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message 1: by Ana (new)

Ana Meyer (anaemeyer) | 1 comments Hello all I have a small blog that I working on growing. I love to read new books and I am a Kindle Unlimited user and prefer to read the books I review that way. 2 reasons: 1- the author will get paid for me reading (so I can help you out two fold) 2- I get my money worth on Kindle Unlimited.
I have a que building but I read fast. The only thing I ask in return is you share my review from my blog (share the link) with your fan base and you maybe consider reading mine (not a requirement just a hope lol)

Check out my blog:
and if interested send me a friend request and message on Goodreads :)
I like making new friends :)

Oh also I have a YouTube Channel :)


message 2: by Mai (last edited Nov 23, 2015 07:17AM) (new)

Mai Keyes | 4 comments I know how to join groups, but not get friend requests. I don't see an option to message anyone specifically. (Never mind. I found it.)

Will you review a Smashwords ebook in Mobi format?

message 3: by Noorilhuda (new)

Noorilhuda | 51 comments Ana, have sent you a review request. Do consider. Thanks.

message 4: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Wallis | 6 comments Hi Ana,
same question, how do I make a friend request?

message 5: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Wallis | 6 comments I know I am going through a dim phase, but it is after lunch, I can't find your email to write to you. Be gentle with me.

message 6: by Denise (new)

Denise Baer Hi Douglas,

If you click on Ana's name, it will bring you to her profile. Under her picture is a Follow button and then a down arrow. If you click the down arrow, you'll see "Add as a friend".

Hope you had a nice lunch. :D


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