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inactive account Hey.

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Hi :) So, who did you wanna play?

inactive account I guess I can be the super villain.

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Alright cool :) So would you like to make characters? Name, age, powers and appearance?

inactive account Yeah, sure.

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Name: Rebekah Harris
Age: 22
Powers: Super speed, accelerated healing, enhanced reflexes

inactive account Name: Jackson Livingston

Age: 24

Powers: Enhanced intelligence, creating of illusions

Appearance: https://p.gr-assets.com/540x540/fit/h...

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Awesome ^.^ So do you wanna start?

inactive account Actually can you? My Internet is slow.

inactive account Okay, I will just start then. Where should we start in the roleplay? From the two of them meeting or after?

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Sorry, I was just going to sleep last night. And sure, you can go ahead.

Yeah, I'd go with the two of them meeting.

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inactive account ((Okay.))

Jackson glanced at his phone in his hand and then back at the building number of the apartment. Was this the right address? The address seemed to match, but he had thought the building might have looked a little more decent. The building seemed dark and menacing as he stood in the intimidating shadow that it cast.

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Rebekah zipped around the apartment one last time as she cleaned the place up. She'd left it last minute like she did everything else but she could do that. Checking her watch, she ran over to the window, looking down to see a guy waiting on the street. Running down the few flights of stairs, she ran her hand through her windswept hair and straightened her clothes before opening the door. "Hi, I'm Rebekah. Please tell me you the one here for the apartment," she introduced, knowing she was coming off desperate but she was in serious need of a roommate.

inactive account Jackson looked her over with an amused smirk. "I like to think so," he replied. She seemed a little desperate and rushed, something bound to be the case if she was hoping for a roommate in this place. "Show me around the apartment?" he suggested. Suddenly remembering that he was coming off a little arrogant, he held out his hand. "Oh, my name is Jackson," he said. "That might be important."

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"It's great to meet you," she replied with a warm smile, shaking his hand quickly before moving aside to let him walk in. Shutting the door behind her, she nearly went to run up the stairs but stopped herself in time and walked towards the rickety elevator that she usually avoided. "I know the building's not the best but not trying to sound pretentious, my apartment is actually a lot nicer," she told him, walking out of the elevator, unlocking her door and opening it to let him in. It gave the impression if spaciousness with plenty of lighting and bright colours, she'd done the best she could with the space she had.

inactive account Walking inside, he scanned the apartment, taking in the furniture, the size of the room, and the lighting. "Seems nice," he observed. "Seems a little big for a girl from- Oh, where are you from?" He considered her curiously. She certainly talked and walked faster than most people did in the suburbs. "New York?" he guessed. People from New York always seemed in a hurry in everything: talking, driving, walking...

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Rebekah nodded in reply, shrugging with a smile. "New York. Is it that obvious?" she asked with a light laugh. She wasn't actually from New York, she was from a little town where time practically moved backwards but that made no sense considering who she was. She always seemed ot be in a hurry because she was holding back her speed so she usually told people that she was from New York because it just made more sense and had less people look into her.

inactive account Her accent did not quite match the typical accents in New York though, but he decided not to push it. After all, the two of them just met. There was no need to put their entire life history out into the open. Not that he would have. He did not come to find a roommate just to have her find out what type of career he pursued. Jackson smiled at her. "Kind of," he said, chuckling.

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"I've been living here for years, I thought the switch in accent would cover that up," she covered quickly at the flicker of curiousness in his eyes. She needed a roommate, not someone looking into her life history because her accent didn't quite match. "Well this is the living room, in there's the kitchen. It's not very big but it works. Then down here at the end of the hall is the bathroom. My room's on the right. Yours would be on the left," she explained as she showed him around.

inactive account Jackson looked into each room that she indicated. "About before," he said quietly, glancing at her. "I was not trying to pry. Everyone has something they regret- something they wish they could forget or escape. I am sorry if you thought I was trying to look into your life." Seemed a little too soon for a heart to heart chat, but he thought that he might as well put that out there. With that, he looked into his room and changed the subject. "So..." he said. "Was this used as a guest room?"

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Waving him off with a lighthearted smile, Rebekah shook her head. "Don't worry about it. It's completely fine. If you were prying too much I would have told you so you're good," she assured him, leaning against the door frame of his room as he looked inside. "It would have been but I don't have many guests. Plus not many people are too keen on venturing to this side of town," she answered with a shrug, not very bothered that she didn't have anyone to come and stay. She was much too busy with work to even think about socializing properly.

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inactive account Jackson glanced at her, trying to keep the curious look out of his dark eyes better this time. It was interesting that she should have chosen a part of town not too many people wanted to visit. Nonetheless, he walked into the room and examined the bed. "I don't suppose you mind music, do you?" he asked. "I like to practice playing music. Sort of a pastime slash side career of mine."

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Rebekah thought about it for a moment and while she would agree to anything to get him to stay and take the apartment, she figured she might as well add a few things. "As long as it's not rap or house then it's absolutely fine," she answered honestly, staying in her spot against the doorframe and trying not to fidget as she stood still. She was so used to moving all the time that she sometimes forgot that normal people didn't do that.

inactive account Jackson chuckled. "I don't have much taste for either of them as well. Rap is too aggressive in my opinion," he said. "Feels like their yelling at me." Sitting down on the bed to check how comfortable it was, he looked up at her. "Are you alright?" he asked, noticing her discomfort as she leaned against the doorway.

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Laughing lightly, she nodded in agreement with his statement, brushing a piece of hair behind her ear. She could feel the hope rising in her chest as he tested out the bed, looking pretty satisfied. It was desperate, she knew that but she needed the extra cash or she'd have to move somewhere else and she didn't think it could get much worse than where she was living. "Me? Oh I'm fine," she answered, trying to relax.

inactive account A smirk played on his lips. "If you say so," he said, casually. Jackson paused before standing up and examining the closet and dressers. Both were decently sized. "So what is your policy on pets?" he asked casually.

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Crossing her arms over her chest, Rebekah bit her lip, rolling it between her lip pensively as she thought about his question. These were all things that she should have thought about before she sent out an ad but of course, she'd overlooked that. "I don't mind pets as long as they don't disturb my sleep and you clean up after them," she answered after a moment of thinking. "What do you own?"

inactive account "Just a cat," Jackson replied. "She usually comes in and out." The cat was more of a stray that he fed and looked after when it chose to come. Although Jackson came from a semi-well-off family, he often felt like the stay-at-home- lonely in the dark streets of the city among strangers especially when he around the people he knew best.

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Rebekah smiled at his answer, happy that he didn't have one of those tiny dogs with the really annoying bark. Those she really couldn't stand. "I like cats. What's her name?" she asked, tilting her head to the side slightly. She'd never actually had a pet but she'd thought about getting one and she'd only ever thought about getting a cat.

inactive account Jackson smiled a little. "I never came up with a name," he said. "She isn't exactly mine to name. She is a stray." He opened one of dresser drawers and glanced inside.

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"You didn't even give her a name? Oh wow," Rebekah said, shaking her head as her eyes followed him. "They should all be empty. I'm mostly sure that they're all empty," she told him, slightly unsure considering she hadn't used the room in quite a while.

inactive account Jackson smirked as he looked into the empty drawer. "Must everyone claim a person or an object or an animal and label it?" he asked. "People often forget that the a person or an animal was not theirs to begin with? Most animals or people already have identities, but as soon as people want them, they stamp them as theirs with names."

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"Well if you've got something that wants to be around you enough that they still come back to you then you've kind of fulfilled the 'if you love someone set them free' part. They clearly care enough about you. You're giving them a home, a sense of belonging. No matter who you are, everyone wants to feel like they have a place," she pointed out.

inactive account "I suppose," Jackson said, glancing up at her. "But perhaps the reason in the first place that a cat would choose to keep slipping away as well is because she does not want to belong in just one place." Straightening up, he crossed his arms over his chest. "So what do you want, Rebecca?" he said. "Do you always want to belong in one place or to one person?"

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It was a question that Rebekah had thought about multiple times before. Hero work wasn't the most rewarding, leaving her in a lot of trouble when it came to real life. While she loved being able to help people, she had her bad days, days where she wondered if it was worth it. "I do belong to one place. This city's my home. And I don't belong to one person but I kind of like to have someone who could call me theirs. There't not enough time in the day though," she answered, a faint smile on her lips as she looked at the ground before lifting her eyes to look at Jackson.

inactive account A smirk formed on his lips when he noticed the way her gaze fell and then lifted towards the end of her response. "There is always a way to find the time," Jackson replied. "You just have to want to find the time."

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Rebekah shook her head, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "I'm always much to busy to go out and find people. Wanting the time isn't the problem. By the time I get home I'm too tired to want to go out again," she said with a bit of a laugh, easily finding her way around the truth without actually lying.

inactive account Jackson nodded in response. "Maybe it's better to happen upon someone instead," he said. "Sometimes looking for the good in people is what blinds a person from recognizing who those people truly are." His gaze fell again and he chuckled slightly. "I probably should not be having this conversation with someone I just met," he said.

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Rebekah smiled at him, her hope that he would take the room even greater after talking with him for a while. "Maybe. But it's interesting. Small talk can be quite boring. It's conversations that are really entertaining," she replied with a shrug before turning her attention back to the room. "So, what do you think of the place?" she asked, raising her eyebrows at him.

inactive account Jackson smiled in response. "I think the apartment suits the purpose," he said, looking around the room. His gaze fell on Rebekah again. "So when do you think is convenient to move in?" he asked.

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Rebekah's eyes widened at his words, her smile widening as she quickly processed what he meant. He was actually taking it and she couldn't have been more delighted. "Whenever. Anytime. Whenever you can. As soon as you want, I really don't mind," she answered immediately, internally cringing when she heard just how eager she was.

inactive account Jackson laughed at her eagerness. "How about next week?" he asked, smiling at her. He had originally expected that he would have to keep looking for somewhere for at least a few weeks.

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Rebekah blushed at his laugh, knowing he was laughing at how silly she must have sounded. "Next week is absolutely perfect," she answered with a grin, relief flooding through her body. She had been so worried that she would never find anyone to help her out with the rent so having him agree was the best thing she could have asked for.

inactive account ((Should we do a time skip?))

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((Yeah that'd be best.))

inactive account ((When do you want to time skip to? Him moving in or the two of them knowing each other for longer or when they are working?))

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((Maybe a bit after him moving in, when they're familiar with each other but still getting to know each other. And then we can go to them working.))

inactive account ((Okay.))
A half smile tugged at the corner of his lips. "So I will see you then," said Jackson, starting to walk towards the bedroom door. He extended his hand out to her. "It was nice meeting you, Rebekah."

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