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message 1: by Tonya (last edited Nov 22, 2015 04:46AM) (new)

Tonya Knudsen (TonyaKnudsen) | 3 comments I saw a few authors had posted links for book trailers here with little response. Aside from excitedly saying "Here it is!!" I would love input on if anyone had any luck with book trailers? Have ideas about where to post them? What works well? And, oh yes, here mine is!!

message 2: by Dylan (new)

Dylan Callens | 193 comments I LOVE the drawings. The background music is good... but the vocals are difficult to hear. If you can clean up the vocal track, it's a winner.

message 3: by Alp (new)

Alp Mortal Hey Tonya,

Depends on what you call luck - if you mean, luck in selling more books - the answer is almost certainly no.

From our point of view, we did our two trailers as a) a fun thing to do, b) to create yet another portal where a potential reader could find our work, c) and of course, to promote the title.

We post them to - Twitter, Facebook, our website, here on Goodreads, Amazon author page, The Romance Reviews.

Have examined lots of book trailers before we started - and our second one - for Dust Jacket - included both video and a professional voice over - and choice of music was absolutely key (

I watched yours and like the concept but found the music too loud versus the narration - and some of the narration was spoken too quickly.

Good luck with your projects!

Alp Mortal

message 4: by Tonya (last edited Dec 02, 2015 03:49AM) (new)

Tonya Knudsen (TonyaKnudsen) | 3 comments Thank you both for the comments. I agree with the levels on the audio....

And with Facebook, for what it is worth, for $5 the video did little to generate interest. But when I do one of the sketches for the same amount, I get about 100 likes, and from that page likes and often a sale or two. And the images do well on instagram reaching people with the hash tags ... I am going to try to do one sketch a week or every other week. (Maybe I'll have a movie storyboard at the end of the journey).

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