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Allen (allenchen) | 3 comments A blog that teaches you how to earn money, knowledge, and an active lifestyle! I just started it and I'd really appreciate some feedback on it - check out my daily posts and hopefully you can earl something new!

The site:

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Justin | 18 comments
Join with me.

You're weak. You know that though. You tell yourself this all day long every day every waking moment. Forever. You always tell yourself this you are always constantly telling yourself you are weak. You are. You know why you're weak, the reason you are weak is because you're insane but not because you are insane are you weak the reason you are weak is because you choose not to show that you are crazy. You must embrace who you are to become what you are meant to be. Look at that I'm starting to look like a motivational speaker and trust me that's not what I'm trying to be. I'm not here for you. I'm here for my own selfish greed. You feed me and I feed you. This IS the relationship we will have nothing more. I expect nothing but you to feed me and you will expect nothing from me except to feed you. Never ask me for anything. I have no interest in what you have. The only thing I am interested in is the sole fact that you are reading the words that I write. You are a vessel and another click. Nothing more. Never forget this. You are mine. - See more at:

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