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3. Chapter XLIII - Chapter LXII

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Kamil (coveredinskin) | 17 comments Mod
Please discuss Chapter XLIII - Chapter LXII of Middlemarch here.

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Dawn Is it just me or is Celia just weird with her baby? I mean I imagine there are things a new mother learns and is afraid of, and I'm not a mother myself. But she just seems to be acting really weird about the baby. She seems to be kind of ditzy or flighty to me now. I thought she seemed smarter and more sure of herself at the beginning of the novel.

Rosamond is getting on my nerves. She doesn't care about anything but herself. She doesn't even like the fact that her husband is a doctor, and she knew this before she married him. Now that they are having financial troubles she actually thinks to herself that she wouldn't have married him if she knew he was going to act this way. What? What a spoiled brat.

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Kamil (coveredinskin) | 17 comments Mod
Yes, absolutely, she got a bit kid-obssesed. I think it's a woman that feels fullfield as a mother and a wife, therefore she is a great contrast to her sister, Dorothea that looks for fullfilment in work, self-eductation.
I think that Eliot was trying to contrast those two way of seeing women role in life. Interesting she did that by juxtoposing two sisters.

Rosamon is a victim of her education and the way she was brought up. She looks for easy life with an excitement of being collerated with higher society. She thought this is what she signed for. More irritating for me is the fact that Lydgate thought of her as naive marmaid that will focuse all her fable efforts to smel well, look good and make him happy. As self centered she is, she is not stupid, quite contrary, she knows what she wants, however shallow it is, and she has strong enough character to go for it.

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Louise (atrixa) Great points! I found the comparison between Celia and Dorothea to be interesting- I can't imagine Dorothea being especially maternal. Remember their opposing views on the dog from the first chapters?

Lydgate has disappointed me immensely with his bad attitude towards everything. At least for a while he did rest on his principles and tried to be independent. The modern woman in me really dislikes Rosamond and wishes she'd be less of a brat and take more of a practical attitude toward the situation, but on the other hand, I can see why she's acting how she is. Women at that time, at least of her class didn't really have any options except to get married and hope that their husband would provide for them properly. Of course she'd be upset that their home life is going wrong when she had certain expectations.

Mary Garth I think offers a real contrast with Rosamond- she refuses to take Fred even though she has feelings for him because she knows he's not a financially sound choice. I like her more and more so far.

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