Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4) Winter question

What do you think of Winter the character?
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Okay i love Winter... although i wish she would use her glamour and i feel like i didn't get to know her like the other female characters with books named after them.

My love for her might be biased though, maybe because i actually finally have a YA character i can relate to in terms of physical appearance you know? But i wanna know what everyone else thinks of her. Was her craziness endearing? unsettling? did you love her? hate her? why or why not?

Winter didn't get enough page time. After all, the book was named WINTER. At times, her crazy was a bit much, over the top crazy, and not really helpful to the plot. I was always worried about Winter and how she was going to mess things up for the others. But in the back of my mind i knew nothing bad would happen to her. In fact, nothing bad happened to any of the characters, they all lived. Which is great..... but "safe". My least favorite scene was where Winter and Scarlett confront the Wolf packs underground. I was really excited at the point where they were about to open the door.....and then afterward I was like, "what the heck, I hated the way that played out." I didn't like Winter in that scene and a lot of times she hampered the story rather than helped it. I would have liked to see Winter in a epilogue after the device was installed, one where she was completely healed of her Lunar sickness.

Anna Isn't there an epilogue coming out in the "Stars Above" short story compilation in February 2016? ...more
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For me, what was so fascinating about Winter was that even though she's batshit insane she somehow still manages to make us as readers fall in live with her character.

I didn't much care about Jacin, except when he was helping our other characters. Winter on the other hand i loved! Her love for Ryu, her friendship with Scarlet, i just loved how crazy but sweet she was! I cried at the end when she was playing with her ghost pet :(

I felt like Winter didn't get as much page time to get to know her as well, but I really appreciated her character in terms of complexity and the new perspective she brought to the story.
I felt like I didn't enjoy her and Jacin as much just because I had a hard time liking Jacin at times.

Anna It wasn't that Winter told him to help, necessarily. . . he was unwilling to leave her behind again. He'd just gotten her back from death. Twice. Loo ...more
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I loved Winter although I too might be a little biased. With that in mind, I thought her "crazy" was a little overdone, but I was sad that most of her book was about...everyone else. That last mental breakdown she had made me break down in tears (almost).

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