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A Well lit place that looks hastily put together with very little forethought.

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Murdoch ran and ran and didn't realize where he was going until he got there. It was his cabin he got to the doors and ran inside beckoning Malia to follow and then collapsed on the floor laughing hysterically.

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((I've got to go for a bit))

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shinra | 356 comments Malia looked around the cabin. She observed its lack of dedication. It fit the godly parent well. She looked over at Murdoch who was laughing on the floor. She smiled at him. "I've never been in here before."

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Murdoch got up of the floor. Dusted off his pants, "Very few people have been in here." Most Epimethius campers just sleep in the Hermes cabin anyway. We aren't much for keeping the rules plus there's so few of us."

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((Sorry I had a big paper to write and then the holidays hit))

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