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message 1: by Susan, ❤~Headmaster Mavis Vermillion~❤ (last edited Nov 22, 2015 05:05AM) (new)

Susan | 317 comments Mod
We need a new story plot, any ideas?

Things to Include:
-Who will be participating
-Location and Time Period (Past/Present/Future?)
-What's the initial event that starts it all?

Try not to post in the format above...I think it limits your thoughts.

message 2: by Mr. Flame (last edited Nov 26, 2015 02:05PM) (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 1744 comments The last Fairy

A new, yet strange dark guild has formed in Magnolia. This new guild is extremely powerful, it only consists of 8 members, the guild's name: Titans. Each, and every one of their members is about as strong as 2 Brain II. They wanted to take revenge on Fairy Tail, because they heard that this guild constantly destroys and destroys. Yeah, they do good to the world, but when they do it, they constantly destroy and take lives without knowing it. The insane guildmaster created a personal grudge with this guild, and gathered all of the strongest wizards all over Fiore that he could find. This reborn guild attacks Fairy Tail.

They randomly showed up as friends, and unleashed all their fury upon the guild, in the city, causing major destruction of Magnolia. Will Fairy Tail lose to this mysterious guild, or shall they triumph in glory? ((Right before Grand Magic Games.))

Night ~People Sometimes Scare Me~ Puppet Masters

It's going to be an arc about Adelia and Sal because I think they deserve an arc and not to just be sitting off the the side. It will most likely focus on Fairy Tail(in the present of the RP) trying to figure out Adelia's plans and stopping her while Sal makes his own dark guild and tries his hardest to get into Fairy Tails way. Any character will be able to participate as there will be times when Sal attacks the guild. It'll start off with most likely Sal's first attack and then Fairy Tail will want to try and figure out whats going on.

message 4: by Ilsa (last edited Nov 22, 2015 07:59PM) (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 7013 comments Mod

Some of Zeref's most adamant dark mage families hunt down his direct descendant, Itzari, to revive the "dead" mage and regain the era of terror.

Things to Include:
-Who will be participating
Itzari et al of the guild.
-Location and Time Period (Past/Present/Future?)
For fun, to advance plot, maybe short appearance of Zeref?
-What's the initial event that starts it all?
Itzari gets the seal on the back of her neck binding her magic seared off, and this acts as a beacon for the dark mages.

message 5: by Rock (new)

Rock | 1215 comments Mod
The mysterious announcer.

A strange man comes to fairy tail claiming to be from sorcerers weekly says he wants fairy tail to star in his next article "The greatest of fairy tail" in which he pits the wizards of the guild into various challenges of strength, speed, endurance...... beauty. In which he'll tally up the points and see who's the winner, who is, "The greatest of fairy tail!" But is all as innocent as he seems? Is the mysterious announcer really who he seems? Is his information really just for an article? Is he trying to create drama that isn't there? Is he trying to sell the guild's secrets to shady people? Sone people doubt him, but with a chance to be famous like this, who wouldn't deal with a bit of weirdness?

message 6: by Isabella (new)

Isabella .M Just a note to all of you that our RP takes place after the destruction of Fiore (so there are NO CANON Characters here). Fiore was destroyed by the battle between Zeref & Sora [YukioHoshi]. Unfortunately, both of them died.
Now, a new dark guild has been discovered, Suzaku, aiming to revive Zeref. But for this they need the Oracle's Book, who's holder is Yukina Arith [NicaXiaoyu].
With much trouble, Suzaku managed to get the book. The battle now for the Fairy Tail members is to get back the Book from Suzaku before it's too late.
Alas, the Fairy Tails were too late.... Zeref has been revived & is back in action... Fairy Tail's new mission-STOP ZEREF!!!!

message 7: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Johnson (Peter_Potter) | 176 comments Well ... I have an idea, though I know that I haven't been on all that much recently (Gomen'nasai! I've been playing a lot of Warframe lately), but I have this idea where someone gets a bio-mechanical suit so that they can survive because of a bio-mechanical virus that they somehow contract and their power becomes so powerful that it seems as if they're not even human anymore. I think I'll call this one The Rise of the Frame. What do y'all think?

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