half white and half Asian; and my Asian half is made up of some percent Chinese and some percent Vietnamese, so it's pretty strange explaining my race to everyone! I titled this journal my crazy life, but usually it's not as I focus on school pretty much all the time. Some days I'm feeling down but it's the good days that matter, amirite? I also love doing crazy things with my friends and just hanging out with them.

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ƝAƬASHA Feel free to comment, as long as it's positive!

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