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Hayley | 214 comments Mod

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Hayley | 214 comments Mod
Knightsbridge Daughter
23 years old
Natalie Dormer- blonde
She's the perfect pureblood princess, oldest of three girls and comes from a dark pureblood families who have a lot of political power and believe mudbloods are scum. She doesn't buy into the whole flapper thing
Collabs Open: A Narcissa/Lucius type romance- she falls in love with someone from a even darker family than her's, maybe eventually get married. She might get pregnant outside marriage

message 3: by Emma (last edited Dec 05, 2015 09:13AM) (new)

Emma | 90 comments Mod
Crawley Daughter
17 Years Old
Slytherin Prefect
FC Undecided
Good little pure-blooded girl
probably pretty stuck up
I'm thinking maybe her parents are trying to/ have been trying to set her up with another prestigious family
Either her and this guy hate each other and eventually fall in love, straight up hate each other, or actually really like each other
Also she's not about the flapper life her mom would have a fit
So yeah let me know if you're interested
She could also use some friends and enemies probably

message 4: by rimskur (new)

rimskur I have two younger face claims that I was hoping I could make someone else's siblings? One is Mackenzie Foy who I will probably make either a second or first year (most likely a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff) and then I have my unknown FC who is going to be blind and I'm naming him Charles Elric...he is a half blood and is starting Hogwarts (I'm thinking that he's going to be either a Slytherin or Ravenclaw). So, does anyone want to have them as younger siblings?

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Jess Potions teacher
- 28-30 years old
- Former Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff haven't decided yet
- Pretty much the exact opposite of Snape
- Extremely clumsy when he's not brewing potions
- I'm serious extremely clumsy
- He literally falls up the stairs
- Bisexual (you would never guess it though)
- So he's pretty much an adorable cinnamon roll
- Plus he's a half-blood

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