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get gift cash by joining in our investigation on Chinese crime stories

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Elaine555 | 1 comments Mod
Dear friend:
Sorry to interrupt you, I am an editor of book publishing. Our company’s main business is to translate excellent Chinese novels into English and publish. So we definitely want to know the thinking of overseas readers about our books. The following is a questionnaire of Profiler, one novel published by our company ( .
If you are willing to help us, please attend our investigation about this title. We would like to provide you one of our kindle ebooks for free (or a gift cash of $5) in return. Please read the cover, brief introduction and the two sample chapters we provide, and finish the questionnaire as follows. After that, contact with us through the email address (also give us your kindle registration email address or paypal account for the gift book or cash).
Thanks a lot!
The following is a list of of the kindle books we published:
Skinner's Box:
The Blade of Silence:
The Wandering Earth:
Into the Abyss:

1. As the cover of a crime novel, do you think the current cover of Profiler attracts you?
A. Very attractive, the reason is:
B. Not attractive, the reason is:

2. Do you think the brief introduction can perfectly describe the content of Profiler?
A. the brief introduction is clear and attractive, coincide with the content.
B. It is not very good, the reason is:

3. What do you think about the part Fang Mu speaks about himself in the Preface?
A.I like this part, and I feel that I am interested in this character.
B.I don’t like this part, the reason is:

4. About the case “Raping the city” in the first chapter, your opinion is:
A. The case is good, the reason is:
B. I don’t like this case, the reason is:

5. In the first chapter, getting the two cases of “Raping the city” and the “Vampire” in comparison, which one are you interested more?
A. Raping the city
B. Vampire
C. Both
D. None

6. Based on the Preface and the first two chapters you read, comparing with other detectives in the classic crime novels, does the character Fang Mu attract you?
A. Very attractive, the reason is:
B. Not attractive, the reason is:

7. If the price of this book is appropriate, would you like to buy this novel?
A. Yes, the reason is:
B. No, the reason is:

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Bjguomi | 1 comments The book cover doesn't like a crime story, I'll send the answers to the email address

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